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Pregnancy after C-Section

At the time of delivery due to complications or choice you may go through a normal delivery or caesarean. A normal delivery is a delivery through the vagina also called VBAC and a caesarean is a major surgery that includes making an incision in the lower abdomen in the uterus known as the bikini cut. This incision is usually made horizontally in the lower part of the uterus. 

Many women who have undergone a C-section ask of what would be the right duration for them to wait until the next pregnancy. A C-section normally takes 3 months from the time of the incision to heal. The incision scar on the uterus grows stronger if kept to rest for long. Hence, a woman should wait for at least a year before she decides on the next pregnancy, especially if the woman wishes for a VBAC.  There are many other reasons why a woman should consider a long gap before the next pregnancy – 

  • Your body has been through a major surgery and child birth. It needs time to recover and grow healthy and strong enough to prepare for the next major event. 
  • During a C-section the loss of blood is twice as much than a normal delivery. This makes you weak and leaves the body with a major task to recover the blood loss. You may also get anaemic which not the right condition for a pregnancy. 
  • Doctors also recommend having a healthy gap between the siblings, hence giving birth soon after a recent delivery may not be such a good idea.  

As per recent studies women who conceive in a short duration after a C-section face higher complications like a ruptured uterus or a premature or low-birth weight baby. Since your body is not yet prepared for the next child development and has to recover from the loss of nutrients and blood, it is better to take a year’s break at the least. Also with baby around who needs your undivided attention and special care in the growing years, you need to give some time to your new role as a parent. It could be a mess if you try to balance in two boats. 

The major hazards of having a pregnancy soon after a C-section could be as follows – 

  • A c-section followed by another delivery in a gap of less than two months shows high risk of the scar rupturing 
  • The woman could suffer with problems related to placenta. Probably the placenta may separate from the uterus wall prematurely, if there is not enough gap between the c-section and next pregnancy. 
  • The child may suffer with low birth weight and your pregnancy may encounter other complications 

After caesarean a women needs to take god care of herself as she may take some time to completely recover from a major disruption if the body. Women who are more than the age of 30 may desire a sooner pregnancy as they are approaching the risk area. In that case you may approach your doctor for a better remedy suiting your case. Also the right time to get pregnant again may differ from woman to woman, as each has a different case.