Second Trimester

Second Trimester of Pregnancy


The second trimester of pregnancy spans from week 13 to week 27 of your pregnancy. This is the time when most women start to look pregnant and may begin to wear maternity clothes.During second trimester pregnancy, you may notice physical changes from head to toe.

Week by Week Pregnancy – Second Trimester

Second Trimester -Week 13

Maternal Development –Initiating 2nd trimester!!! You have now entered the most comfortable zone on pregnancy. You feel more energetic major early pregnancy symptoms have gone for good. And of course your tummy is now showing. This may lead to felling abdomen aches as your uterus is stretching. This termed as “round ligament pain”.

Foetus Development –The teeth for a toothy smile are now ready and waiting under the gums. This week you baby weighs around 1 ounce. She/ He may not begin to cry out yet but the vocal cords are under development. The face develops more distinct features with the eyes and ears settling in place. The intestines continue to move closer into the baby’s body and secretion of bile and insulin begins from the liver and pancreas respectively

Recommendation for to be Fathers –If you have been waiting yet to spill the beans, now is a good time. Plan a special way to do this.

Second Trimester -Week 14

Maternal Development –Even though there is a drastic decrease in the morning sickness, but you may continue to feel constipated. Hence ensure to have a fibrous diet to help bowel movement. Along with the development of your baby, your body is also getting ready for breastfeeding. The veins on your chest begin to dilate and the areola (dark nipple area of your breast) begins to grow.

Foetus Development –The baby has now started to practice the breathing process. It breathes in and out the amniotic fluid which can regenerate itself in 3 hours. The baby now weighs around 2 ounces. Its neck is getting longer with the chin away from the chest. It now begins to use the “muscle power” in its arms and begins to move. The placenta has taken up the role of nourishing the child.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – This is a good time to streamline your expenses and chalk out a plan to save for the new member. Decide of these important issues with your partner as her opinion matters the most.

Second Trimester -Week 15

Maternal Development –You are probably finding it difficult to fit into your clothes now. Try maternity clothes; make sure you are comfortable in what you wear. Your heart begins to pump more blood than before to supply more oxygen to your baby.

Foetus Development –Your baby has begun sucking its thumb. The weight is around 10 gms and the baby is now covered with a thin lining of the skin, transparent enough to see the blood vessels. A very fine layer of hair called Lanugo covers the body. This will continue to grow until the 26th week of pregnancy.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Help you partner cope with the growing size. Take her shopping. This will not only uplift her mood but also help you spend quality time.

Second Trimester -Week 16

Maternal Development –If this is your second pregnancy by now you may begin to feel the baby move as the bones have hardened. If this is your first pregnancy you let it go unnoticed. These movements are called quickening and the help in determining the due date.

Foetus Development –The baby now weighs around 6 ounces and has begun moving within the uterus using its hands and legs. The limb movements are now more coordinated and the legs are longer than the hands. The nails have now begun to grow and many require the basic manicure right after birth.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Accompany your partner for the prenatal visits. Its fun to see your baby grow even before it’s born.

Second Trimester -Week 17

Maternal Development –Your uterus is now below your belly button, about halfway between your pubic bone and navel. You may be experiencing and increase in the body secretion like sweating, nasal congestion or increased vaginal discharge. This is because of the increased blood volumes, these discomforts vanish after childbirth. As the baby grows you may be growing too, in size.

Foetus Development –Brown fat begins to develop beneath your baby’s skin around this period. This helps the baby maintain it body temperature on being born. The baby and the placenta are of the equal size now. 

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Even if the mother is feeling the baby flutter within you may not be able to experience it now. Don’t be disheartened, you will soon…

Second Trimester -Week 18

Maternal Development –Due to your growing size sleeping may be become difficult now. You may be feeling dizzy, this could be because of low blood pressure.  In case this increases visit you care provider.

Foetus Development –Your baby now weighs almost half a pound. As the growth happens rapidly the bones get stronger and the finger pads begin to develop. And in case you are carrying a boy his prostate gland has begun to develop. The bowel movements are now in progress and you feel your baby getting hiccups.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Your wife may start looking over weight around this time. Avoid commenting. Also she requires your undivided attention, be attentive to what she has to say.

Second Trimester -Week 19

Maternal Development –Your skin may be showing some changes like blotches, itchy, dry and flaky skin due to the hormonal changes. These sings will fade away after pregnancy. However stretch marks can be avoid by applying skin lotions. This is a great time join pregnancy classes to learn about childbirth.

Foetus Development –Your baby’s growth is increasing week by week. The body is now surrounded by vernix caseosa which a white substance that saves the baby in the aquatic condition it is in. Permanent teeth buds now begin to form behind the milk teeth buds.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Your baby may be playing hide and seek with you. You may feel it now and not feel it later. Take this as a game between the father and child. In case you are worried of the responsibilities you need to handle, discuss your doubts with the mom to be, read books recommended for fathers etc. This will help you calm down.

