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Carrying Twins?

Pregnancy is a phenomenon that puts up a different case for each woman. With the morning sickness and weakness taking a toll on you some women could also be wondering if they are carrying not one but two or more.  In a sensitive case like pregnancy not always do your hunches and family histories serve as a certificate for your twin pregnancy.  You need to confirm with your care provider as you need to care for three lives or more. 

Odds of carrying twins
Carrying twins is not what happens to every woman. It is rare and there are many factors aiding it. 

Age Factor – The trend of conceiving late has been a crucial contributor to the increase in the incidence of twin births. The possibility of giving birth to twins increases after the age of 35 and enhances when you are over 50. A woman’s chance of giving birth to twins at the age of 25 is less by half of what it would be at the age of 35. 

Assisted Reproductive Technology – For women who face problems in getting pregnant take additional help of assisted reproductive technology that includes ovulation-inducing drugs (infertility treatment) and in-vitro fertilization. Such treatments increase the odds of producing twins.  

Hereditary – Even before you get it diagnosed you are aware that you may be prone to conceiving twins. If your family has a history of fraternal twins you may be carrying a gene causing you to release more than one egg at a time, increasing the possibility of conceiving twins.

Symptoms of carrying twins
The symptoms shown by women carrying twins is same as the women carrying singletons. However, their feeling of morning sickness, nausea, weakness and food cravings will me more prominent. 

Extra Weight GainIt is obvious that if you are carrying two babies you will put on more weight than mothers carrying singles. The weight gain for women with twin pregnancy is 15-25 pounds as opposed to the 10-20 pounds of women with single pregnancy. When you start with rapid weight gain in the first trimester, it is a possibility that you may be carrying multiples. 

Big for Gestational AgeYour uterine size may increase before time and you may start to show early. You may often get to hear that you appear large for the gestational age. This will continue as the weeks pass as the twins require more space than one.  

High AFP Levels The baby, as it grows releases a protein called Alpha-fetoprotein. This protein is found in the mother blood. In case the level of this protein is higher than the amount seen in women with single pregnancies, it indicates you may be pregnant with multiple babies. 

Severe Morning Sickness As mentioned before the pregnancy symptoms for women carrying multiples will be graver than the ones carrying singles. Early signs like nausea, vomiting, breast tenderness and hunger may usually be more pronounced in women with multiples. 

Extreme Fatigue Fatigue is common for expecting women. However, the degree of fatigue is quite high for women with twins. They may tend to feel tired easily and experience lack of energy. 

Multiple Foetal Heartbeats and Ultrasound The Doppler machine can be used to confirm your twin pregnancy. If your health care provider can hear two distinct heartbeats, it means you are carrying twins.  Also you can see the babies in the womb through an ultrasound image. In case of multiple pregnancies it shows multiple embryo sacs, multiple embryos and multiple heartbeats. This can be done in the sixth week. 

Carrying twins a pleasant feeling of pregnancy that is doubled. Diagnosing it at the right time will help you care and prepare for it better. You may need to even consult your doctor with nutrition you will now require. Since your joy is now doubled so is the task, a little extra care of your self is indispensable.