Pre Pregnancy diet for Women

About Pre Pregnancy diet for Women


Since the time you decide to get pregnant you need to start caring for your body as it will house your baby for nine months. You should majorly concentrate on the daily diet you intake as it will prepare your body for pregnancy. Maintaining a healthy and balanced Pre Pregnancy diet for Women since preconception does not guarantee conception or a hassle free pregnancy but increases fertility and chances of having a healthy pregnancy.

Analyze your eating habits completely and see if there are any foods that should be replace by a healthier option. Visit your care provider and get a complete body check up done to identify any deficiencies. In case you have an eating disorder, be sure to treat it before you get pregnant.  If you have weight gain or weight loss requirement, get the issue resolved. Also, avoid going on a crash diet before you plan a pregnancy.

Following is a list of Pre Pregnancy diet for women.

Essential nutrients and food habits you need to develop for a healthy pregnancy.

Folic Acid – Folic Acid is the most vital vitamin during pregnancy. The earlier you begin consuming it the better it is. Including folic acid in your pre pregnancy diet helps in healthy pregnancy for women. Lack of this vitamin causes neural tube defects in the baby. So start consuming whole lot of green leafy vegetables, whole grains and citrus fruits to naturally get the nutrient in the body. Folic acid is easily lost while cooking, so eat folic acid rich foods raw or after steaming. Also accompany a folic acid rich diet with a folic acid supplement. Ask your doctor to provide you with a supplement for folic acid.

Junk Food – If you are an avid junk food eater, its time you bid farewell to all the fried chips and fast foods. Before getting pregnant you need to clean your body of all the toxins, and junk food is major contributor to the entire toxin you store. Reduce your consumption of refined sugars and white flour (maida), preservative filled food, cookies, cakes, pizzas, burgers and other fast food items. Cut down majorly on saturated fats.

Go Healthy – Substitute the wrong food habits with healthy ones. Start enjoying a plate full of fresh vegetables, a bowl full of fruits, a tall glass of milk, whole grain preparations etc. Relish what you eat this will help your body absorb the best. Green vegetables is vitamin rich and healthy pre pregnancy diet for women.

Avoid Skipping meals – Need to meet deadlines or getting late for work? Do these situations make you skip your meals? It is important that you stop the habit of skipping as when you house the baby you would be forcing her/him to avoid her/his meal too.

Dietary precautions – In case you suffer with disease like diabetes, high/ low blood pressure, anaemia etc, you need to take extra care of your diet. Consult a professional dietician to give a proper diet plan. His will not only help prepare you for the baby but also get your health condition under control.

Important Nutrients – Include calcium rich food in your diet like dairy products, almonds, sesame seeds, green leafy veggies etc. Have protein rich foods like eggs, pulses and seafood. You need to increase the intake of iron in your diet especially if you are anaemic. Eat rich supplies of iron like spinach, raisins, dates, leafy green vegetables etc. Also include fibrous food like fruits and fresh vegetables in your diet to keep a healthy bowl movement.

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Pre Pregnancy diet for women helps you and your baby have a healthy pregnancy.