First Trimester

First Trimester of Pregnancy


The first trimester is the first 12 weeks after the first day of the last menstrual period. This trimester can be overwhelming because everything is so new, so exciting, and so overwhelming all at once. Understand the changes you may experience and how to take care of yourself during this exciting time. The first trimester is also one of amazing development in the baby.

Pregnancy week by week – First Trimester

First Trimester – Week 1

Maternal Development – You’ve just started with your periods and you are deciding on planning a family. Your ovulation period is around the corner and you need to start taking care of your health. Switch to healthy eating and avoid smoking and drinking. Mentally get into the pregnancy mode even before you conceive, this will help you nourish your baby better.

Foetus Development –Conception is yet to happen. Your system is preparing for ovulation secreting the required hormones.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Pregnancy is an equally important event for you as for the to-be mother. Hence taking utmost care of yourself is indispensable. Monitor your eating habits, stop unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking and develop a routine for your fitness. It is also advisable that you have a through check-up done before you begin a family.

First Trimester – Week 2

Maternal Development – Since you are done with your periods, your body is now forming a new lining of blood and tissues to house your baby for the next nine months. Also your ovaries would be releasing mature eggs soon. This is a good time research on the medical history of your family, you can be aware of many any disease at this stage.

Foetus Development –The ground is ready and the baby is awaited!!!

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Continue your health regime as before. Now is the time to help your partner conceive.

First Trimester – Week 3

Maternal Development – The conception has taken place and a new life is breeding within you. During this time you may experience some spotting known as implantation bleeding. This is normal and there is nothing to worry about.

Foetus Development –The union of the sperm and the egg takes place in the fallopian tube and a new life emerges. The zygote travels to the uterus and reaches the soft layer within 4-7 days. The development of the baby’s chromosomes takes place through a combination of the chromosomes of its parents. Also the gender of your baby is determined.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Assist your partner in every need as this development will lead to a million changes in your relation. Also continue to follow the similar regime.

First Trimester – Week 4

Maternal Development – Your body begins to how early pregnancy symptoms like nausea, frequent urination, extreme tiredness etc. This is a good time to take a urine pregnancy test. Take extra care during this time as the first trimester is a sensitive period for pregnancy. Avoid all unhealthy habits and take a diet and exercise program with the help of a professional.

Foetus Development –The Blastocyst has now entered the uterus and searching for a place to settle. It begins to get nutrition from the yolk sac until the placenta is ready.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Help the to-be mother during her test and be a part of the excitement.

First Trimester – Week 5

Maternal Development –Your breast may appear swollen as the milk glands multiply. Also you may experience cramps of a feeling of fullness in the uterus. Consult your doctor to recommend measures to help you feel better during the initial stages.

Foetus Development –It is now that your baby’s heart begins to beat. The circulatory system is the first to build in a baby from the second layer of the embryo; it also develops the bones, muscles, kidneys and reproductive organs. The first layer develops into the nervous system and the third layer forms the intestines, liver, pancreas and bladder. During a sonography you will be able to distinguish between the head and the tail of the baby.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – May be mother is experience major mood swings during this period. Help her cope with it.

First Trimester – Week 6

Maternal Development –Morning sickness gets the better of you for the whole day. Ensure you have a lot of fluids as you will be losing a lot of water.  You may crave for certain foods and event the thought of some would get you puking again.  Also your breast may feel heavier.

This is an important stage of development for your baby. Keep a check on your regular lifestyle. Abstain from kind of smoking active or passive; avoid drinks, caffeine, over the counter medicines and other foods as advised by your doctor.

Foetus Development –Your baby has a busy schedule this week. It is now an embryo and has developed to the length of 1/17 of an inch. Rapid growth takes place this week. Due to the circulation system blood in being pumped to all the other organs of the baby and further development takes place. Buds begin to emerge from the body to take the shape of hands and legs. The larynx and the inner ear too have started forming. This week also witnesses the development of the placenta.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – As the to-be mother suffers with morning sickness, fatigue and mood swings it may difficult for you too to cope up with her needs. Try and be there whenever need is required. Arrange the kind of food she craves for and don’t take the tantrums personally.

