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Aaban 8th Persian month, angel of iron
Aabdar Bright, like glass.
Aabis Lucky.
Aadheen Obedient, submissive.
Aadhil Honorable Judge, One who Jugdes Fairly.
Aafiya Good health; Bin Ayyub had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith
Aali High, tall.
Aalim Scholar Plural is ulama normally used for religious scholors
Aamil Doer, Work man.
Aaqil Intelligent.
Aarib Handsome, healthy.
Aariz Leader, ruler, leader of nation.
Aarzam War, battle, quarrel.
Aas Hope.
Aashir Living; spending a life.
Aasim Protector
Aatiq Free; liberated; independent; name: Aatiq Ali; Muhammad Aatiq
Aatish Fire.
Aazim Intending; determining, resolved on, applying the mnind to an undertaking.
Abadiya Ibn al Abadiyah was an author known for his eloquent literary style
Abahh AlAbahh was the nickname of al Hasan Ibn Ibrahim, an astrologer of Al Mamun
Aban Old Arabic name.
Abbad A great worshipper of Allah, several men have passed bearing this name among them Abu Abbad Jabir Ibn Zayd of the court of al Mamun
Abbas A furious lion.
Abbood Devoted worshipper of Allah.
Abd Servant, devotee, slave.
Abd Al Ala  Slave of the High.
Abd Khayr Khayr is all kinds of goodness and happiness. This was the name of IbnYazid AlKhaywani who fought with Sayyidina Ali RA.
Abdah Nick name of Abdur  Rehman bin Sulayman the father of Muhammad Ibn Abdur Rahman, the genealogist.
Abdan Is derived from abd; a man, ibn Abi Harb had this name and aljahiz wrote letters to him
Abdud Daar Servant of the Depriver
Abdul Aakhir Servant of the Last
Abdul Adl Slave of the just.
Abdul Afuw Servant of the Forgiver
Abdul Afuw Slave of the One who pardons  (The pardoner)
Abdul Ahad Servant of the only One (Allah).
Abdul Aleem Servant of the Allknowing (Allah).
Abdul Ali Servant of the most High.
Abdul Awwal Servant of the First
Abdul Awwal Slave of the First One.
Abdul Azim Servant of the Mighty (Allah).
Abdul Aziz Servant of the Almighty.
Abdul Baari Servant of the Creator.
Abdul Badee Slave of the originator
Abdul Bais Servant of the Resurrector
Abdul Bais Slave of the one who raises from death.
Abdul Baqi Servant of the Everlasting (Allah).
Abdul Bari Slave of the Creator
Abdul Barr Servant of the Allbenign.
Abdul Baseer Servant of Allsagacious (Allah).
Abdul Baseer Slave of the Allseeing.
Abdul Basit Servant of the Expander (Allah).
Abdul Batin Servant of the Inward.
Abdul Fattah Servant of the conqueror (Allah).
Abdul Ghaffar Servant of the Allforgiving (Allah).
Abdul Ghafur Servant of the Allforgiving.
Abdul Ghani Servant of the Allsufficient.
Abdul Haafiz Servant of the Guardian (Allah).
Abdul Hadi Servant of the Guide (Allah).
Abdul Hafeez Servant of the Guardian (Allah).
Abdul Hakam Servant of the Arbitrator.
Abdul Hakeem Servant of the Allwise (Allah).
Abdul Hakim Servant of the Judge (Allah).
Abdul Halim Servant of the Allelement (Allah).
Abdul Hameed Servant of the Alllaudable (Allah).
Abdul Hannan Slave of the Merciful Forgiving.
Abdul Haq Servant of the Truth (Allah).
Abdul Haseeb Servant of the Reckoner.
Abdul Hayy Servant of the Living (Allah).
Abdul Jabbar Servant of the Allcompeller/the Omnipotent (Allah).
Abdul Jalil Servant of the Exalted (Allah).
Abdul Jame Servant of the Gatherer
Abdul Jamil Servant of the Beautiful (Allah).
Abdul Jawwad Slave of the most Bountiful.
Abdul Kabir Servant of the Great
Abdul Kabir Slave of the Gracious. Abdul Karim alJazari was a narrator of hadith.
Abdul Kafi Servant of the Allsufficient (Allah).
Abdul Karim Servant of the most generous (Allah).
Abdul Khafiz Servant of the Descender
Abdul Khaliq Servant of the Creator (Allah).
Abdul Lateef Slave of the Gracious.
Abdul Maalik Servant of the Owner (Allah).
Abdul Muntaqim Servant of the Revenger
Abdul Nafi Slave of the Propitious.
Abdul Qabiz Servant of the Withholder
Abdul Qadeer Servant of the Powerful (Allah).
Abdul Shakoor Servant of the Allthankful (Allah).
Abdul Vajed Servant of the Finder
Abdul Vakil Servant of the Implementor
Abdullah Servant of Allah, slave of Allah; name of Prophet Muhammad’s Father.
Abdun Nasir Servant of the Helper (Allah).
Abdun Noor Servant of the Light.
Abdur Rab Servant of the Lord (Allah).
Abdur Rafi Servant of the Exalted (Allah).
Abdur Rahim Servant of the most Merciful (Allah).
Abdur Raqib Servant of the Observer (Allah).
Abdur Rasheed Servant of the Rightminded (Allah).
Abdur Razzaq Servant of the Allprovider (Allah).
Abdus Ibn Khallad was so named; he was a narrator of Hadith.
Abdus Subhan Servant of the Glory (Allah).
Abdush Shaheed Servant of the Witness
Abdush Shahid Slave of the witness.
Abduz Zahir Slave of the Manifest.
Abid Worshipper, adorer, devout.
Abidin Pl. of Abid. i.e. worshippers, A popular name among Muslims.
Abrad Hail, Mail, Ibn Ashras a Narrator of Hadith had this name.
Abram Need, stong grip.
Abrar Pl. of Birr, obedience, gift.
Absar Pl. of Basar, vision, sight.
Absham A tree which has scent.
Abu Ayyub A wellknown Sahabi who had received the honour of offering hospitality to the Prophet Muhammad when he migrated to Madinah.
Abu Bakr Father of the young camel. The first Caliph of Islam.
Abu Dawud Author of one of the Sahih Hadith (d. 875).
Abu Hanifa Founder of the Hanafi school of thought/ Islamic Law.
Abu Mahzoorah Name of one companion of the Prophet of Allah.
Abu Masood A great Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Abu Saeed Father of dignified, name of a Sahabi (RA).
Abu Talha A great Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Abu Talib Father of seeker; name of the Prophet Muhammad’s uncle.
Abu Ubaidah A great Sahabi of the Prophet PBUH; one of the ten companions whom the Holy Prophet PBUH has declared as the people of Jannah.
Abu Yousuf Name of a great jurist and pupil of Imam Abu Hanifah RA.
Abul Barakat Father of blessings, blissful.
Abul Bashar Father of mankind. An epithet of Adam who was also the first Prophet.
Abul Fazl Endowed with bounty, grace.
Abul Haisam A Sahabi; also a great scholar of history.
Abul Hasan Father of Hasan.
Abul Husain Father of Husain: Caliph Ali.
Abul Kalam Father of speech, eloquent.
Abul Khair Father of good work, virtuous.
Abul Mahasin Father of virtues, merits.
Abul Qasim Father of Qasim, an attributive name of the Prophet Muhammad.
Abul Yumn Father of happiness, happy.
Abul Yusr A great Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Abyan Clearer, more distinct.
Abyaz White, bright, brilliant.
Abzari Seeds, spice, seedsman, one who sows; the Persian scribe and memoriser of tradition, AbuIshaq Ibrahim had this name
Adam Name of the first man and Prophet of Allah; father of mankind.
Adeel Coeval, match.
Adi A Sahabi of the Prophet of Allah PBUH. And a son of Haatim Taai, a person famous for his in generosity; his full name was Adiyy ibn Haatim.
Adib Wellmannered, courteous, polished, man of letters.
Adil Just, upright, righteous.
Adli Pertaining to justice.
Adnan A descendant of Ismail and traditional ancestor of the North Arabian tribes.. who called themselves ‘the sons of Adnan’.
Adyan Religions, plural of Din.
Afham Wisdom, prudence.
Afif Chaste, modest, virtuous, honest, righteous, upright, decent.
Afraz Move higher, be taller.
Afridi A cast of Afghans.
Afroze Lightening, enlightening.
Afsa Transparent, clear.
Afsar Crown.
Aftab Sun.
Aftab udDin  Sun of the religion (Islam).
Aftar Breakfast the east.
Afzal Better, superior, prominent.
Ahad One, unique, without partner; one of the names of Allah.
Ahmadullah I praise Allah.
Ahmar Red Coloured.
Ahmed The most praised; one of the names of the Prophet Muhammad; I praise (First person present imperfect verb).
Ahyan Eras, ages, times.
Ahzab Confederate Bin Aseed had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith.
Aiz This was the name of a reciter of the Quran who followed the recital of Hamzah.
Aizaad Extension, excess.
Ajmal More beautiful, extremely beautiful.
Ajwad Better, more generous.
Akbar Greater, bigger, greatest, most pious, honourable.
Akhlaq Good manners, morals.
Akhtar Star, good luck.
Akhund Honorific title of someone learned in religious matters.
Akif Devoted to, dedicated to, persevering in, busily engaged, attached, intent.
Akram More generous, nobler, bountiful.
Al Tahir Nickname of Abdullah, son of Muhammad who died in infancy.
Ala udDin  Glory of religion, excellence of religion (Islam).
Alam The world, the universe.
Aleem Learned, expert, scholar, omniscient; one of the names of Allah.
Ali High, lofty, sublime, eminent, excellence, noble, honourable; one of the names of Allah; fourth Caliph of Islam.
Ali Asghar Infant son of Imam Husayn who attained martyrdom in the Karbala when he was a suckling baby.
Allah Bakhsh Gift of Allah.
Alman Kind, willing and wiseman.
Almas Diamond.
Altaf Pl. of Lutf, kindness, grace, favour.
Altaf Hussain Kindness of Husain.
Amaan The most loveable.
Amal Hope, aspiration.
Aman Trust, safety, security, protection, tranquility, peace of mind, calmness.
Amanat Trust.
Amanuddin Trust of religion (Islam).
Amanullah Trust, care of Allah, protection of Allah.
Ameer Chieftain, ruler, prince, commander, lord, leader, master.
Amid Pillar, support, head.
Amin Trustworthy, faithful, reliable, custodian, honest.
Amir Prosperous, populous, civilized, full of life, large.
Amjad Most glorious, most distinguished, more illustrious, most venerable, most noble.
Ammar Virtuous, pious, devout, religious, tolerant.
Amr Old Arabic name.
Aniq Neat, elegant, smart.
Anis Friend, close companion, sociable, intimate friend, companion.
Anjum Plural of Najm, stars.
Ansar Pl. of Nasir, friend, patron, supporter.
Ansar Supporters, helpers.
Ansari Relation through ancestry to an Ansar; the people who helped the Prophet when he migrated to Madinah.
Antar Hero in a story of chivalry.
Anwaar Pl. of noor, meaning light, glow, gleam.
Anwar More bright, more brilliant, more radiant, more luminous.
Anwarulkarim Lights of the Beneficent (Allah).
Anwerus Sadat The most brilliant of the Sayyids.
Anzar Having a good eye sight.
Aqdas Most holy, more or most sacred.
Aqeel Insight, mind, intellect, judiciousness, wise, sensible man.
Aqib Successor, an epithet of the Prophet Muhammad.
Aqleem Realm, kingdom.
Aqleem Government, realm.
