Third Trimester

Third Trimester of Pregnancy


The third trimester of pregnancy spans from week 28 to the birth. This can be tiring and uncomfortable.Third trimester pregnancy can be physically and emotionally challenging. Your baby’s size and position may make it hard for you to get comfortable.

Week by Week Pregnancy – Third Trimester

Third Trimester – Week 28

Maternal Development –This is the last trimester of the pregnancy. You will begin to frequently visit the clinic. During your routine checkups the size of the uterus will be checked to assure the proper growth of the baby. Your urine will be tested to find signs of any infection, proteins or sugar. As he due date approaches the position of the baby will be checked and vaginal exams conducted.

Your breast will start to leak colostrums; if you are not you do not need to panic. This does not indicate that you can’t breast feed.

Foetus Development –The eyelashes and eyebrows are developing and the hair on the head is growing. The baby is getting chubbier by the days with 2-3% fat. The baby is now capable of breathing air. In case you are carrying a boy the testes will start descending.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Keep assisting mom in her regular visits whenever possible. Do not hesitate if you have any questions. This isn’t an easy time for mom, so pitch in how much ever you can.

Third Trimester – Week 29

Maternal Development –This is the time when you become a victim to shortness of breath, haemorrhoids, itchy skin, leg cramps, aching muscles, heartburn and indigestion.  Try and rest as much as you can and follow a healthy diet. Remember these discomforts are temporary.

Foetus Development –The baby has taken quite a lot of the bodily functions under her/ is control. The body temperature is being regulated; the bone marrow is producing the RBCs; the eyes move in sockets and the baby grows sensitive to light. The baby is also urinating about half litre urine in the amniotic fluid daily. The movements may not be as wild as before due to the decrease in the space. You may feel the movements of the elbow or the knee now.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Gift mom a professional pregnancy massage. It will help her relieve the pain.

Third Trimester – Week 30

Maternal Development –As sleeping gets increasingly difficult the hunt for the right posture gets you mad. It is recommended that you sleep in the left side. This does not obstruct the flow of blood. You can also use the support of many pillows to get you a comfortable posture.

Foetus Development –The lanugo is disappearing and the eyelids now open and close. The baby is also growing aware of the surrounding, as in the dark and the light condition.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Accompany your partner to the pregnancy classes and take notes.

Third Trimester – Week 31

Maternal Development –Along with the leg and back aches, you are also experiencing occasional pains in the abdomen. At this stage your diet needs to be calcium, protein, folic acid and iron rich as your baby is still the development stage.

Foetus Development –At this stage the brain develops rapidly and the most important organ to still develop are the lungs. You baby is responding to light by the contraction and dilation of the irises. Thanks to the deposit of the white fat underneath the skin the baby is not pinkish in colour. Also the finger nails are completely developed.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Your partner is facing comfort difficulties. Give her your undivided attention and help her relax.

Third Trimester – Week 32

Maternal Development –Your stomach measures around 5 inches above your navel. As the uterus takes up more space in the body you experience heartburns, constipation, indigestion and breathlessness. The Braxton Hicks Contractions keep surfacing time and again.

Foetus Development –The wrinkles from the face are disappearing and the movement is high this week. The baby has put on more weight due to the development of the fat and muscle tissues. The baby weighs around 5 pounds. All the five senses are now functional. The hair growth continues while the toe nails like the fingernails are complete.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Check all the preparations are ready for the baby. From medication to the room of the baby, leave no stone unturned for the welcome of the new member.

Third Trimester – Week 33

Maternal Development –You can make out the difference between the knee and the elbow and experience rhythmic bumps in the abdomen when the baby bounces with hiccups.

At this stage you may have mild edema but if you experience headaches and see spots when resting, swelling around the face (sudden), abdominal pain, vomiting please contact you care provider. This could lead to a serious pregnancy complication called pre-eclampsia.

Foetus Development –The amniotic fluid in your body is the highest at this stage and will remain constant until delivery.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Join your partner in her relaxing regimes. Play soft music and massage her legs. These are small gestures that reassure her of your support.

Third Trimester – Week 34

Maternal Development –The Braxton Hicks contractions may grow intense now. This prepares your body for labour pains. In case you are a working woman, start working on the pregnancy leave now. Speak with your employer and plan your leave.

Foetus Development –As the growth continues the child now responds as a new born with eyes close while sleeping and open when awake. Also the immunity to resist minor infection is developing now. You bay weighs – 4 pounds and seven ounces.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Your partner has really put on now and the belly is huge. She must be cranky over how she looks and even embarrassed to step out of the house. Tell her how much you love her and how beautiful you think she is. Help her in her research to learn more about labour pains.

