Pre pregnancy Fitness

Pregnancy Fitness


Pregnancy is basically the first step to parenthood. Hence, it becomes the responsibility of both the partners to inculcate some healthy habits. When preparing for a baby, there are a number of daily habits you need to change to have a successful and healthy conception and to improve chances of a healthy pregnancy and pregnancy fitness too. Your health conditions greatly influence the child’s development.



Following is a list of dos,  don’ts and Pregnancy fitness you should follow before you plan a baby –

  • Both the partners need to get a complete body check up before you plan for conception. Visit your family doctor and check for any deficiency in the body, symptoms for diseases etc. In case any is detected get it treated or at least under control before conception. Get yourself vaccinated against any potential disease or epidemic that could create complications during pregnancy.
  • Also check your family history for genetic disorders or other health problems. Discuss this issue with your care provider and follow the instructions given.
  • Women need to visit their dentist and do a complete check up for their oral health, as during pregnancy they may encounter dental problems and treatment for the same would not be possible.

Pregnancy Fitness Exercise and Diet

  • Become a Fitness freak. Follow a healthy diet plan with a good exercise regime. It is important that you maintain a constant weight. Your diet needs to include groups of fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses, milk and milk products; also non-vegetarians should consume eggs, chicken and fish as they are rich sources for proteins.
  • Your exercise regime should include weight loss exercises in case you are overweight. Exercises like jogging, walking, stretching, yoga, floor exercises will help in maintaining an optimum weight. However, it is important for both the partners not to go on a crash diet when planning a baby as it will lower your energy levels.
  • Do not compromise on sleep. Get a good 8 hours of sleep to relax the body completely.
  • Stop the intake of alcohol. Alcohol is not only dangerous to your child’s development but it also makes it difficult to conceive. Drinking during pregnancy creates complications like lower birth weight, fetal alcohol syndrome, Heart defects and growth and brain development problems.
  • Intake of tobacco is another potent factor that could create problems with conception. In case you are a smoker, quit the habit much before you get pregnant. Smoking during pregnancy can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome and premature birth. Also smoking slows down the process of absorption in the body; this can reduce the effect of the nutrients you are taking for a healthy lifestyle.
  • It is also a known fact that you need to abstain from narcotic drugs before and during pregnancy.
  • Stay away from infections. Wash hands well after visiting the washroom. Avoid unhealthy food from the road side. Cover yourself from dust and pollution when outside.

If you follow a good pregnancy fitness plan, you can go through your pregnancy looking and feeling great.

Stay stress free. Find out the major cause for stress and avoid it if possible. Adopt stress reliving methods like meditation, yoga or develop a hobby that helps you calm your nerves.

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