Second Trimester -Week 20

Maternal Development –Your belly button may pop out around this time due o the pressure build by the uterus. The line between the navel and the pubic hair has darkened which will fade after pregnancy. You may have some trouble in breathing as your lungs get cramped.

Foetus Development –Half the journey is over. If you are carrying a baby, her uterus has started to develop. The weight now is 10 ounces.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Join mom in the child birth classes. They are helpful for you too. Also you can clear many of the doubts that you have.

Second Trimester -Week 21

Maternal Development –You may show swelling around the ankles and feet now especially towards the end of the day. Hence drink a lot of water. Eat a healthy diet and don’t count the calories too strictly.

Foetus Development –The growth this week is slow. The heart of the baby grows stronger and the legs are gaining the required proportion. Your baby now weighs just about a pound.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – This is a good time to get close and decide on many future plans. Since your partner now is much better health wise plan a weekend getaway. You both need it.

Second Trimester -Week 22

Maternal Development –The backaches continue for now due to the growing baby and the uterus. Wear low heels. Use a footstool for rest while sitting.

Foetus Development –This week your baby grows eyebrows and eyelids. In case of a boy, the testes have begun to descend from the pelvis to the scrotum. The weight of the child is now 15 ounces.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Think of the names you would consider for the baby. Discus them with and mark down her preference. You may end up in a fight, but try playing it calm.

Second Trimester -Week 23

Maternal Development –You can still feel the baby move around wildly in the womb, also your abdomen may move. During a routine check up the doctor may palpate your abdomen to understand the position of the baby and you fundal height will be measured. This indicates the continued growth of the baby. Communicate with the doctor in case you are worried about the small/ big size of the fundal.

Foetus Development –The finger nails are almost developed and the lanugo is growing darker. The baby weighs 1 pound and 2 ounces now. The middle ear bones are hardening continuously. The body is also taking better proportion gradually. 

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Since your partner is growing through wild mood swings, hang in there. Understand this is not her, it’s her physical condition. Be supportive, help around the house.

Second Trimester -Week 24

Maternal Development –Your uterus now is around 2 inches above the naval. You also become aware of the baby’s sleep/wake cycle. At this point talk to your care provider about premature labour signs. This could also happen because of dehydration, so drink more water.

Foetus Development –The baby now weighs a whooping 6 ounces and by end of the week would be around 1 – 1/3 pounds. At this stage the body begins to fill out and the weight id gained in the muscles, bones and organs.

In case you have a premature delivery now. Your little one has the chance of survival; however she/ he would be kept in intensive care unit for many months.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – You partner is visibly pregnant now. Feel the pride of a father to be. Read related books to your partner and in the process educate yourself on the phenomena about to take place.

Second Trimester -Week 25

Maternal Development –Your visits to the clinic are more often now. The growing uterus puts pressure on your back and pelvis, hence you may experience shooting pains in the lower back and legs repeatedly. On such occasions sit or lie down in a more comfortable manner.

Foetus Development –As the bones continue to harden the baby begins to develop the spine. The 33 rings, 150 joints and 1000 ligaments all begin to develop. At this point the blood vessels of the lungs start to form and the nostrils open up. And the bay weighs around 1 pound and 9 ounces.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Be as caring as you can. Mom needs all the attention you can give.

Second Trimester -Week 26

Maternal Development –You will start experiencing contractions in the uterus. This is called the ‘Braxton Hicks’ Contractions. These are mostly painless and feel like menstrual cramps. There is no need to panic this is your body’s way of practicing for the testing time.

Foetus Development –Now the baby weighs around two ponds. Te air sacs in the lungs have started to develop. The lungs secrete surfactants that cover the inner lining of the air sacs allowing the lungs to expand normally. The brain also begins to develop the auditory and the visual systems.

Your baby’s skin is transforming from translucent to opaque. The response of the baby to a sudden sound is too prominent to be missed.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Start the preparation for the baby to come. Prepare a small area for the baby with a comfortable baby bedding, toys and vibrant colours. You can enjoy this preparation with mom and explore new ideas.

Second Trimester -Week 27

Maternal Development –You have really started to put on weight now. Don’t be disappointed, this is required for a healthy pregnancy. Most of the weight you gain is because of the increased body fluids. By the end of this week you would have completed your 2nd trimester. You may be feeling shortness of breath; this is because your lungs are cramped due to the expanded uterus. But your circulatory system is functioning more effectively due to the hormones secreted.

Foetus Development –As the brain is on the journey to develop better, so are the lungs. The eyelids open up and the retinas take formations. The skin is wrinkled from constantly staying in water. This will remain for a few weeks even after birth.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Explain mom that it is important that puts on good weight during this time, if she whines over it. Join her in the healthy diet she has to follow. In case she has craving for some unhealthy food help her with healthy eating options; and if nothing works, get her hat she wants, no point arguing.

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