Third Trimester – Week 35

Maternal Development –During your regular visits to the clinic the practitioner will regularly check your cervix for signs of effacement and dilation to examine the position of your baby. The cervix is fully dilated when it measures 10 centimetres.

Foetus Development –The baby keeps putting on 0.5 pounds every week now. The arms and legs grow plump this week. The organs are now going through the required final touches before birth.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – You can easily feel the baby kick now. Try and play a mini football match, if it’s not too much of a trouble for the mother.

Third Trimester – Week 36

Maternal Development –The practitioner may conduct a vaginal exam now. The position of most of the babies around this time is head down; rarely do you find babies in the breech position. This time you need to put on good weight, so ensure you provide your body with the right kind of fuel.

Foetus Development –The baby could be landing anytime now in the birth canal. The fat continues to deposit around the elbow and the keens dimpling them and around the neck and wrists.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – You should cross check the arrangements you have made at the clinic. Visit the clinic along with your partner and clear out any doubts you have.

Third Trimester – Week 37

Maternal Development –Your vaginal discharge may grow heavier now. It will contain more cervical mucous as your body prepares for labour. You can continue with the last minute of gathering details about the labour pains.

Foetus Development –Your child is constantly practicing breathing by inhaling the amniotic acid. The grasp of the baby gets firmer and the she/ he gradually turns towards light.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Be as much prepared as you can. It could be time anytime now. Cross with the arrangements in the hospital, the hospital bag is packed, know the route to avoid traffic etc.

Third Trimester – Week 38

Maternal Development –The false labour rounds may be irregular but very painful now. You may be feeling them in your back, lower abdomen and the pelvis. Remember a true labour pain starts from the top of the uterus and spreads completely over it – to the lower back and the pelvis. When you experience true labour, it will be more painful and no change of position can sooth it.

Foetus Development –Now the baby gains an ounce daily, gradually the weight gain has slowed down. Every organ of the baby is functioning now except for the lungs and the brains. These too will join the routine when the baby is born. You can also identify the colour of your baby’s eyes at this point and know of an interesting colour it is carrying.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – It will be difficult for you to see mom in constant pain and in the most uncomfortable position now. Try and be as helpful as you can. Make sure she gets enough rest as possible. Also keep the doctors number handy.

Third Trimester – Week 39

Maternal Development –You now need to be alert of any signs of labour that includes blood discharge, increased contractions, water breakage and the loss of the Mucus plug. As your weight increases your centre of gravity changes and you may feel a little off balance. The uterus is now 6 -8 inches above the naval.

Foetus Development –The lanugo has almost disappeared and the lungs continue to mature with the development of the surfactant. The fat under the skin continues to deposit and the old skin is replaced by new skin. The meconium in the intestine will be shed after the birth of the baby at the first bowel movements.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – It’s normal to be nervous at this time. You are just a few steps away from the journey of parenthood. Life will be changing completely now, so enjoy these last days as a couple, you are soon going to be 2 + 1 or more…

Third Trimester – Week 40

Maternal Development –The due is just an estimate and most of the deliveries take place either after 2 weeks of the due date or before. So you are not post due until you touch the 42nd week. Your care provider may consider giving you an induction if the pregnancy has gone long enough. Communicate about this to your practitioner.

Foetus Development –On an average the bay would weigh around 7 or more pounds at this time. The immune system is still not well developed; it will continue to develop with the nourishment received after birth.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – You could be tensed if your partner is overdue. Have patience, the time is nearing. Be as supportive as you can to the mom to be as she would be as nervous as you.

Third Trimester – Week 41

Maternal Development –Many women do carry pregnancy to the 41st or the 42nd week. This is very normal. You could be thinking of artificially inducing pain to deliver the child. But learn the pros and cons before you decide.

Foetus Development –The bay if not out as yet is happily settled in you pelvis and waiting for the right time. You still need to monitor the movement of the baby constantly.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – You could be receiving calls from well wishers to enquire about the situation. As good a feeling this is it could also get you irritated. Stay calm. No pregnancy lasts forever.

Third Trimester – Week 42

Maternal Development –The doctor may consider performing a vaginal exam to see if the cervix is favourable. Some women could need and induction whereas many would be holding their babies in their arms by now. It’s a different case for all.

Foetus Development –Continue to monitor the activity of the baby. They may prove great indicators in case of a complication. Normally at this stage the child stops gaining weight and postdate pregnancies are marked with lose of weight and body fat.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – The time of action is nearing. Be double sure of every preparation. Have all the contact information handy and stay alert.

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