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How to get pregnant with Twins

‘Two is better than one’ as the saying goes. Many couples today wish to have twins as it is a rare and a cute phenomenon. It is great for couple who wish to have two kids. Seeing the kids grow together, being a companion to the other, competing with each other etc is a precious sight. Also it is a boon for parents who wish to have more than on child as they complete the stages of diaper changing, breastfeeding, teething and other basic training all in one go. 

But not all couples are lucky to have twins. Some get it by chance and others need to plan carefully for it. However the efforts applied may not necessarily get you the desired result. However it is worth a try. Over the past years scientist have discovered many ways that can aid the conception of twins. Also there are a few traditional and experience based methods that can help you conceive twins. 

Family History – The genes of carrying twins are mostly hereditary. If your family shows history of having twins then you probably have a chance of conceiving in the same manner. It is also well known that such genes skip a generation; hence if your maternal grandmother had twins, you too seem prone to hyperovulation.

 Gain some weight – If you plan to have twins then forget about the weight loss plan, in fact put on a few pounds. As per a study obesity supports the conception of twins. The study shows that women with a body mass index of 30 or more are likely to get pregnant with twins. Also this is only limited to fraternal twins. But do not gain weigh over a margin, this will adversely affect your chance of getting pregnant leave alone getting pregnant with twins. 

Wait until 30+ – Older women i.e. 30 plus women have a better chance of conceiving twins than women at 25 years of age. After 30 the rate of ovulation speeds up as the right age for you to conceive gets going. Women in the age group of 35 – 40 have better scope of carrying a double joy. But this does not negate the chances of facing complications that occur on conceiving at a later stage. 

Diet for Twins – Your fuel, which runs the body, plays an important role in each and every function of your living. Hence the right kind of diet will also help you regulate your systems favourable to conceive twins. Including yams in your daily diet supports your twin plan. Yam contains a chemical compound that helps you to hyperovulate and increases the chances of getting twins. Increase the amount of dairy products in your meals. It has been reported that dairy products tend to increase twin conceptions by 7 times the normal rate.

Breastfeeding – Women often feel that they do not ovulate during breastfeeding. However, a survey and research has offered proof that women are nine times more likely to produce twins if they conceive while breastfeeding. 

Birth Control pills – Try to conceive immediately/ shortly after you stop taking birth control pills. Contraceptive pills control the hormonal level, on suddenly stopping their intake you body tries to adjust to the change on its own. Hence around this time your ovaries will release more than one egg in the first cycle or two. 

Scientific methods of Conceiving Twins – With the progress of science there are many methods available that will help you conceive twins. All you need to do is to consult your doctor and follow the method prescribed. The doctor may advice you not to take fertility pills unless you have some kind of fertilization issue. However, drugs that trigger ovulation also support multiple pregnancies. Invitro fertilization is another method that aids multiple pregnancies. Through this multiple embryos are implanted in the mother (to be on the safer side) and most of such cases result in multiple pregnancies. 

Above mentioned tricks are based on tradition and researches done in the later years. However, one must remember that conceiving twins is mostly luck.