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Pregnancy after Miscarriage

The joy of pregnancy can be spoilt by the mishap of miscarriage. Apart from the physical stress women go through a lot of emotional trauma which is a mixture of feeling like guilt, sadness, depression and isolation. The misfortune of a miscarriage will also leave the woman with desperateness to have a child soon. At this point of time deciding on another pregnancy can be difficult considering the emotional state of the couple and the health of the woman. 

The decision of another pregnancy after a miscarriage needs to be taken with utmost care, mostly after consulting your doctor. However, you may also think of waiting for some time before you step into your next pregnancy. 

The frequently asked question ‘When can I try for another pregnancy?’ has no definite answer. There are many doctors and even the WHO (World Health Organization) recommend a woman to wait for at least six months or three normal period cycles to complete before the couple plans the next pregnancy. A miscarriage takes a toll on the woman’s body physically and emotionally. The uterus needs to be clean of the endometrial lining and be healthy again to prepare for the next pregnancy. If the womb is not ready to support another pregnancy the woman may experience repeated miscarriage. 

Another group of experts say that there is no reason for a woman to wait that long before the next pregnancy. As per a new study conducted it says that the sooner the woman conceives again the better are her chances of a healthy pregnancy. Women who have conceived with the six months of miscarriage are less likely to miscarry again or experience pregnancy related complications as compared to women who have waited a longer time. 

The right answer to the time required for the next pregnancy after a miscarriage is controversial with experts contemplating on different ideas. However, the best would be to consult your care provider as they can make a complete analysis of your condition and help decide the next step. 

You may also wonder about the chances of another miscarriage after attempting another pregnancy. However, as per records nearly 85% of the women who have tried another pregnancy after a miscarriage enjoy a healthy pregnancy the next time. Also women with a history of more than one loss end up with a successful delivery. 

It is important that you consult your doctor before planning another pregnancy. You need to get yourself completely checked and tested for any complications. Women who have had more than 2 miscarriages, are above the age of 35, suffer from a disease that may affect pregnancy like diabetes or have fertility problems should consult a doctor before planning the next pregnancy. 

But you need to keep in mind that your next pregnancy may not be as pleasant as the one before. You may experience recurrent thoughts of the previous loss. In such a case ask for your case to be monitored carefully. Approach a counsellor if the depression bothers you too much.  Also be sure to practice the guidelines as prescribed by the physician to be on the safer side.