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Pregnancy Myths and Facts

Pregnancy can be a pretty confusing time, especially if it’s your first experience. With a number of tell tales related to it ranging from what to eat, how to sleep, what to wear etc. you could go frantic worrying about the health of your child with every move you make. Let’s check out the major myths that you could come across –

Diet Myths –
The number one pregnancy diet myth is – “You need to eat double as you have to eat for two.” As per experts pregnancy causes increase in dietary demands. The nutritional status of the mother is extremely important as the baby depends on her for complete growth. Hence her diet needs to include the important nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. However this does not imply that you need to eat double. The expecting mothers need to maintain a well-balanced, nutritious diet throughout their pregnancy. They need to incorporate small meals every two hours in their daily schedule instead of two or three bulky portions a day. Over eating will lead to excess deposit of fats in the body.

Food cravings are also a part of the myths. Many say that food cravings indicate deficiency of nutrients offered by the specific food item. But as per experts food craving do not indicate any kind of deficiency in an expecting mother. It is better to consult a doctor to examine your deficiencies rather than going by the folklore. They would have a better way of determining the nutrients required by your body.

Also, pregnant women are advised to have a lot of ghee as it is believed to ensure you will have a normal and safe delivery. The fact remains, no one, not even the doctor can predict the kind of delivery you will have. Eating a lot of ghee does not ensure normal delivery. However, you need to have a healthy diet and do some exercise to remain fit and healthy. This would improve your chances for a normal delivery.

Baby Gender Myths –
These are the most common myths. As per the myths there are a number of ways in which the shape of the mother’s belly or any other condition denotes the sex of the child.

“The shape and the size of your belly indicate whether you carry a girl or a boy.”This is a common myth that every expecting woman comes across. As per the myth women with a lower belly carry a boy and woman with a girl has a high belly. Also women with smaller bellies carry boys and the ones with large bellies are carrying a girl. However, the shape of the belly has nothing to do with the sex of your child. The belly shape is determined by a number of factors like the original shape of your abdomen, the amount and distribution of the fat, the strength of the abdominal muscles, the number of babies conceived the presentation and the position of the baby.

As per another myth, the glow on your face indicates the sex of your baby. Some say that the glow on the face indicates you will deliver a girl while lack of any glow indicates you carry a boy. In reality, most of the expecting women begin to glow during the second trimester as the morning sickness ends and they begin to eat well. This improves the blood circulation and enhances the feeling of wellness.

Other Myths –
Pregnant women are advised not to use the computer as it is harmful for the health of the baby. This however is not possible especially if you are a working woman. There is no such case that has come to light where the use of computer during pregnancy has caused harm. Sure women working with the computer all day like 8-10 hours can develop problems like backache or headache, but that has no effect on your pregnancy.

A very important pregnancy myth related to the India directory of dos and don’ts is based on eclipses. The Surya Grahan especially takes the major share of it.  This myth includes that a pregnant woman should not eat, move outdoors, cut etc. during the eclipse or else the child will be born with a cleft or some other kind of physical shortcoming. All she has to do is lie down still on the bed and refrain from any activity. The decrease in the radiation could be considered a reason for birth deformations. A few of the babies born after the eclipse unfortunately have to suffer minor problems. But this not the case with all. However, the beliefs related to pregnancy are not all true and not all false. This topic is still under debates.