Aqmar Bright, brilliant, luminous, moonlit.
Aqqad Maker of trimmings, haberdasher.
Aqrab Near, close.
Arafat A plain twelve miles south west of Makkah where pilgrims spend a day performing special worship of Allah during the Hajj.
Araiz National leader.
Araysh Shadower, Overshadower.
Arbaaz Eagle.
Arbab Friends
Ardam Brave, boldman.
Areeb Wise, intelligent, bright, brilliant, clever.
Areef Learned, expert, authority.
Areej Fragrant, sweetsmelling.
Arees Peasant, farmer.
Areez Friend.
Arfaa Very high
Arham Kind, generous.
Arif Learned, expert, authority, saint, the highest position a mystic can attain.
Arikah Decorated throne.
Arjmand Bountiful.
Arkan Pl. of Rukn, support, prop, pillar.
Armaan Wish, desire.
Arqam Writer, the best recorder; companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
Arsalan Lion.
Arsel To send, to ship, dispatch.
Arsh Sky, roof.
Arshad Most rightly guided, most reasonable.
Arshaq Handsome, more elegant, more graceful.
Arshi The one living in Allah’s place, angel.
Artah BinAshath was a narrator of Hadith who had this name.
Arwah More delicate, more gracious.
Arzang An ancient wrestler.
Arzu Wish, hope, love.
As’ad Virtuous, pious, happier, luckier.
Asaad Help, support.
Asad Lion.
Asadullah Lion of Allah. Title of Ali (R.A.).
Asbagh Coloured animal, huge flood, dyer.
Asbat Bin Muhammad alQurashi a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Aseed Ibn Yazid, a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Aseel Son of elite family.
Aseer Preferred, noble, exquisite.
Asfa Tanned sun burned, Bin Asla had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith.
Asghar Younger, smaller, minute.
Ash’ab Lion, Diffcult, Strict.
Asha’as Scattered, Spread about, humble.
Ashab Reddish, blond, fair.
Ashaj Abu adDunya alMaghrabi, had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith.
Ashar Wise, prudent.
Ashfaq Pl. of Shafaqa, kindness, compassion, sympathy, pity, mercy, favours.
Ashhal Having bluishblack eyes; Bin Hatim had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith.
Ashhar Famous, popular.
Ashiq Adorer, lover, suitor.
Ashiq Ali Adorer of Ali.
Ashiq Muhammad Adorer of the Prophet Muhammad.
Ashja More courageous, braver.
Ashkan Healthy, hearty.
Ashnad Swimmer.
Ashraf More honourable, most distinguished, eminent more nobler.
Ashrafus Sadat Most noble of the Sayyids.
Ashras Abu alHasan azZiyat a narrator of Hadith was so named.
Asif Name of courtier in the kingdom of Prophet Sulaiman who is noted for his intelligence.
Asil Of noble origin, highborn, pure, pristine.
Asim Protector, guardian, chaste, safe.
Asir Captivating, fascinating.
Askar Troop
Askari Soldier.
Asla This name was the name of Asfa the narrator of Hadith.
Aslam Very safe, safeguarded, better, more perfect, more complete.
Asma He was Ibn Harithah AlAslami.
Asooda Prosperous, jolly, happy.
Asra Travel by night.
Asrar Secrets, mysteries, pl. of Sirr, secret.
Astan Threshold, gateway.
Ata Gift, present, favour, bounty, generosity.
Atabuk Protector, guard.
Ataullah Gift of Allah.
Ataur Rahman Gift of the merciful (Allah).
Athar Purer, more virtuous, most pious, meticulously neat and clean.
Atif Compassionate, affectionate, sympathetic, kindhearted, loving.
Atiq Ancient, noble, antiquated.
Atir Fragrant, aromatic.
Attar Perfumer, perfume vendor.
Atuf Affectionate, kindhearted, compassionate, loving.
Atyab Scrupulously clean, refined, most noble, excellent.
Aurang Royal throne
Aurangzeb Ornament of the throne, a person befitting the throne.
Aus Myrtle; ace (in cards); Name of a number of Sahaba, e.g. Aus ibn Sabit, Aus ibn Saamit, Aus ibn Kholy.
Awad Reward, compensation.
Awais Naim of a saint
Awaiz Decorated, decked.
Awan Friend, supporter.
Awanah Middleaged, fierce. Abu Awanah AlWaddah was a scholar of Hadith and a reciter of Quran.
Awn Support, help.
Awwab Sincere repentant, supplicant.
Awwal First. AlAwwal, the first: one of the names of Allah.
Ayaat Pl. of Ayat, sign, verse of the Quran.
Ayat Sign, revelation, verse of the Quran.
Ayatullah Sign of Allah.
Ayaz A trusted slave of Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi
Aybak IbnAybak was a leading historian.
Aydin Brilliant, Enlightened, Intelligent, Light of the moon.
Ayman Lucky blessed, righthand, right, on the right, fortunate.
Ayman Lucky blessed, righhand, right, on the right, fortunate.
Ayn Source.
Aynul Hasan Hasan like. Hasan was the name of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson from his daughter Fatima.
Aynul Hayat Fountain of Life.
Aynun Naim Fountain of blessing.
Ayyan Gift of God
Ayyash Breadseller
Ayyub A Prophet, the biblical Job.
Azaam Submission, prostration.
Azaam Follower, faithful.
Azaan Call for the Pray, Strength & Power
Azad Free, liberated.
Azain Decoration.
Azam Greater, greatest, more important, most important, most pious, most exalted.
Azbak Independent, autonomous.
Azeem Great
Azfar Most victorious, winner.
Azghan Faithful.
Azhaar Pl. of Zahra, flower, blossom.
Azhaf Courageous, elite.
Azhar More evident, most apparent, most illuminated.
Azharan The sun and moon alike, to adopt, buds.
Azim Might, magnificent, glorious, great, dignified, exalted, determined; one of the names of Allah.
Aziz Might, strong, illustrious, highly esteemed, dearly loved, one of the names of Allah.
Azizullah Dear to Allah.
Azlan Lion
Azli From the beginning.
Azmat Majesty, pride, grandeur, greatness.
Azmeer Clever, pious.
Azmi One who fulfils his promise.
Azraf More elegant, more graceful; more humorous.
Azraq Blue; name of a companion of the Prophet PBUH, bin Qays.
Azraqi He was an authority on the history and geography of Makkah.
Azud Upper arm, strength, power, support.
Azududdin Support of religion (Islam).
Azzam Very determined, resolved, resolute.
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Baadi Distinct, evident, plain, clear.
Baahi Glorious, magnificent.
Baahir Prevailing.
Baaligh Major.
Baar Just, Pious.
Baare Brilliant, superior, outstanding.
Baari Originator, creator.
Baariq Shining, lightning, bright, illuminating.
Baasir Seeing, wise.
Babar Tiger.
Badeeh Wonderous.
Badi Wonderful, marvelous, unique, amazing.
Badiul Alam Unique in the world.
Badiuz Zaman Genius of the time.
Badr Full moon.
Badran The most beautiful.
Badr-e-Alam Full moon of the world.
Badrud Duja Full moon of the dark.
Badruddin Full moon of religion (Islam).
Baghawi Resident of Bagh or Baghshur in Khurasan.
Baha Beauty, glow, splendor magnificence.
Bahauddin Glow of the religion (Islam).
Baheen Exalted, great, noble.
Baheen Best.
Bahhas Examinar; Scholar of research; a companion of the Prophet PBUH had this name.
Bahi Splendid, brilliant, shining.
Bahili Name of famous people, including; Abu Al-Husayn Muhammad, a student of Al-Ashari and Abu Umer Muhammad.
Bahir Dazzling, brilliant.
Bahir prevailing.
Bahiyud Din Radiant, brilliant of the religion (Islam).
Bahjat Splendours, pl. of Bahjah, delight, joy.
Bahlawan Acrobat.
Bahram Mars, a king.
Bahu Rod, a saint’s name.
Bahz Name of bin Hakeem; he has related many ahadith from his father, including the saying of the Prophet PBUH “Anger spoils faith as aloes spoil honey.”
Bajala Honoured, venerated.
Bakeet Lover, paramour.
Bakhit Lucky, fortunate.
Bakhsh Gift, fortunate, give, forgive.
Bakht Luck, fortune.
Bakhtari Ibn Al-Mukhtar, a narrator of Hadith, had this name.
Bakhtawar Lucky, fortunate.
Bakhtiyar Fortunate, lucky.
Bakkar He was Ibn Ahmad, Abu Isa a reciter of the Quran and Author
Bakur Precocious, early coming.
Baleegh Eloquent, learned, one who is qualified in the art of speech.
Baleel Moisture; One of the Prophet PBUH compaions had this name.
Balj Delighted; Al-Mahriyy had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith.
Baqa Survival, immortality, eternity.
Baqai Immortal.
Baqi Permanent, everlasting, eternal.
Baqir Fierce lion, abounding in knowledge, erudite, learned.
Bara Free. Name of a Sahabi RA.
Barakat Blessings, good fortunes prosperities; pl. of Barakah.
Barakatullah Blessing of Allah.
Baraq Electricity.
Bareed Messenger, partner.
Bareeq Glitter, flash, luster, brightness, brilliance, radiance.
Baresham Silk.
Barhi Thanks
Bari Free, Free from hell.
Barkat Bounty, blessing.
Barni Young, grown up.
Barqash A bird whose voice is very charming.
Barr Pious, upright, just; sing. of Abraar.
Barraq Flashing, bright, brilliant, glittering.
Basan One who uproots fully.
Basaud Exalted, blessed.
Baseem Smiling.
Baseer Sagacious.
Baseerat Insight, wisdom.
Baseet Vast, spacious.
Bashar Man, mankind.
Basharat Good news, glad tidings.
Bashir Harbinger, bringer of good news.
Bashshar Herald, bringer of glad tidings.
Basil Brave, bold, valiant.
Basim Smiling.
Basit One who stretches, enlarges.
Basr Eye-sight, wisdom, sight.
Bassam Smiling.
Batal Brave, champion, hero.
Batin Inward, within, secret, esoteric; one of the names of Allah.
Bayazid Name of a saint
Baz Falcon.
Bazam It was the name of the Tabiee, Abu Salih.
Bazan A companion of Prophet (PBUH).
Bazil Merciful.
Bazir Educated, a great person.
Bazish Aggressive, hardliner.
Bazl Prize, reward.
Bazlur Rahman Generosity of the All-merciful.
Bedar Wakeful, attentive, enlightened.
Bedaruddin Attentive to the religion (Islam).
Beg Honorific title i.e. Lord.
Behlol Leader, a famous saint.
Behr Wave.
Behroz Sacred, noble.
Beram Fun, eid, enjoyment.
Bilal Water, moisture, freshness, river, sea. A Sahabi i.e. the companion of Prophet Muhammad.
Bina Wise, far-sighted.
Binyamin Name of the brother of Prophet Yusuf.
Bishr Joy, happiness, cheerfulness.
Bostan Garden
Bujair Name of Sahabi RA who known as Bujair ibn Bujair was present in the battle of Badr.
Bukhari Muhammad ibn Ismail Al-Bukhari (810-870). author of one of the Sahih Hadith i.e. collection of the Prophet Muhammad’s traditions.
Buland Hight, upward.
Bulbul Nightingale.
Bulhut Bin Abbat a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Buqrat An ancient physician.
Buraq Horse of the Prophet (PBUH).
Burayd Cold, Mild; A companion of the Prophet PBUH had this name.
Buraydah It is the name of a place in Saudi-Arabia; name of a companion of the Prophet PBUH bin al-Haseedb RA who has narrated many Ahadiths.
