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Copping with unplanned pregnancy

You may be excited about your pregnancy even if you weren’t planning for one… but the leading consequences may spoil your fun. Maybe you were not intending to have any more children, or you were planning to be more stable financially before planning a family or for some reason a baby at this point of time is not the right thing to happen. There are many mishaps that can lead to unplanned pregnancies like mistakes in judgment, breaking of condoms, failing of birth control pills or failure of tubal ligations and vasectomies.

After coming over the initial shock of finding out that you are pregnant, you encounter tough decision making situations. Do you want to carry this pregnancy? How will you cope with things? Will you be able to handle this untimely responsibility? The most important and tough thing to do at this point of time is not to panic. Even if the situation seems like it needs to be sorted immediately, you actually have a lot of time on you. Calm yourself and collect your thoughts. Before you talk about this to anyone take time to think over it and determine the path you want to take. It would be good to involve your partner in the decision-making, as you two are the ones who are going to have to live with your choices.

A situation like this will always demand for support, so after you have thought about the situation clearly you could look out for a friend or a family member or a counsellor to speak with. The person should understand your perspective, situation and suggest methods keeping your comfort in mind. If not all this at least act as a venting point for you to feel lighter. The counsellor may help you look at things in different light and suggest ways you had not thought of before.

As pregnancy is a difficult thing to hide, sooner or later you will have to tell it out. But you can choose the people you want to tell to and not everybody has to know. Your husband may not be the first person you wish to tell. You can let him know when the right time comes and he is ready to talk about it. But the longer you hide the truth the tougher it will be. It is also better to let him know earlier and let him adjust to the situation with time. Not letting him know earlier can also get him angry. Whenever you choose to break the news to your husband, prepare yourself for the reaction. Try and approach the situation as a shared responsibility that the two of you will have to deal with.

It is important to remember that an unplanned pregnancy does not eliminate you from ruling your own life. The odds that you were trying to avoid by avoiding a pregnancy could also get you a number of advantages. It is a big event for your body and it definitely will affect your lifestyle for good. For starters you can now start taking extra efforts to nourish yourself better than you did before. This definitely is a development for good as a healthy body helps live a healthy life. Given it’s an unplanned pregnancy you could be facing more challenges than just physical changes. Find out ways in which you can still accomplish the goal of your life along with your baby. Also the coming of the baby will change the bonds you share with your partner for good, helping you to live a happy and supportive family life.