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Twin Care

Twins essentially double to joy of having a family. But they do demand for extra care and may give you a tough time keeping up with the pregnancy symptoms. Their nutrition too requires the mother to be on toes and very careful. However twin pregnancy also calls for the risk of being more prone to complication than mother carrying singles. Eating well, sleeping well, doctor visits and being well aware of your conduction are some of the ways you can have a successful delivery. 

Potential Complication of carrying twins  

Premature labour – Women carrying twin are very prone to having premature labour, one of the commonest complication. 50% of the women carrying twins give birth before 37 weeks.

Pregnancy-induced high blood pressure – This complication surfaces in a quarter of multiple pregnancies when compared to other pregnancies in the general population.

Pre-eclampsia – This tends to develop earlier and be more severe in women carrying twins or more. This is a condition wherein hypertension arises in pregnancy along with significant amounts of protein in the urine.

Placental abruption – The placenta detaches from the uterus walls before delivery. This can happen due to malnutrition, smoking and drug use. It can be prevent by having a healthy diet.

Foetal growth restriction – In this case one or both the babies do not grow at the right rate. This leads to complications during labour and birth. This problem can be monitored by regularly checking the growth of the baby. Monitoring of the blood flow through the placenta during an ultrasound scan helps to measure the functioning of the placenta. 

Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome – In this case one of the baby begins to share the blood supply of the other. This is a rare phenomenon but is quite serious for identical twins. One of the babies gets too much blood while the other gets too little. Lately such a complication would lead to the death of both the babies. However, today we can detect this problem earlier and apply treatments. 

Precautions while carrying twins 

Women carrying twins need to take a little more care of their health. The degree of the regular routine of an expectant mother i.e. eating well, sleeping well, gaining weight and regular doctor visits tend to increase for a woman pregnant with twins. 

Nutrition – Usually expecting women are recommended to increase the intake of iron, folic acid and calcium in the diet. But mothers of twins need to take additional amounts of the necessary nutrients for the proper development of the twins. The normal calcium intake of a woman with twins needs to be 1600 to 2000 mg per day. Also she needs to increase the consumption of dairy products. 

The very important nutrient folic acid is required in higher quantities in the first trimester for women with twins. Iron that is responsible for the haemoglobin production is essential in greater amount as during twin pregnancy a woman is more prone to getting anaemic. Good amount of blood circulation is important as it aids the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the babies. Other nutrients like proteins, zinc, copper and vitamins will be required in more quantity. However, monitor your intake; too much of these nutrients may also cause a problem. 

Weight Gain – Weight gain is an unavoidable part of being pregnant. The amount of weight you gain depends on the number of foetuses carried by you. Women with twins are advised to gain around 30-45 pounds in total for the entire pregnancy. Most of the weight gain should preferably happen in the first 20-25 weeks of pregnancy. Weight gained in the later part of pregnancy may increase the risk of having preterm labour and low birth weight. 

Additional Care – As the risk of complications in a twin pregnancy is more than in singleton, women with twin pregnancies are expected to visit the doctor more frequently. Twice monthly visits during the second trimester and weekly visits during the third is the usual practice. 

Twin care today is convenient due to the progress of science through which complications can be track beforehand and effective measures can be implied. However the expectant mother of twins needs to mentally, physically and emotionally adapt to the fact that her pregnancy will be quite different than other women with singletons.