Burhan Proof, evidence.
Burhan-ud-Din Proof of the religion (Islam).
Busr Unripe dates; It was the name of a companion ibn-Sufyan who was sent to scout Makkah from Zu-al-Hulayfah when they had intended to perform Umrah
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Chand Moon
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Dabir Root, origin, ultimate, bygone.
Daboor Morning breeze.
Dafiq Jubilant, buoyant, active.
Daghfal Ibn-Hanzalah had this name and he was the first genealogist of Islam.
Dahbal This ws the name of Wahb Ibn Zamai; who was a very noble, generous man.
Dahhak One who laughs much.
Dahi Lion, rapid.
Daib Happy fellow.
Daiyan A mighty ruler, judge, guard, protector.
Dakhil Foreigner, stranger.
Dalaj A mufti of Baghdad, Ibn Ahmad al-Sajazi, had this name, he was a very generous person.
Daler Brave, valiant.
Dalil Guide, model, leader, example.
Dana Wise, learned.
Danish Wisdom, Learning, Science.
Daniyal A Prophet of Allah.
Dara Possessor, sovereign.
Darab The one with grace and personality,
Darab Big gate, a name: Justice Darab Patel
Darakhshan Bright, shining, pearl-like.
Darim This was the name of a narrator of Hadith.
Darman Cure, treatment.
Darrak Prudent, wise.
Darvesh Holy man.
Dastgir Protector, saint.
Daudi A flower.
Dawar Ruler, judge.
Dawlah Riches, happiness
Dawud A Prophet and father of Prophet Sulaiman. In Bible, he is known as David.
Dayim Everlasting, perpetual, for ever.
Daylam Name of a companion of the Prophet PBUH
Dayyan A mighty Ruler.
Didar Vision, sight.
Dihyah Commander of troops.
Dil Heart, mind.
Dil Nawaz Soothing heart, mind.
Dilafroz Captivating, attractive.
Dilawar Bold, brave.
Dildar Charming, beloved.
Din Religion, faith, belief.
Dina It was the name of the grandfater of Abu Bin Thabit.
Diwan Royal court, tribunal of justice.
Diwan Muhammad Court of the Prophet Muhammad.
Diyan Judge, leader, captain.
Dost Friend.
Dost Muhammad Friend of the Prophet Muhammad.
Duha Forenoon, (This name is generally pronounced as Zohya in non-Arabic speaking countries like Pakistan/India).
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Ehsaan Favour, good.
Ehtisham Modesty, decency
Ejaz Miracle, wondrous nature.
Ekhlaq Character
Elias Name of one Prophet.
Emad Leader
Eshan In God Grace, Worthy
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Faaiz Victorious, triumphant, successful.
Faateh Conqueror
Faaz Victorius, successful.
Fadi Redeemer.
Fahd Leopard, lynx.
Faheem Intelligent, judicious, learned, erudite.
Fahim clever, wise.
Fahmi Intelligent, intellectual.
Faid Benefit, advantage, gain, worth, welfare.
Faiq Excellent, outstanding, distinguished, superior.
Faisal Umpire, arbitrator, decisive, sword, a judge.
Faiz Super abundance, effluence, plenty, generosity, grace, favour, bounty.
Faizan Benefactor
Faiz-e-Rabbani Possessing divine surplus.
Faizi Endowed with superabundance.
Faizul Anwar Abundance of light or graces.
Faizullah Abundance from Allah.
Fajr Dawn, rise, beginning, start.
Fakeeh Cheerful.
Fakhir Excellent, superior, magnificent, honourable, precious, proud.
Fakhr Glory, pride, honour.
Fakhri Proud (for noble cause), honorary.
Fakhr-ud-Dawlah Glory of kingdom/state.
Fakhr-ud-Din Pride of the religion (Islam).
Fakih Humorous.
Falah Success, prosperity.
Falih Fortunate, lucky, successful, prosperous.
Faqeed Rare, special.
Faqih Jurist, scholar in fight (Islamic jurisprudence).
Faqir Poor, needy, one renounces the world i.e. Sufi mendicant.
Farafisa Name of a companion, bin Umayr Al-Hanafi.
Farah Happiness, delight.
Farahat Joys, delights.
Faraj Comfort, relief, ease, repose.
Farasat Perception, sagacity.
Faraz Ascent, height.
Fardeen Radiant.
Farhad Wise.
Farhad A character in Shahnameh (The Epic of Kings – written by Persion poet Ferdowsi)
Farhal Prosperous, bounteous.
Farhan Glad, happy, joyful, cheerful, delighted.
Farhat Calm, satisfaction, happiness.
Fari Tall, towering, lofty.
Farid Unique, matchless, precious.
Fariduddin Unique of the religion (Islam).
Farih Happy, delight.
Farique Separator.
Faris Horseman, knight.
Fariz Promising, determined.
Farman Order, decree.
Farmanullah Order of Allah.
Farookh Sprout, shoot, young (bird).
Farooq One who distinguishes truth from falsehood and right from wrong. Title of the Caliph Umar.
Farqad Two bright stars of Ursa Minor.
Farrukh Beautiful-faced, happy, auspicious, fortunate.
Farwah Some companions had this name, for instance Ibn-Musayk and Ibn-Nawfal, and ibn-Amr.
Farzad Splendid birth
Farzan Wise
Fasih Eloquent, fluent, well-spoken.
Fasih Ur Rahman Eloquent (by grace of Rahman i.e. Allah).
Fasikh Successful, bounty, bliss, blessing.
Fatan Intelligent, sagacious, smart, clever.
Fath Victory, conquest, triumph, success.
Fathi One who wins victory after victory.
Fathullah Victory granted by Allah, victory of Allah.
Fatih One who eases difficulties, conqueror.
Fatik Deadly, Lethal; Ibn-Fadalah a narrator of Hadith was so named.
Fatin Clever, fascinating.
Fattah Conqueror, victor, one who opens, one who eases difficulties; an attribute of Allah.
Fattan Charming, bright.
Fattooh The little conqueror, diminutive of Fattah.
Fawwaz Winner of victory after victory, successful.
Fawz Victory, triumph, success.
Fawzan Successful, Slavation, Victorious.
Fawzy Triumphant, victorious, successful.
Fayyaz Generous, munificent, most bountiful, most generous.
Fayzul Haq Grace of the truth i.e. Allah.
Fazal Grace.
Fazalah Name of the father of Anas and Munis whom the Prophet PBUH sent as scouts to watch Quraysh movements at Badr.
Fazil An accomplished person, knowledgeable virtuous, superior, outstanding, eminent.
Faziuddin Bounty of religion (Islam).
Fazl Favour, grace, kindness, gift, present, bounty, excellence, virtue, extra.
Fazle Ilahi Bounty of Allah.
Fazle Mawla Bounty of the Lord (Allah).
Fazle Rab Bounty of lord.
Fazle Rabbi Bounty of my Lord.
Fazli Kind, bountiful, graceful, virtuous.
Fazlullah Bounty of Allah.
Fazulul Haq Bounty of the Truth i.e. Allah.
Fida Sacrifice, redemption.
Fikhar Honour, pride, glory.
Firas Perspicacity.
Firasah Perspicacity, acumen.
Firoz Turquoise.
fizan Popularity
Fizza Silver; Ibn Abu Mawdood, a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Fuad The heart.
Fudail Excellent in character
Fujai Name of a companion of the Prophet PBUH Al-Fujai, Al-Amiri.
Furoogh Splendour, light, brightness.
Furqan Criterion (between right and wrong), proof, evidence, another name for he Quran.
Futuh Victories, conquests; pl. of fatah.
Fuzail Diminutive of Fazl.
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Gauhar Gem, jewel, noble.
Ghaffar Most forgiving, one of the names of Allah.
Ghafur Most forgiving.
Ghais Rain.
Ghaiyyas Helper, reliever, winner.
Ghalib Conqueror.
Ghallab Ever victorious, triumphant.
Ghani Rich, wealthy, prosperous, all-sufficient, one of the names of Allah.
Ghanim Successful.
Ghannam Shepherd; Name of a companion who took part in the battle of Badr.
Gharib Poor, need, humble; stranger.
Ghassan Prime, vigor (of youth).
Ghatrif Leader, brave, noble.
Ghaus Help, aid, rescue, succor.
Ghaylan Great, Fat; One of the companions of the Prophet PBUH bin Salamah As-Saqafi had this name.
Ghayoor Self-respecting.
Ghazalan Spinner
Ghazanfar Lion, title of Caliph Ali.
Ghazawan Warrior, a companion of the prophet PBUH had this name.
Ghazi Conqueror, hero, gallant soldier.
Ghazzal Name of a reciter of Quran, Ibn Khalid.
Ghiyas Deliverance from hardships, succorer, aid given in time of need, rain.
Ghiyas-ud-Din Helper of the religion (Islam).
Ghofran Pardon, forgiveness.
Ghulam Servant, boy, youth.
Ghunaim A person who takes booty. Name of a Sahabi RA.
Ghunayn ne who collects booty.
Ghutaif A well of a person; well to do.
Gulab Rose.
Gulbar Shedder of flowers, generous.
Gul-e-Rana A beautiful flower.
Gulfam Rose faced.
Gulshan A flower Garden.
Gulzar Flower-garden
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Haafiz Title of a man who has memorized the whole Quran; guardian, protector, attribute of Allah.
Habab Aim, goal, end.
Habash Guinea hen, Guinea fowl;, turkey; A tabaee (successor of the companions) was so named.
Habeel Name of one of the sons of Sayyidina Aadam AS; his sacrifice wias accepted by Allah but that of Qabeel, his brother rejected.
Habib Beloved, dear, friend.
Habibullah Friend of Allah, dear to Allah.
Habis Ibn Sad al-Taiy had this name; he ws a narrator of Hadith; a companion, Al-Tamimi RA also had this name.
Hadaya Gifts, presents, pl. of Hadiyaa.
Haddad Blacksmith, Iron Smith; An Egyption jurist and judge who was a disciple of Al-Tabari, Muhammad Ibn-Ahmad was named ibn Al-Haddad
Hadi One who leads to the right path, guide, one of the names of Allah.
Hadrami There have been notable men with this name, for isntance, (i) Abdullah ibn-Abi Ishaq, a Quran reciter of Basrah.
Hafeez Guardian, protector.
Hafizullah Remembrance of Allah
Hafs Collecting, gathering.
Haidar Lion, Title of Caliph Ali.
Haji Title of someone who has performed Hajj.
Hajib Doorman, janitor, bailiff, eyebrow, edge, covering; Ibn Hajib was the name of the director of the Bureau of the Sawad under Muizz Al-Dawlah
Hajjaj Orbit, eye socket; Orgument, debate; Ibn-Yusuf the well-known ruler of Iraq had this name.
Hajveri Of Hajver, a saint’s name.
Hakam Arbitrator, judge.
Hakeem Wise, sage, judicious, prudent.
Hakim Judge, ruler, governor, leader, chief.
Halif Ally.
Halim Patient, tolerant, clement.
Halim Grown up.
Hallaj Cotton ginner; Al-Husayn ibn Mansur had this name, he was a famous martyr brought up at al-Wasit and grew up as an ascetic and extreme mystic.
Halwani Confectioner. This was the name of Ahmad Ibn-Zayd a reciter of the Quran and student of Hadith.
Hamas Enthusiasm, fervour.
Hamd Praise, laudation of Allah.
Hamdan The one who lauds, extols.
Hamdast Friend, one who remains close.
Hamdi Of praise, commendable.
Hameed All-laudable.
Hameedullah Servant of the All-laudable.
