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Dieting while trying to conceive

As per research to enhance the scope of conception you should attain your ideal weight around 6 months before you plan to conceive. However, the method you choose to do so needs to be healthy; crash dieting or exercising like crazy is not the answer to your problems. Your weight loss needs to be a combination of healthy diet and proper exercising.

Losing weight is important before you plan to conceive as there is a deep relation between your body fat and the reproductive hormones. People who are overweight or underweight can face hormonal imbalance that can cause a major problem to your body’s ability to ovulate. However, you cannot aim to lose weight overnight. It is sensible to go for a slow weight loss plan. This includes major changes in your lifestyle.

Benefits of dieting while trying to get pregnant –

•    Dieting before conception includes switching to healthy food and cutting down drastically on junk meals, alcohol and smoking. You as it is have to do so when you conceive why not get into the habit of doing it much before.

•    An ideal weight helps you to be more fertile which improves your chances of conceiving. In case you are overweight and trying to conceive, you could be facing a problem with determining the ovulation period due to irregular menstruation cycles. Maintaining an ideal weight helps your menstruation cycle to work like clockwork making it easy for you to predict the ovulation time.

•    In case you are diabetic and are planning to conceive then dieting to maintain an ideal weight is extremely important for you. This will help you to keep your sugar levels in control. Also your body will be supplemented with essential nutrients to keep you at the peak of your health. Also dieting before conceiving will help reduce risk of complications like hypertension and gestational diabetes.

•    Before you conceive your body needs to be cleansed of all the toxins. This makes sure that you conceive without any hassles. Healthy eating performs this essential task for you.

•    Weight gain is as usual a phenomenon of pregnancy as morning sickness or your frequent visits to the washroom. If you are already overweight and plan to get pregnant you cloud be inviting major problems for yourself during the term of pregnancy and delivery as well. Hence plan to lose weight before or while planning to conceive to avoid major complications.

Essential to keep in mind –
Your pre-pregnancy diet includes some important points to keep in mind.

•    Before starting with your weight reduction efforts it is advisable that you find out your BMI i.e. Body Mass Index using a BMI calculator. Your BMI will guide you as to how much weight you need to lose as losing more than required does not serve the purpose.

•    Do not follow a diet plan that limits the consumption of nutrients like protein and carbohydrates. Work to lose reasonable amount of weight in a week’s time like 1 to 2 lbs. Following an extreme weight loss plan will deplete the stored nutrients in your body leading to a number of deficiencies.

•    It is beneficial to consult a dietitian or a nutritionist for a healthy diet plan. They make sure that you do not exclude any of the important nutrients in the diet you adapt. The plan essentially includes whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products and protein. Thus preparing your body not only to conceive but also be ready to nourish the child. Your exercises can include activities like swimming, walking and yoga.