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Pregnancy After 35

Late pregnancy is a common case today. With women getting career minded and the thought of financial security gripping their future, many tend to postpone the even to f pregnancy for later. Late pregnancy could also be a result of late marriage. But with late pregnancy comes along a list of questions that doubt its safety. On one hand when you are financially and socially stale to have a child on the on the other hand your body may let you down with the rate of fertility. 

Advantages – Though a pregnancy in the 20s is favourable for the body, a later one finds you much more capable to handle responsibilities. You are financially more secure, at a better position in your career, more established in your relation and stable enough to handle the responsibility of a new life. Having a child in the 30s still leaves you with a lot of stamina to handle the home and the office front. Also you understand yourself better and can tackle odds effectively than a woman in her 20s. 

Disadvantages – Your risk of declining fertility in your early 30s is only slightly less than a woman in her late 20s. However, after the age of 35 the decline of fertility increases also the risk of Down syndrome and other genetic abnormalities tend to cloud your decision to have a child. Hence you may have to go through foetal screenings like amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling etc. during your pregnancy. 

The rate of miscarriage also will increase for women conceiving in their late 30’s and other complications too. Many of them may end up with a caesarean rather than a normal delivery. Such increased rates of c-section delivery lead to foetal distress or prolonged second-stage labour. Also the cases of Stillbirth are more common for women above 35 years of age. You are also prone to develop High blood pressure and diabetes during pregnancy.  

Measures to make late pregnancy a success

Having a healthy pregnancy is all related to having a healthy body. Hence maintaining good health before and during pregnancy will reduce the risks of complication. 

Folic acid rich diet – It is a well known fact that folic acid is the key ingredient for the child’s nervous system development. Hence, the right amount of folic acid in the diet will make a favourable for the child to develop. You need to take around 0.4 mg. of folic acid plus consume natural sources for Folic acid like leafy green vegetables, dried beans and some citrus fruits. 

Reduce Caffeine – Caffeine consumption is dangerous for expecting mothers and should also be avoided by women who intend to conceive soon. You need to limit yourself to not more than 300 mg. of caffeine per day. Chocolate too have caffeine. A single chocolate bar has caffeine equivalent to 1/4 cup of coffee. 

Healthy diet – Include food items that provide all the required nutrients for a healthy living. Include foods that are great sources of starch and fiber, vitamins and minerals. Have more of dairy products for enough calcium. 

Workout – Have a balanced exercise regime. Make a combination of cardio, weights, floor exercises and meditation. Alter them as required. However, do consult a professional in case you suffer with any kind of muscle or bone problem. 

Say no to alcohol and smoking – The most general tip of a healthy living. This is an important note for expecting mothers. Alcohol and smoking will not only hamper the Childs development but will also make your body unhealthy for conception. 

A late pregnancy does invite more troubles than giving you much advantage. Hence, consider visiting your doctor before you plan a child and religiously follow the instruction for a healthy childbirth.