Hami Protector, Patron, Supporter, defender.
Hamid Praiser.
Hamim Close friend.
Hamiz Intelligent, Brilliant, Smart, Sharp, Good thinker.
Hammad Praising (Allah).
Hammam Energetic, active.
Hammud Much praise to Allah.
Hamraz Confidant.
Hamud Praised, commended, praiseworthy, commendable.
Hamza Lion. Name of the Prophet Muhammad’s uncle.
Hamzad Comrade, companion.
Hanash A Hadith is anrrated by him to the effect that Sayyidina Ali RA Sacrificed two rams on the day of Sacrifice.
Hani Joyful, happy.
Hanif True believer, true faith, upright.
Hanifah Upright. Name of Al-Numan Ibn Thabit, the great jurist of Al-Kufah, the Hanafi School takes its name from him.
Hanifud Din True of religion (Islam).
Hanin Yearning, desire.
Hannan Compassionate, merciful, affectionate, tender-hearted.
Hanoon Compassionate, merciful, affectionate, tender-hearted, soft hearted.
Hanzalah This was the name of Ibn Abu “Aamir Al-Ansari; he is known as al-ghasil because when he had joined the battle at Uhud
Haq True, truth, real, right, just.
Haqqani Correct, right, proper.
Haqqi A person who upholds the truth, just.
Haraam Sacred; A companion of the Prophet PBUH had this name
Haraz Make fun, comedy.
Hareef Pungent, Acrid.
Hareem Respectable.
Harim Sanctuary, Sacred Place;
Harir Silk, Silken Cloth. Ibn Al-Sarih was so named.
Haris Vigilant, guardian.
Haris Ploughman, cultivator, agnomen of lion.
Harisah Farmer, Ibn-Wahb was a companion who had this name.
Hariz Strong, secure, guarded.
Harmalah A Plant (African rue); An Egyption disciple of Shafaee had this name. He was Ibn Yahya.
Haroon Chief, protector, guard, the wealth of the entire universe, a Prophet known as Aaron in the Bible and brother of Prophet Moses.
Harun Al Rashid Celebrated Abbasid Caliph (786-809).
Hasan Handsome, beautiful, good-looking.
Hasanat Good deeds, kind acts, favours.
Haseeb Respected, esteemed.
Haseen Strong, secure, immune.
Hashash Mirthful, happy, tidy, pleased.
Hasher Collector.
Hashid One who rallies people, crowded, gathered.
Hashim One who smashes or breaks anything to pieces. Grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad.
Hashimi Hashemite, a nisba (relation) through ancestry to the Banu Haashim.
Hashmat Prompt, magnificence.
Hasif Judicious, wise, prudent, sagacious.
Hasim Decisive, definite.
Hasin Handsome.
Hasnain The two Hasans, Hasan and Husain, the two sons of Caliph Ali and it is used as name of one person.
Hassam Sword.
Hassan Very handsome, beautifier.
Hatam Helper, generous.
Hatem Judge, justice, decider.
Hatib A wood collector;
Hatif Praiser; a voice from heaven, or from an invisible speaker; guardian angel.
Hawshab A son of Imam Muslim had this name.
Hayat Life.
Haysam Lion.
Hayy Alive, living.
Hayyan Lively, energetic.
Hazar Attention, ready.
Hazim Firm, resolute, energetic, judicious, discreet, prudent.
Hazrat An honorific title, used at the beginning of a name.
Hiba Gift.
Hibatullah Gift of Allah.
Hibban Having too much flesh, angry, outburst. Name of a scholar of Hadith.
Hidayat Instruction.
Hidayat-ul-Haq Guidance of the Truth (Allah).
Hidayatullah Guidance of Allah.
Hidayatullah Guidance of Allah
Hifzur Rahman Remembrance of the Beneficent
Hikmat Wisdom.
Hilaal Crescent; A companion of the Prophet PBUH
Hilal Crescent, new moon.
Hilali Crescent-like.
Hilmi Patient, tolerant, lenient, clement, wise.
Himayat Protection, safeguarding, sheltering.
Himmat Ambition, endeavour, resolution, determination.
Hisham Beneficence, generosity, Name of a Sahabi.
Hozaifah A companion of the Prophet
Hub Love.
Hubaab Bubble of Water.
Hubaish Well known bird. Name of a Tabi.
Hud A Prophet title of the 11th Sura of the Quran.
Huda Right, guidance, right path.
Hujayyah The father of Ajlah bin Abdullah was so called.
Hujjat Argument, reasoning, proof.
Hulayl Old Arabic name.
Humam Brave and noble, magnanimous, courageous, generous.
Humamuddin Brave (person) of the religion (Islam), generous.
Humayd Diminutive of Ahmad, praised.
Humayl A companion of the Prophet PBUH had this name.
Humayun Auspicious, fortunate, Mohammad Humayun (d. 1556): name of a Mughal Emperor.
Hunayn This was the name of the most important man in the Baytal Hikmah (House of Wisdom)
Hurayra Kitten. This name is usually used in combination with the word “Abu”, as Abu-Hurayra.
Hurays A small cultivator;
Hurmat Chastity; sacred.
Hurrah Liberal, free.
Husam Sword.
Husamuddawlah Sword of the state.
Husamuddin Sword of religion (Islam).
Husayn Diminutive of Hasan, beautiful, Imam Husayn: second son of Caliph Ali.
Husayn In protection, security, ibn-Umar and Ibn-Wahuj (or Wah Wah) had this name.
Husayni Of Husayn; nisba (relation) through ancestry to Husayn.
Husni Possessing beauty.
Huzaifa An old Arabic name, short-statured.
Huzayl Bin Shurah bil had this name.
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Ibn Son.
Ibn Sina Sina was the father of Abu Ali Ib-e-Sina, the celebrated physician Avicenna.
Ibrahim Kind father, (combination of Abu, father and Rahim, kind) a Prophet’s name.
Ibtisam Smiling, smile.
Idrak Intellect, perception, achievement, attainment.
Idris A Prophet, the biblical Enoch/ Henoch.
Ifraz Height, altitude, elevation
Iftikhar Honour, grace, glory, pride, repute.
Iftikhar-ud-Din Pride of the religion (Islam).
Iftikharus Sadat Pride of the chiefs.
Ihsanul Haq Kindness of the Truth (Allah).
Ihtiraam Honour, hold in honour.
Ijaz Miracle, inimitability, astonishment, wondrous nature.
Ijazul Haq Inimitability of the Truth (Allah).
Ijlal Glorification, exaltation, honesty, integrity, fidelity, faithfulness.
Ijli This was the name of the makes of astrolables.
Ikhlas Sincerity, purity.
Ikhtiyar Choice, preference, selection.
Iklil Crown, garland.
Ikram Honouring, glory, esteem, respect, veneration.
Ikram-ul-Haq Glory of the Truth (Allah).
Ikramullah Glory of Allah.
Ikrima A female pigeon. Name of an illustrious Sahabi.
Iksir Elixir.
Ilahi My lord (for Allah), divine.
Ilahi Bakhsh Gift of Allah.
Ilham Inspiration, revelation.
Iltifat Friendship, kindness, obligation.
Ilyas A Prophet, the biblical Elias.
Imaad Pillar.
Imaduddin Pillar of the faith (Islam).
Imam One who leads communal prayer, leader, chief.
Iman Belief, faith in Allah.
Imdad Help aid, support.
Imran Population, civilization, careful observance of rules of etiquette. Father of Maryam (Mother of Prophet Isa) i.e. Mary, mother of Jesus.
Imtiaz Distinction, privilege, mark of honour.
Inam Gift, present, prize, grant, reward.
Inamul Haq Gift of Truth (Allah).
Inayat Care, concern, favour, bounty, kindness.
Inayatuddin Care of religion (Islam).
Inayatur Rahman Care of the most Gracious (Allah).
Insaf Justice, impartiality, fairness, equity.
Insar Helper, supporter.
Insha Sentence, Writing, Essay; Famous poet: Ibn-e-Insha
Inshirah Delight, happiness, cheerfulness.
Intikhab Choice
Intisar Victory, triumph.
Intizar Wait
Iqbal Prosperity, good fortune, good-luck, responsiveness, welfare.
Iqrit A man of early Islam about whom amusing tales are told.
Iqtidar Power, Office, Authority.
Irfan Knowledge, learning, perception, erudition, discernment, science, wisdom, knowledge
Irshad Guidance, guiding hand, instruction.
Irtiza Contentment, approval.
Irtiza Husain Approval of Husayn.
Isa A Prophet, the biblical Jesus.
Isaar Selflessness.
Isad Making happy or prosperous, blessing, favoring.
Isam Self-made.
Isbahani From Isbahan; quite a few people were kown by this name; Abu Bakr ibn Ashtah, among them; he wrote on the syntax and rhetoric of the Quran
Ishaq One who laughs. A Prophet, the biblical Isaac and son of Prophet Ibrahim.
Ishfaq Compassion, sympathy, pity.
Ishrat Society, Familiar and pleasant talk, happiness.
Ishtiyaq Fondness, wish, desire, yearning, eagerness.
Iskafi Iskaf is a shoe-maker.
Iskandar Name of a Greek king, Alexander. Iskander Mirza: President of Pakistan (1956-58).
Islah Reform, improvement, betterment.
Islam To bow ones head in submission, surrender (to the will of Allah) name of the religion of the Muslims.
Ismah Preservation; infallibility; A 9th century scholar, ibn Hammad had this name.
Ismail A Prophet, the biblical Ishmael and son of Prophet Ibrahim.
Ismat Purity, chastity, modesty.
Isra Travel by night.
Israfil Angel who will blow the Trumpet
Israil Another name of Prophet Yaqub.
Israr Secret, mystery.
Istakhri A Shafaee jurist, Abu Saeed Al-Hasan had this name.
Istifa To choose, to prefer, to give prefer to one over the other.
Itakh The name of Abu Mansur, the Turk;
Itban Censured, blamed;
Itidal Moderation, moderateness, clemency.
Itimad Reliance, dependence, confidence.
Iyaas Compensation;
Iyaaz Generous, Ibn Himar Mujashit had this name and he was a companion of the Prophet PBUH.
Iyad Support, might, strength.
Iyali Name of Abu Jafar, a jurist and disciple of Abu Tawr.
Izaz Honour, esteem, regard, affection, to respect an honour, or raise to an exalted position.
Izazuddawlah Honour of the state.
Izum Obedient, sincere.
Izz Power, might, honour.
Izzat Honour, fame, power.
Izzuddin Honour of the religion (Islam).
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Jabal Mountain; ibn Yazid, who lived and held hight office during the reigns of Al-Mansur and Al-Mahdi, had this name.
Jabalah Name of Ibn Harisah a companion of the Prophet PBUH. And one who had participated in the Badr Battle.
Jabbar Powerful, mighty.
Jabir Consoler, restorer, comforter.
Jabr Compulsion name of a companion, Ibn Ateeq; also bin Habib and bin Nawf.
Jad Curly, Frizzled; ibn Dirhim had this name, he ws the tutor of Marwan.
Jadwal Brook, rivulet.
Jafar Spring, rivulet.
Jah Rank.
Jahan World.
Jahangir World conqueror.
Jahangir World conqueror, global, king.
Jahanzeb Beautiful, Charming
Jahdami Abu Amr Nasr, an authority for Hadith had this name.
Jahdari Abu al Mujashshar had this name; he was an authority for the Quran.
Jaheer Handsome man, high sound.
Jahid Diligent, hardworking, striving.
Jahm Sullen, Ibn Huzafah Al-Adawi had this name; he helped conduct the funeral of Sayyidina Usman RA.