First Trimester – Week 7

Maternal Development –For most of the women this week onwards the morning sickness begins to decrease, however fatigue and mood swing continue to be your companion. You may lose or gain some weight which is perfectly fine.

Foetus Development –Your baby now is 1/3 inch in size. The arms and legs continue to grow however there is still time for the fingers and toes to develop. Other organs that form now are the brain, nostrils, lenses of the eyes, intestines, pancreas and bronchi. Also even if the genital tube begins to form it is too early to say if it a girl or a boy.

Recommendation for to be Fathers –Just be there your support may be required any time. In case you have pets at home, take charge of their cleaning.

First Trimester – Week 8

Maternal Development –You may not be showing yet if this is your first pregnancy. If it’s not then you’d already be sporting bump on account of the loose muscles and tissues. Also your face may pop a few pimples; this is only because pregnancy causes a lot of oil secretion. You are free to ask your care provided all the questions that you come up with. For your baby’s health no question is a silly one.

Foetus Development –Your baby’s development is taking place fast now. The formation of arms is now visible with tiny fingers. The bud for the legs grows to show the feet under development with notches for toes. The facial features of the baby have begun to rise like the eyes, ears and the tip of the nose. Also teeth begin to take root beneath the gums. The intestine of the baby forms in the umbilical cord and the gonad takes the shape of either testes or ovaries. During this week the bone of the baby’s bone structure begins to form and show the formation of the elbows

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Pitch in to help as much as possible. Fix the dinner or breakfast. If already have a kid help with the child tantrums. Do go along for the routine check up and be an active participant in the process. Take care of her nutrition as well as yours.

First Trimester – Week 9

Maternal Development –This week you may experience some increase in your waistline. This may be accompanied by heartburns and indigestion. These are all signs that your body is adjusting to the hormonal increase.

Foetus Development –The bone structure is still under construction along with the eyes and the tongue. The intestines now start their journey from the umbilical cord to the abdomen. You baby is now weighs 1gram.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Due to the increased rate of hormone production your partner may jump from a happy mood to a cranky one. This is perfectly normal. In case you and your partner have the urge for an intercourse and worried about the pregnancy, consult your care provider for trusted recommendation.

First Trimester – Week 10

Maternal Development –You may begin to show slightly now. Also you may observe dark patches on your face beginning to surface, do not panic. You’ll be spotless soon. As your size increases you may notice veins being visible on your legs, abdomen and breast.

Foetus Development –You baby has begun to move but it’s difficult for you to make out. She/ he is the around 4 gms now with tiny toes and large eyes. The formation of the external ear and upper lip begins with the tail performing a disappearing act.

Recommendation for to be Fathers –The realization of being a father now seeps in, right!!! In case you are worried about managing your finance discuss with your partner, you never know, she may be going through the same.

First Trimester – Week 11

Maternal Development –Your appetite may improve this month due to decrease in the morning sickness. If you are concerned with the weight gain, consult your doctor. Gaining weight around this time in normal. Follow a nutritional diet but do not diet for a weight loss.

Foetus Development –The foetus (yes that what your baby is called now) is about 1 inch in the beginning of the week and will be about 2 inches by the end. It now weighs 7 gms. You baby’s head is around half its length. This week shows speedy growth in the baby as most of the organs have developed. The irises begin to develop and the placenta will begin to function.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – After you have accompanied mom with the prenatal test, treat yourself to a relaxing evening. After all you’ve equally been on the receiving end. Indulge in an activity that you enjoy, have blast with your friends etc…

First Trimester – Week 12

Maternal Development –Now that the placenta has stepped in to produce the hormones morning sickness for you may be depleting. As your uterus move up and forward the pressure on your bladder is released, at least till the third trimester. This means your frequent toilet trips cut short.

Foetus Development –The formation of the organs of the baby is complete. Now what takes place is the further development until delivery. It weighs around 14 gms. The webbed toes and fingers have now separated. Hair and nails begin to grow. The genitals of you baby take on their characteristics.

Also now is when your baby begins to pee!!! The kidneys start to produce and excrete urine that leads to the accumulation of the Amniotic fluid. Movements in the digestive track start.

Recommendation for to be Fathers – Your partner is now in a better condition. Start relaxation activities with her, join her on her evening walks, enjoy music with her, help her cook her favourite meals…

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