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Ease Labour Pain

Ease Labour Pain

Labour pain is a much discussed topic during pregnancy. Many women seem to get worried thinking of the pain and other complication that may arise around that time. Since ages women have gone through this immense pain with the help of natural methods to cope with it. But lately there have been a few more additions to the list of measures a pregnant woman can take to ease the labour pains. The main factors that influence the pain you experience during pregnancy are –
•    Body build up
•    Hormonal level during pregnancy
•    Position of the baby in the womb

The position of the baby influence the labour pain you experience the most as an undesired position will call upon a number of complications.

A few ways in which you can help yourself to go through the pain until child birth are as follows –

Cope with labour pain with heat –
Heat helps to a great extent to bear the pain. You can warm you back, tummy or groin with a hot-water bottle or wheat bag. A wheat bag is made of cloth and is filled with wheat husks. You need to heat the bag in the microwave for a few minutes. You can easily adjust this bag for your requirement as it can mould itself as per your body shape and keep you warm for an hour or more. In case you use a hot water bottle, you need to fill it with hot water and carefully wrap it in a towel before using it.

Heat reaching the region under pain in any form is useful. Hence massage is also an effective way of providing warmth. You ask someone to rub your back; this will make your skin warm and stimulate your body to ease the pain.  Also taking bath in warm water will help you warm up and bear the pain. Make sure most of the warm water runs over your bump or your back where you feel the pain more.

During delivery when the baby’s head is being born, you ask the doctor to place a soft warm cloth over your perineum i.e. the area between your vagina and anus. This will help you feel comfortable.

Massages –
As mentioned above massage also helps create warmth in the body that triggers the body to release pain easing substances. Massage for a pregnant woman is very important not only to help her bear the pain but to help the circulation of blood as well. A foot massage is an effective way of relieving the stress. It helps to make the labour period shorter as well. Start doing light foot massage for 6 weeks.

A low waist massage will also do you a lot good. The massage needs to be done with medium pressure using essential oils mixed in almond oil or olive oil. The medium pressure massage helps to divert the body’s senses to a new pressure and ease the pain of labour. Also the massage helps to release hormone called endomorphin which is natural pain killer and 200 times more effective than any of the sedative you could take.

Adopt the right position –
The position of the pregnant woman throughout pregnancy should be right. This will help to release stress of all the muscles in the body. Instead of lying all the time on the bed, consider sitting upright on a straight but comfortable chair with the tummy moved a bit towards the front of the chair. This position helps to bring the child in the correct position in the womb and helps to engage the head of the chid in the pelvis in the right way.

Breathing exercise –
During the pain you can focus on your breathing to cope with the contraction. Take a deep breath when the contraction begins and release it slowly to relax. Breathe in through the nostrils and breathe out through your mouth keeping your cheeks and mouth very relaxed.

Do not worry about how deep you breathe. Keep it rhythmic and continuous. Concentrate as much as you can on breathing when the contraction begins to come up.

Have someone to support you through the labour –
It is better if you have someone supportive during labour to stay with you and comfort you. This will help you to give birth more quickly and easily. As per research it is much better to have another woman with you during labour to help you. However there has not been much evidence to show that it is helpful to have your husband with you during childbirth.

A few hospitals may not allow the family members to be around during child birth and you need to rely on the support provided by the hospital staff. In case your hospital allows you to take a birth partner along then you need to think carefully of whom you would take along with you. Take someone who will not panic and trusts you. This can be your husband, sister, mother or mother in law.