Jaish Excellent, of high quality, pure
Jalal Majesty, grandeur, glory.
Jalal-ud-Din The majesty of religion (Islam).
Jaleb Attainer
Jalil Great, exalted, magnificent.
Jalis Companion
Jamal Beauty, grace.
Jamal-ud-Din Beauty of the religion (Islam).
Jami Gatherer, collector, author, writer.
Jamil Handsome, attractive, impressive.
Jammaz Name of Muhammad Ibn Amr who related anecdotes and recited poetry at the court of al-Mutawwakil.
Jamshed The sun in Pisces.
Jamuh Defiant.
Jan Life, sing.
Jan Muhammad Life of Muhammad.
Janan Heart, paradise, heaven.
Janasheen Successor, vicegerent.
Jandarah Name of a Sahabi RA.
Jan-e-Alam Life of the world.
Jaraah Surgeon; name of a tabaree.
Jareed Hawk, messenger, herald.
Jareer Corpulent; A distinguished companion,
Jari Bold, courageous, brave.
Jariya This was the name of Ibn Jamil; he was on eof the Ashab-As-Suffa
Jarood Name of a companion of the Prophet PBUH
Jarrar Very Brave
Jarullah Neighbour of Allah.
Jasim Great and famous.
Jasim-ud-Din Great (man) of the religion (Islam).
Jasir Brave, bold, courageous, valiant.
Jasur Brave, bold, courageous, valiant.
Javed Eternal, perpetual.
Jawad Generous, liberal, open-handed.
Jawahir Jewels; pl. of jawhar, jewel.
Jawan A young man.
Jawdan Goodness
Jawhar Jewel, gem, essence.
Jazam Encourager, instigator.
Jazib Absorber, attractive.
Jibrail Arch Angel
Jibran Result, value, ransom; Famous philosopher-writer of Lebanon: Kahlil Jibran.
Jihad Strive, holy war.
Jiyad Very good; there is also a mountain in Makkah by this name.
Jnab An honorific title, Your Excellency.
Juail One black and ill-shaped, a black beetle, quarrelsome. Name of a Sahabi.
Jubayr Compelled, Assisted a companion of the Prophet PBUH ibn Mutim RA, also ibn Nufayr RA.
Juday This was the name of a skilled Kufic (Script) writer who wrote copies of the Quran during the reign of Mutasim.
Juhaym Sullen; A companion of the Prophet PBUH was so named.
Jumanah Pearl; name of a companion.
Jummal A thick rope, a rope with which a boat is anchored.
Junaid Soldier. Warrior. Suitable only for boys.
Junayd Diminutive of Jund, army, soldiers.
Jundub Grasshopper, A companion ibn-Abdullah had this name.
Jurayj This was the name of a teacher of Tabari, he was also an authority for Hadith.
Jurhad He was ibn Khuwaylid Al-Aslami.
Jusamah Nightmare; Name of a companion.
Juyal Quarrdsome; A companion of the Prophet PBUH, Ibn Suraqah al-Dumari had this name and was one of the Ahl as Suffah.
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Kab Fame, honour, high rank.
Kabaark Noble, dignatories.
Kabir Great, grand, magnificent, senior, Allah’s epithet.
Kafi Sufficient, Al-Kafi, one of he names of Allah.
Kafil Guarantor, surety, sponsor, responsible.
Kaif State, condition, mood.
Kaifi Lushy, tipsy, jolly, bum, intoxicated, lusty.
Kaisan Wise; A companion of the Prophet PBUH. was known by this name. He was Ibn-Jareer Al-Awami RA.
Kajji Name of Ibrahim Abdullah of Basrah, an authority for the Hadith at Baghdad.
Kalam Speech, conversation.
Kalan Greator, bigger, senior.
Kalbi Name of Muhammad Ibn Saib an authority on genealogy and the Quran.
Kalim Interlocutor, speaker, one of the two conservators.
Kalim-ud-Din Spokesman of religion
Kalimullah One who conversed with Allah. An epithet of Prophet Moses.
Kamal Perfection, completion, integrity.
Kamaluddin Perfection of religion (Islam).
Kamil Perfect, consumate, thotough; Abu Bakr Ahmad was Ibn Kamil; he studied with Tabari and was a judge at Kufah and a scholar of Hadith.
Kamran Lucky, happy, success.
Karam Generosity, bounty.
Karamat Karimah is dignity, honour, respect. Name of a companion of the Prophet PBUH.
Karamullah Bounty of Allah.
Kardar Prime minister.
Karim Kind, generous, benevolent, noble, bountiful, magnificent, gracious, merciful, an epithet of Allah.
Karmani Benefactor
Karoobi Angel.
Karrar Repeated assault.
Kashaf Opener, untier, one who opens.
Kashan A famous city.
Kashif Discoverer.
Kasib Winner, provider.
Kasir Much abundant, plenty.
Kaukab Planet.
Kausar Abundance, name of a river in Paradise..
Kayan To be complete, to be fulfill.
Kayani Of good nature.
Kaykaus Just, noble. King of Iran (d. 1058).
Kazim One who controls or suppresses his anger.
Keyaan Crown, King.
Khabbab One who paces, trots or walks fast;
Khabir Learned, expert, authority.
Khadim Servant.
Khafiz Easy, comfortable, smooth; also a name of Allah Al-Khafid meaning one who humbles, The Abaser, hence Abdul Khafid.
Khair Good, blessing, boon, wealth, benevolent, fortune.
Khairat Blessings, good work, good deeds.
Khairuddin Boon of religion (Islam).
Khairul Bashar Best of mankind, an epithet of the Prophet Muhammad.
Khalaf Successor, heir.
Khalaf Hasan Successor of Hasan.
Khaldun Name of a famous Muslim philosopher, historian & social scientist.
Khaleed Abiding.
Khaleeq Qualified, suitable, worthy of.
Khalid Immortal, eternal.
Khalid Bin Walid General to whom the Prophet Muhammad awarded the title of honour, Sword of Allah (d. 642).
Khalifa Successor, viceroy, caliph, vice-regent.
Khalil Friend.
Khalilullah Friend of Allah, an epithet of Prophet Ibrahim.
Khaliq Creator.
Khaliqus Subhan Worthy of the Glory (Allah).
Khaliquz Zaman The qualified (person) of the era.
Khalis Pure, true, clear, real.
Khallad Old, Aged; A companion of the Prophet PBUH had this name, he was Ibn As-Saib.
Khan Leader, ruler, ameer.
Kharijah Outside, external; Ibn Huzafah a companion, had this name.
Khashi Pious, devout.
Khasib Fruitful, prolific.
Khateeb Orator, title of someone who delivers speech.
Khatib Suitor, matchmaker.
Khatir Heart, idea.
Khawar East/West. Vacant
Khawli Deer. Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Khawwas To be filled with food. Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Khawwat Name of a companion, bin Jubayr RA who was one of those whom them Prophet PBUH sent to verify reports of treachery of Banu Quraysh.
Khayal Imagination, concentration.
Khayr Goodness, health, Safe.
Khayri Benevolent, charitable, beneficent.
Khayyam Tent-maker.
Khayyat Tailor; Name of Abu Muhammad al-=Qasim, a reciter of The Quran.
Khayyir Generous.
Khazin Treasurer.
Khidash A companion of the Prophet PBUH had this name, he was ibn Satamah RA.
Khirash Scratching, Scraping, Name of a companion, ibn Abdullah.
Khizar Name of a Prophet.
Khubayb A fast walker; Ibn “Adi al-Ansari RA” a companion of the Prophet PBUH who participated in the battle of Badr had this name.
Khuda Bakhsh Gift of Khuda (Allah).
Khulaidah A form of Khalidah, meaning: permanent. Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Khulaifah A form of Khalifah, meaning: Successor, heir. Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Khulayd Abidingt; A companion of the Prophet PBUH.
Khulud Immortality, eternity.
Khunays Hidden; Name of a companion of the Prophet PBUH.
Khuraym Ibn Fatik had this name.
Khuraymah Name of ibn Jazi RA, A companion of the Prophet PBUH also bin Sabit a noted companion who was martyred at Badr.
Khurram Cheerful, glad, fresh.
Khurshid Sun.
Khush Bakht Fortunate, of good fortune.
Khuzayma Old Arabic name.
Khwaja Leader, king, ruler, chief, president, governer.
Kibria Divine majesty, divine grandeur.
Kifah Struggle, fight.
Kifat Lion, cheetah, tiger.
Kifayat Self-sufficiency.
Kishwar A country, region.
Kohinoor The mountain of light, name of a precious stone.
Kulsoom Ibn Al-Husayn al-Ghifari a well-known companion had this name; and quite a few others.
Kurayb Ibn Abi Muslim al-Hashami had this name.
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Labib Intelligent, reasonable, rational, wise.
Labid A companion
Laham Intuition, conjecture, wisdom.
Lahi’ah Bin Uqabah al-Misri a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Laiq Worthy, deserving, capable, decent.
Lais A famous jurist had this name. bin Saad bin Abdur Rahman
Lais Lion, polite, debonair
Lajlaj A companion of the Prophet PBUH al-Aamiree RA had this name.
Laqeet Bin Sabirah RA was a well-known companion of the Prophet PBUH.
Laraib Faultless, pure, intact.
Laskhar Soldier, army.
Latif Kind, gracious, courteous, gentle, friendly.
Layeeq Worthy, capable, clever, sensible.
Layyin Tender, resilient.
Lazim Fitting, compulsory, needed.
Liaquat Decorum, decency, competence, worth, capability, merit.
Liban Succesfull, charmed
Limazah Ibn Zabbar had this name; he was a narrator of hadith.
Lisan Tongue, language.
Lisanuddin Language of religion (Islam).
Lodhi A famous Afghan tribe.
Luqman The sage Luqman.. is the type of perfect wisdom, Lokman.
Lut Name of a great Prophet of Allah.
Lutf Kindness, friendliness, gentleness, grace, courtesy, favour (from Allah).
Lutfi Kind, friendly, courteous.
Lutf-ul-Baari Kindness of the Creator.
Lutfullah Kindness of Allah, favour of Allah.
Lutf-ur-Rahman Favour of the All-merciful (Allah).
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Maad An old Arabian Tribe’s name.
Maad An old Arabian Tribe’s name.
Maali Noble, sublime, Excellency.
Maali Noble, sublime, Excellency.
Maalik Owner, proprietor, master, lord. Allah’s epithet.
Maalik Owner, proprietor, master, lord. Allah’s epithet.
Mabad A place of worship; Many of the prominent people had this name including the companions ibn Khalid al-Juhanni and ibn-Hawzah RA.
Mabad A place of worship; Many of the prominent people had this name including the companions ibn Khalid al-Juhanni and ibn-Hawzah RA.
Mabruk Blessed, prosperous.
Mabruk Blessed, prosperous.
Ma’dan Name of the tutor of the family of Ziyad ibn Abih at Basrah and then at Kufah; he was called al-fil because of the elephant his master had given.
Ma’dan Name of the tutor of the family of Ziyad ibn Abih at Basrah and then at Kufah; he was called al-fil because of the elephant his master had given.
Madani Urbane, civilized.
Madani Urbane, civilized.
Madhat Praise, lauding.
Madhat Praise, lauding.
Madih Praised, commendable.
Madih Praised, commendable.
Mahasin Pl. of Mahsana, beauty, attraction, virtue, merit.
Mahasin Pl. of Mahsana, beauty, attraction, virtue, merit.
Mahboob Dear, beloved.
Mahboob Dear, beloved.
Mahbubullah Beloved of Allah.
Mahbubullah Beloved of Allah.
Mahdi Rightly guided.
Mahdi Rightly guided.
Maheen Fine or thin texture, feeble voice (also; despised, contemptuous).
Maheen Fine or thin texture, feeble voice (also; despised, contemptuous).
Mahfuz Safeguarded, well-protected, preserved, secure.
Mahfuz Safeguarded, well-protected, preserved, secure.
Mahfuzur Rahman Protected of the Beneficent
Mahfuzur Rahman Protected of the Beneficent
Mahib Majestic, dignified, magnificent.
Mahib Majestic, dignified, magnificent.
Mahir Skilled, skilful, proficient.
Mahir Skilled, skilful, proficient.
Mahja Place to sleep, quarters, lodgings.
Mahjub Hidden, covered, screened.
Mahmood Praised, commendable, praiseworthy.
Mahroof Famous
Mahrus Guarded, protected, secured.
Mahtab Moon, moonlight.
Mahzuz Fortunate.
Maimun Auspicious, prosperous, lucky, good fortunate, blessed.
Maisara Ease, comfort.
Maisur Easy, successful, fortunate, lucky, prosperous.
Majd Glory, honour, nobility.
Majdi Glorious, praiseworthy.
Majduddin The glory of the religion (Islam).
Majeed Glorious, noble, exalted, an epithet of Allah.
Majid Glorious, noble, honourable, generous, Allah’s attribute.
Makhdoom One who is held in reverence and served by others, lord, master.
Makin Strong, firm.
Makki Pertaining to Makkah.
Makram Noble trait, excellent quality.
Maleek Reigning, ruling.
Malih Handsome.
Malik An attribute of Allah, king, sovereign.
Maluf Familiar, popular.
Ma’mar One who lives long, an edifice or a building.
Ma’mar One who lives long, an edifice or a building.
Mamdooh Praised, celebrated, famous, commended, laudable.
Mamoon Trustworthy honest, faithful, reliable, something about which one feels secure.
Mamoor Inhabited, civilized.
Man Benefit.
Ma’n Examine closely; accept the truth.
Ma’n Examine closely; accept the truth.
Manaf Abd Manaaf: an ancestor of the Prophet Muhammad.
Manal Attainment, acquisition, reachable.
Manhal Fountains, spring of salubrious water.
Mani Strong, secure, well-fortified, unconquerable.
Mannan Benevolent, bountiful, generous.
Mansha Resolution, accord, wish.
Manshoor Prism, manifesto, law, principal.
Mansoor Assisted, aided (by God), victorious, triumphant.
Mansooruddin Victorious in religion (Islam).
Manus Friendly, sociable, polite.
Manzar View, Sight.
Manzoor Visible, perspective.
Maqadar Fate, destiny.
Maqbool Accepted, admitted, granted, approved.
Maqeem Resident, residing, staying.
Maqil Intelligent; Quite a few people had this name, among them companions of the Prophet PBUH ibn Sinah RA.
Maqsood Intended, aimed at, object.
Maram Wish, desire, aspiration.
Maraqab Ranks, praises.
Marghoob Desired, desirable, pleasant.
Marghoob Desirable, coveted, agreeable.
Markooz Centered.
Maroof Favour, kindness, kind act, famous, noted.
Marsad Ibn Abu Marsad al-Ghanavi was the companion of the Prophet PBUH who took part in the Badr Battle and had this name.
Marwan An ancient Arab name.
Marzooq Blessed (by God), fortunate, prosperous, successful.
Masarrat Happiness, delight, joy, (Mussarrat is not correct).
Maseeh One who is blessed with piety from the cradle to the grave. The Messiah (Jesus), a Prophet.
Maseehuzzaman Masih (Messiah) of the age.
Mashal Light
Mashhood Witnessed, present, manifest, the day of judgment, the day of Arafah.
Mashkoor The person to whom one is indebted.
Masir Destiny, goal.
Masood Prosperous, happy, dutiful, fortunate, lucky.
Masoom Innocent, sinless, infallible, protected.
Masroor Happy person, joyfull.
Masrur Pleased
Masun Guarded, well-protected.
Matin Strong, powerful, solid, of resolute mind, durable. Al-Matin: the Strong; one of the names of Allah.
Matloob Desired, required, sought after.
Mausoof Worthy of description, endowed with laudable qualities.
Mawahib Pl. of Mauhiba, gift, talent.
Mawdood Beloved, attached.
Mawhoob Gifted, talented, endowed, favoured.
Mawla Helper, protector.
Mawsil Naame of a Hanafi Jurist of Iraq (Ibn Mawsil).
Mazhar Manifestation, expression, outlook.
Mazhar-ud-Din Manifestation, of the religion (Islam).
Mazharul Haq Manifestation of the Truth i.e. Allah.
Mazid Increase, excess, more.
Mazin Proper name.
Mazkoor Related, said of.
Mehd Instructor, Haadi, one of the names of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
Mehrab A character in Shahnameh (The Epic of Kings – written by Persion poet Ferdowsi)
Mehran Old name of a river sindh, name of a king.
Mehtab The Moon.
Midlaj Ibn Amr as-Sulami RA had this name.
Miftah Key.
Mifzal Great and blessed person.
Mimar Mason, architect.
Mimrah Cheerful, lively, gay-tempered.
Minhaj Method, system, order, way, road.
Minhajuddin Way of religion
Minnat Grace, kindness, favour, gift.
Minnatullah Gratitude owed to Allah.
Miqdad Ibn Amir Ibn Thalabah RA, a well-known companion who participated in the battle of Badr.
Miqdam In the forefront of battle, very bold, undaunted.
Mir Prince, governor, leader.
Mir Jahaan King of the world.
Miraj Place of ascent.
Miran Princes; pl. of Mir.
Mirsab Prudent, wise, a sword of the Prophet Muhammad.
Mirza Son of a prince. Honorific title.
Misam Smiling, happy.
Misaq Agreement, covenant, contract, pact.
Misbah Lamp, lantern.
Misbahuddin Lamp of the religion (Islam).
Miskeen Poor.
Mistah (Musattah is plain level) hence, an instrument to level something.
Mizan Balance, scales.
Mizanur Rahman Balance of the most merciful (Allah).
Moalim Teacher
Moazzam Respectable.
Mohsin Benevolent, benefactor, charitable, humanitarian.
Moin Fountain, spring.
Moiz One who gives protection.
Motabir Trusted, accomplished.
Muad A noted companion of the Prophet PBUH had this name, ibn-Jabal RA.
Mu’afa Ibn Imran, an ascetic, who travelled extensively to find Hadith, had this name.
Mu’alla A judge and follower of Abu Yusuf, ibn Mansur had this name.
Mu’allim Teacher.
Muammar Antiquated, long-lived, one given log life, title of Luqman i.e. Lokman.
Mu’attib It was the name of a companion bin Ubayd RA.
Muawin Assistant, helper, supporter.
Muawiyah A young dog or fox (first Umayyad Khalifah).
Muawwaz Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Muawwiz Ibn Afra RA, the companion who participated in the battle of Badr.
Muayyad Supported, championed, approved, victorious.
Muaz Protected.
Muazzam Exalted, glorified, honoured, revered.
Mubajjal Glorified, exalted, honourable, greatly respected.
Muballigh Preacher, one who preaches and propagates Islam.
Mubarak Blessed, fortunate, lucky, auspicious, august.
Mubarez Army man, fighter, policeman.
Mubashir Bringer of good news, a Prophet.
Mubassir Observer.
Mubin Clear, plain, distinct, manifest.
Mubtasim Smiling.
Mudabbir Planner, designer, disposer.
Muddassir Wrapped in, enveloped, attribute of the Prophet Muhammad.
Mudrik Perceptive, intelligent, reasonable, endowed with reason.
Mueez A person who gives shelter.
Mufaad Profit, interest.
Mufakhar Glorious, exalted.
Mufakkir Thinker
Mufallah One who prospers.
Mufazzal Preferred, chosen, favoured.
Mufid Beneficial, useful, advantageous, favoured, profitable.
Mufiz Giver.
Muflih One who succeeds, prospers.
Mufti Interpreter or expounder of Sharia (Islamic Law).
Mughis Helper, assistant.
Mughni One who releases another from straitened circumstances, an epithet of Allah.
Muhaddas Compiler of hadith.
Muhafiz Preserver, custodian, guardian.
Muhafiz-ud-Din Preserver of the religion (Islam).
Muhaimin Ruler, overlord, one who provides sanctuary from any hazard or danger. Al-Muhaimin, the All-preserver: one of the names of Allah.
Muhajir Emigrant.
Muhammad Praised, lauded, commended, praiseworthy. Muhammad ibn Abdullah (570-632); Messenger of Allah who preached the faith of Islam.
Muhannad Sword, Indian sword.
Muhazzab Polite, courteous, well-mannered.
Muhdee One who presents.
Muhib Loving, affectionate, friend.
Muhibuddin Friend of the religion (Islam).
Muhibullah Friend of Allah.
Muhit Encompassing, ocean.
Muhiyuddin Reviver of the religion (Islam).
Muhriz Obtainer, winner, earner, Ibn Awn al-Hilali RA had this name.
Muhtadi Rightly guided, following the right path, on the right way.
Muhtashim Decent, modest, chaste, shy.
Muhyi One who gives life, reviver.
Muid Reviser, restore.
Muin Helper, patron, supporter, aide.
Muinuddawlah Defender of the state.
Muinuddin Helper of the religion (Islam).
Muinul Islam Supporter of Islam.
Muizz One who honours, strengthens.
Muizzuddawlah He who renders the state mighty.
Muizzuddin One who strengthens the religion (Islam).
Mujaddid One who renews or renovates or refreshes.
Mujahid One who struggles, strives, or fights for the cause of Islam, soldier of Jihad.
Mujammil Adorner, beautifier.
Mujazzir A person who cuts off, uproots, or consolidates. Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Mujazziz One who cuts off, name of a companion, al-Mudliji.
Mujib Replier, answerer. Allah’s epithet.
Mujir Protector, defender, helper, supporter.
Mujtaba Chosen, selected, elected. Title of the Prophet Muhammad.
Mujtahid Diligent, industrious, hardworking.
Mukafih Freedom fighter.
Mukammil Perfecting, completing.
Mukarram Honoured, revered, honourable, noble.
Mukhallad Immortal.
Mukhlis Sincere, honest, true, faithful.
Mukhtar Selected, chosen, preferred, favorite, the most exquisite..
Mukhtarul Haq Chosen by the Truth (Allah).
Muktafi Satisfied, contended.
Mulayl A companion was so name.
Mulham Inspired.
Mulk Kingdom, sovereignty, supreme power or authority.
Mulla A Persian construction probably from the Arabic Mawla (master, leader, lord).
Mumin Believer (in Islam), pious, one who advocates peace and harmony. Allah’s attribute.
Mumtaz Distinguished, superior, outstanding.
Munadi A scholar of Baghdad who wrote books on the Quran and related subjects, Abu al-Hasan, had this name.
Munadil Fighter, defender.
Munaf Exalted, inconsistent with contradictory to.
Munaim Benevolent kind. Al-Munaim, the Benevolent: one of the names of Allah.
Munasir Helper, protector, friend.
Munawwar Illuminated, brilliant.
Munib One who turns to Allah seeking His pardon.
Munif Eminent, exalted, superior, high, lofty.
Munim Benefactor, donor, grantor.
Munir Splendid, shining, something that reflects light, bright, brilliant, radiant, luminous..
Muniruzzaman Brilliant of the age.
Munis Sociable, friendly, kind, gentle.
Munjid Helper, supporter, rescuer.
Munkadir This was the name of Abu Bakr Muhammad, an ascetic and authority for Hadith.
Munna Strength, power, vigour.
Munqad One who is led, conduted, obedient.
Munqiz Saviour, rescuer, deliverer.
Munsif Just, fair, righteous.
Muntaqim The Avenger; He who punishes wrongdoers; One who takes revenge. Name: Abdul Muntaqim.
Muntasir Victorious, triumphant.
Muntazar Expected, prospective, anticipated, awaited.
Munzir Warner, cautioner, forerunner, Messenger sent by Allah to warn mankind.
Muqaddas Sacred.
Muqaffa Name of Abdullah (Ibn al-Muqaffi) who had converted to Islam from Zoroastrian religion and worked with the uncles of al-Mansur.
Muqarrab Intimate companion, friend, one who is brought near the throne of Allah, one who is nearest to Allah.
Muqbil Following, next.
Muqeet Provider. Al-Muqeet, the Nourisher; one of the names of Allah.
Muqla Eye, eyeball, the middle of anything, Ib Muqlah; Abbasid vizier and “founder of Arabic calligraphy”.
Muqsit Just, impartial, Allah’s attribute.
Muqtadi Follower, one who follows an imam during ritual prayer.
Muqtadir Able, powerful, mighty, Allah’s epithet. Al-Muqtadir, the omnipotent: one of the names of Allah.
Muqtafi One who follows (another). Al-Muqtafi (1136-60): Abbasid Khalifa.
Muqtasid Frugal, thrifty, economical.
Murabbi Patron, superior, guardian.
Murad Will, intention, desire, intended.
Murarah Bitterness, innermost, heart; al-Rabi al-Ansari RA was a companion who participated in the Battle of Badr.
Mursal Messenger, Prophet, Ambassador.
Murshid Leader, guide, adviser, counselor.
Murtaad Ascetical.
Murtaza Chosen, approved, agreeable, acceptable, an epithet of the Prophet Muhammad.
Musa A Prophet, the biblical Moses.
Mus’ab Ibn-Umair RA was so named he was a companion whom the Prophet PBUH name as one of the fourteen eminent guardians.
Musad Fortunate, lucky, unfettered camel.
Musaddiq One who confirms. One who accepts another’s word as truth.
Musaid Helper, assistant, supporter.
Musawwir Shaper, fashioner.
Musharraf Honoured, exalted.
Musharrif One who exalts.
Mushfiq Kind, tender, fearful.
Mushir Counselor, advisor.
Mushir-ul-Haq Counselor of the Truth i.e. Allah.
Mushtaq Longing, desiring, eager.
Musir Prosperous, affluent, rich.
Musleh Reformer
Muslih Peacemaker, conciliator, reformer, one who sets things right.
Muslihuddin Reformer of the religion (Islam).
Muslim Follower of the religion of Islam.
Mustaeen One who asks the help or aid or assistance.
Mustafa Chosen, selected, preferred.
Mustafa Kamal Founder of modern Turkey (1881-1938).
Mustafavi Attributed to the family of Mustafa, i.e. Muhammad.
Mustafeed Profiting, gainful.
Mustafiz Profiting, one who is desirous of gaining.
Mustahfiz Guardian, protector, custodian.
Mustahsan Commendable.
Mustajab One who is heard, one whose supplication is answered.
Mustajab One who is heard.
Mustajab Accepted, established, granted.
Mustakfi One who desires another to do something effectively.
Mustali High, elevated, superior.
Mustamsik Composed, calm of mind, one who restrains himself.
Mustaneer Brilliant.
Mustanjid One who implores for help.
Mustansir One who asks for help.
Mustaqim Straight, upright.
Mustarshid One who seeks direction.
Mustasim He who holds fast.
Mustatab Good, Delectable.
Mustazhir Memorizer, one who knows by heart.
Mustazi One who seeks light or advice or guidance.
Muta Obeyed.
Mutad Prepared, ready.
Mutahhar Pure, clean, purified, very beautiful.
Mutali Exalted, supreme.
Mutamad Trustworthy, reliable, dependable.
Mutamakan Accomplished, perfect, complete.
Mutamid One who relies upon Allah.
Mutamin One who entrusts his affairs to the management of another.
Mutammim Perfecting, completing.
Mutaqid Confident, believer, faithful friend.
Mutasim Abstaining from sin (by the grace of Allah), preserved, defended.
Mutawakkil One who puts his trust (in Allah).
Mutawassit Mediator, umpire.
Mutayyib Fragrant.
Mutazid One who takes assistance (of Allah), petitioner of justice.
Mutazz Mighty, proud, powerful.
Mutee Obedient, pious, devoted, faithful, submissive.
Muti Giver, granter, donor, Al-Muti: the Granter: one of the names of Allah.
Mutiul Islam Obedient (follower) of Islam.
Mutiur Rahman Obedient (servant) of the most gracious i.e. Allah.
Mutlaq Free, unlimited, unrestricted.
Muttalib Seeker. Abdul Muttalib: grand father of the Prophet Muhammad.
Muttaqi God-fearing, pious, religious, devout.
Muwaffiq Successful, prosperous, lucky, fortunate.
Muzaffar Victorious, triumphant, conqueror.
Muzaffaruddin Victorious of the religion (Islam).
Muzahir Protector, defender, supporter.
Muzahiruddin Defender of the religion (Islam).
Muzakkir Reminder, warner.
Muzammil One who is enwrapped in garments. Al-Muzzammil: title of the 73rd Sura of the Quran. In this sura, Allah addresses the Prophet Muhammad.
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Naabih Noble, famous, eminent, distinguished, brilliant.
Naase Clear, pure, white.
Nabi Prophet sent by Allah for the guidance of mankind.
Nabi Bakhsh Gift of the Prophet.
Nabigh Distinguished; talented; man of genius, brilliant person.
Nabih Famous, noble, outstanding, eminent, distinguished, brilliant.
Nabil Noble, high born, honourable, intelligent, dexterous, one skilled in archery.
Nabil Archer, Bowman.
Nabiullah An epithet of the Prophet Nuh.
Nadeem Intimate friend, boon companion, courtier.
Nadir Extraordinary, rare, dear, exceptional.
Nadqid A critic; a reviewer; a fault-finder.
Naeem Happiness, comfort, ease, tranquil, felicity, peaceful, bliss, pleasure, bounty, anything given as gift.
Naeemullah Grace of Allah, bliss of Allah.
Naef Excess, surplus.
Nafasat Refinement.
Nafees Refined, pure, choice, exquisite, precious, invaluable, costly.
Nafi Beneficial, advantageous, profitable.
Nafis Refined, pure, choice, exquisite, precious, invaluable, costly.
Nahyan Stopper, the one who says to avoid.
Nahyan The stopper, he who says to avoid; Ruler of UAE: Sultan An-Nahyan
Naib Deputy.
Naif Exalted, lofty, eminent, superior.
Nail Winner, gainer.
Naim One who lives a good life, who lives proudly.
Najah Success.
Najat Rescue, salvation, deliverance.
Najeeb Noble
Najeed Highland.
Najeeh Sound, good (opinion).
Naji Saved, liberated, safe.
Najib Excellent, noble, distinguished, praiseworthy, generous, aristocratic.
Najib-ud-Din Distinguished (person) of religion.
Najibullah Distinguished (servant) of Allah.
Najid One who helps, supports.
Najih Successful, prosperous.
Najillah Saved by Allah. An epithet of Prophet Nuh.
Najiullah Intimate friend of Allah.
Najji Intimate friend, bosom friend.
Najm Star, planet.
Najmuddawlah Star of the state.
Najmuddin Star of the religion (Islam).
Namdar Renowed, famous.
Nameer Pure, clear, healthy, good.
Namir Leopard, tiger, panther.
Namood Sample, model, paragon.
Naqi Pure, clean.
Naqib President, head, chief.
Naqib Fault-finder.
Naqit Salih bin Aasim had this name.
Naqqash Artist, A famous player of Pakistan: Tahir Naqqash.
Nasar Help, Support
Naseer Helper, protector, patron.
Naseeruddin Defender of the religion (Islam).
Nashat Joy, Cheer.
Nasheet Energetic, dynamic, lively, fresh, vigorous.
Nashir One who publishes.
Nashit Energetic, dynamic, lively, fresh, vigorous.
Nashwan Elated, exalted, exuberant.
Nasib Noble, highborn.
Nasif Just.
Nasih Adviser, counselor.
Nasihuddin Counselor of the religion (Islam).
Nasim Gentle wind, fresh air, fragrant air, zephyr, a cool breeze.
Nasimuddin Breeze of the religion (Islam).
Nasim-ul-Haq Breeze of the Truth i.e. Allah.
Nasir Helper, protector, defender.
Nasiruddin Defender of the faith (Islam).
Nasr Help, aid, support.
Nasri Winner of victory after victory.
Nasruddin Victory of the religion (Islam).
Nasrullah Help of Allah.
Natiq Endowed with speech, eloquent, rational (being), spokesperson.
Nauman Flower Beds, Blood; name of the kind of Hirah in Arabia, especially of the last, Numan bin Munzir, also name of a Sahabi (AS).
Naushad Happy.
Naveed Happy tidings, good news.
Nawab Barron, ruler.
Nawaz One who caresses, soothes.
Nawfal Generous, old Arabic name for the sea.
Nayab Rare, Precious.
Nayyar Bright Star
Nayyar Bright star, sun.
Nazakat Delicacy.
Nazar A vow, promise made to God; a gift, charity, votive offering.
Nazeer Warner, Prophet sent by Allah to warn mankind, a courtier.
Nazif Pure, clean, innocent, neat and clean, chaste.
Nazih Pure, virtuous, just, honest.
Nazim Organizer, governor, arranger, adjuster, administrator, director, a composer of verses.
Nazimuddin Organizer of the religion (Islam).
Nazir Bright, radiant, blooming.
Nazmi Arranger, organizer.
Nazzeer Precedent, alike, equal to.
Niaz Dependence
Niazi Petitioner, an afghan tribe.
Nihal Prosperous
Nihar Dawn, morning, early day.
Nimat Blessing, boon, favour, grace, bounty, comforts of life.
Nimatullah Blessing of Allah.
Nisar To strew, to sacrifice.
Nishat Mirth, ecstacy.
Nizal Striving, contest, competition, battle.
Nizam Order, arrangement, discipline, ruler, system.
Nizamat Organization, arrangement.
Nizami Of or relating to Nizam.
Nizamuddin Discipline of the religion (Islam).
Nizam-ul-Mulk The organization of the kingdom.
Nokhez Newly bloomed, arising.
Noman Men with all blessings of Allah.
Noor Light, illumination. Allah’s epithet.
Noor Muhammad Light of the Prophet Muhammad.
Noori Light, luminous.
Nooruddin Light of the religion (Islam).
Noorul Absar Light of vision.
Noorul Ayn Light of the eye
Noorul Haq Light of the Truth i.e. Allah.
Noorul Huda Light of the right guidance (of Allah).
Noorullah Light of Allah.
Nooruz Zaman Light of the era.
Nooruzzaman Light of the era.
Nuaym Diminutive of Naaim, gentle, delicate.
Nuaym One of the narrators of Hadith was Abu Nuaym al-Nakhee; ibn Masood was a well-known companion by this name.
Nuh Noah, name of Prophet of Allah.
Nusayb Name of Ibn Rabah al-Thaqati a black slave who fought in the early wars of Islam.
Nusayr Ibn al-Farj al-Asaliyy a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Nusrat Help, aid, assistance, support.
Nusratuddin Help of the religion (Islam).
Nuzayh Pure, chaste.
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Osama Lion
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Pirzada A son of pir (Sufi), a souvenir of leader.
Purdil Brave, fearless.
Pamir Helper, constant perfect.
Pasha Lord, honorific title.
Parsa Piousr.
Pir Saint, spiritual guide, wise.
Parvez Victorious, fortunate, happy
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Qabool Accepted, accreditec, appreciated.
Qadeer Able, powerful, mighty, one of the names of Allah.
Qadim Ancient.
Qadir Able, capable, powerful, might. One of the names of Allah.
Qahir Conqueror, subduer.
Qaid Leader, commander.
Qaim Upright, independent, one who performs.
Qais Measure, measurement, firm, example.
Qaiser Caesar.
Qalandar One who lives in solitude.
Qamar The moon. Al-Qamar: title of 54th sura of Quran.
Qamaruddin Moon of the religion (Islam).
Qani Content, Satisfied.
Qanit Obedient, submissive, humble, God-fearing.
Qareeb Near.
Qaseem Distributor
Qasid Messenger, courier.
Qasidul Haq Courier of the Truth i.e. Allah.
Qasim Distributor, divider.
Qatadah Astragals, a hardwood tree.
Qatadah Astragals, a hardwood tree.
Qatawah A companion
Qatawah A companion
Qati’i Muhammad Ibn Yahya, a student of Hadith ahd this name.
Qati’i Muhammad Ibn Yahya, a student of Hadith ahd this name.
Qawi Strong, powerful, firm, mighty. One of the names of Allah.
Qawi Strong, powerful, firm, mighty. One of the names of Allah.
Qayyum Eternal, everlasting. An epithet applied to Allah.
Qayyum Eternal, everlasting. An epithet applied to Allah.
Qazafi One who lives in vast forest.
Qazafi One who lives in vast forest.
Qazi Judge, justice.
Qazi Judge, justice.
Qismat Fate, destiny.
Qismat Fate, destiny.
Qiwam Support, prop.
Qiwam Support, prop.
Qiwamuddin Support of the religion (Islam).
Qiwamuddin Support of the religion (Islam).
Quadir Powerful
Quadir Powerful
Qudamah A companio of the Prophet PBUH Ibn Mazoon RA.
Qudamah A companio of the Prophet PBUH Ibn Mazoon RA.
Quddoos Holy, most, pure, free from any defects. Al-Quddus, the All-holy: one of the names of Allah.
Quddoos Holy, most, pure, free from any defects. Al-Quddus, the All-holy: one of the names of Allah.
Qudrat Power, might, strength.
Qudrat Power, might, strength.
Qudratullah Power of Allah.
Qudratullah Power of Allah.
Quds Holiness, sanctity.
Quds Holiness, sanctity.
Qudsi Holy, sacred.
Qudsi Holy, sacred.
Qudus Holiness, sanctity.
Qudus Holiness, sanctity.
Qudwa Model, example.
Qudwa Model, example.
Qurban Sacrifice, sacrifice on the occasion of Eid-al-adha.
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Rana A flower, happy and gay, clever.
Rajab A month of Islamic calendar.
RIzwan Acceptance. Good Will. Name of the Keeper of the Gates of Heaven
Rahman Al-Rahman, the most Gracious; one of the names of Allah.
Ratib Arranger.
Rafan Beautiful, graceful.
Rabit Binding, Fastening.
Roshan Bright, Shining.
Razin Calm, composed, self-possessed.
Rasin Calm, composed.
Ragheed Comfort, opulence, affluence.
Reza Contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, approval, consent.
Rakhshan Dazzling, Shining, Bright.
Rawahah Departure, Fragrance, ease.
Rizvi Descendant of Imam Ali Raza.
Rabbani Divine, from Allah.
Rayyan Door of Heaven
Rayhan Ease, fragrant herb, sweet basil, comfort.
Rabia Fem. of Rabi.
Rukhailah Female sheep. Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.
Rukanah Firm, solid; Ibn Abd Yazid was RA a companion of the Prophet PBUH and he had this name.
Rafiqul Islam Friend of Islam.
Rafaqat Friendship, closeness.
Rabah Gain, profit.
Rawza GArden, Meadow, Paradise
Riyazul Islam Gardens of Islam.
Rafif Glittering, shining, gleaming.
Rashiq Graceful, elegant.
Rai Guardian, custodian, patron, protector, sponsor.
Rashdan Guidance. Name of a Sahabi RA.
Rifat High rank, high standing, dignity, exaltation, eminence.
Rafi High ranking, noble, eminent, exalted, sublime.
Raja Al-Karim Hope of the Kind.
Raja Hope, wish.
Raji Hopeful, hoping, full of hope.
Rib’i Ibn Ibrahim bin Muqasim al-Asadi, Ibn Jarash and Ibn Abdullah all had this name; they were narrators of Hadith.
Rahim Kind, generous, kindly, nice.
Raisuddin Leader of the religion (Islam).
Rais Leader, chief, president, superior, nobleman.
Rahbar Leader, guide, coach.
Rizq Allah Livelihood from Allah.
Rizq Livelihood, subsistence, blessing of Allah.
Rab Lord, master. One of the names of Allah.
Ronaq Lustre.
Raashid Major, Adult, Orthodox, Guided, Intelligent.
Rahim Merciful, compassionate, kind. Al-Rahim, the most Merciful: one of the names of Allah.
Rauf Merciful, kind, compassionate. Al-Rauf, the most Kind: one of the names of Allah.
Raham Merciful.
Rahmatullah Mercy of Allah.
Rasul Messenger, messenger of Allah.
Ramadan Name of Islamic month of fasting. Many people have this name.
Raheel Name of the mother of Prophet Yousaf (AS), To move for journey
Rifah Name of twenty three companions of Muhammad.
Rafi-ud-Din Noble (person) of the religion (Islam).
Raqib Observer, guard. the watcher: one of the names of Allah.
Raseem One who designs.
Raem One who has a desire and searches.
Ramiz-ud-Din One who indicates by signs to the religion (Islam).
Ramiz One who indicates by signs.
Rajeel One who walks too much, steadfast.
Ruhab Our who keeps one’s promise.
Ruknud Din Pillar of the religion (Islam).
Rukn Pillar, prop, support.
Raid Pioneer, explorer, leader, model.
Ruwwad Pioneers, explorers, guides, leaders, models; pl. of Raid.
Riyaz Pl. of Rawza, garden.
Rasim Planner, designer.
Razi-Ur-Rahman Pleasure of the Beneficent
Riza Pleasure, assent al-Sharif Abu al-Hasan Ibn-Tahir had this name.
Ruman Pomegranate
Rabees Powerful, fearless, dauntless.
Razzaq Provider. Al-Razzaq, the All-provider: one of the names of Allah.
Raiq Pure, clear, tranquil, serene.
Rawh Refreshment, Rest.
Rahat Rest, Repose, Peace.
Rayees Rich
Raees Rich, Wealthy, Chief.
Rushd Right guidance.
Rashiduddin Rightly-guided (person) of the religion (Islam).
Rashid Right-minded, rightly-guided, pious.
Riyasat Rule, Dominion.
Rizwaan Satisfaction contentment, happiness, pleasure, name of the Keeper of the gates of Jannah (Paradise).
Rezaul Karim Satisfaction of the most Generous (Allah).
Razi Satisfied, contended, pleased.
Raazi Satisfied, contended, well-pleased.
Rehan Scented
Razeen Sedate, Solemn, grave, Sober-Minded.
Ramish Song, peace, rest.
Roohullah Spirit of Allah. An epithet of Prophet Isa.
Roohul Amin Spirit of the faithful, spirit of the reliable; an epithet of Jibreel.
Ruhul Qudus Spirit of the holy. Epithet of Jibreel i.e. Gabriel.
Ruhul Haq Spirit of the truth. An epithet of the Prophet Muhammad.
Rooh Spirit, soul.
Rabi Spring, springtime.
Rahmat Sympathy, mercy, compassion, kindness.
Razi Thankful of anybody, contented, satisfied.
Ramzi The man who keeps secrets.
Rustam The most renowned hero among the Persians, hero of the Persian epic Shahnama.
Rajab The seventh month of the Islamic calendar.
Rashad To lead a righteous life, right guidance, integrity of conduct.
Rafid Tributary stream, affluent, helper, supporter, aide.
Rafaz Ways, paths, pieces, parts
Rasikh Well-established, well-founded, stable, steady.
Rukham White stone, marble.
Raghib Willing, desirous, wishful, inclined towards anything.
Rabih Winner, gainer.
Rasheed-ud-Din Wise (person) of the faith (Islam).
Rasheed Wise, prudent, judicious, rightly guided. Al-Rasheed, the Right-minded: one of the names of Allah.
Raza Wish, assent, good will, desire.
Raqim Writer
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Saad Good luck, good fortune, success, happiness, prosperity, lucky.
Saad A companion of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Saadat Prosperity, happiness, good fortune, auspiciousness.
Saadi Happy, lucky, blissful fortunate, name of a great Persian poet.
Saaduddin Success of the religion (Islam).
Saadullah Joy of Allah.
Saafi Pure, clear, crystal.
Saami Eminent, exalted, high-minded, sublime.
Saamir Fruit-bearing, fruitful, productive.
Sabah Morning.
Sabahat Beauty, Grace, Handsomeness.
Sabaque One who surpasses or excels.
Sabat Firmness, stability, certainty, endurance, boldness, truth.
Sabeeh Beautiful, handsome, one with a fair complexion.
Sabeer Patient, tolerant.
Sabih Coming or arrival in the morning.
Sabiq First, winner.
Sabir Patient, tolerant.
Sabit Strong, well-established, certain, sure.
Saboor Patient, tolerant, forbearing.
Sabuh Shining, brilliant.
Saburah Ibn Abdul Aziz a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Sadaat Princes, lords, chiefs title of the Prophet Muhammad’s director descendents.
Sadaqat Truth.
Sadeem Haze, Mist.
Sadid Correct, right, sound, appropriate, unerring, hitting the target.
Sadiq True, truthful, honest, sincere, devoted, faithful, veracious.
Sadir Ordered, pasted, appointed.
Sadooq Honest, truthful, sincere, trustworthy.
Sadr Chest, breast, forefront, start, dawn, bosom, the highest part, prime.
Sadruddin Person at forefront of the faith (Islam).
Saduh Singer, singing.
Saee One who makes effort.
Saeeb Right, appropriate.
Saeed Fortune, auspicious, venerable, dignified, happy, lucky.
Saeeduz Zaman Luckiest of the age.
Saeel Attacker.
Safa Friendship, purity, love, company.
Safdar Brave, a violent warrior.
Safeenah Ship.
Saffah Killer, blood shedder.
Saffar Abu Ali Ism ail, an authority for Hadith had this name; died 952.
Safi Pure, just, righteous, pious.
Safir Ambassador, mediator, intercessor.
Safiuddin The pure (one) of the faith (Islam).
Safiullah The pure (one) of Allah.
Safiyy Chosen One.
Saft Good habit, plus point, speciality.
Safwan Pure, clear, smooth stone, cloudless day.
Sagar Ocean, sea.
Saghir Small, young, slender, tender.
Saghir Ali Little Ali.
Sahab Clouds.
Sahar Time before day break; bewtich.
Sahel Beach, shore.
Saher Magician
Sahib Companion, freind.
Sahil River bank, coast.
Sahim Partner.
Sahir Wakeful.
Sahl Soft, soil, smooth, smile. facile, easy, even.
Sahm Arrow, dart.
Saib Foresaken, abondaned.
Saib The wind coming with rain.
Said Rising, ascending.
Saidah Lion.
Saif Sword.
Saifan Sword of Allah
Saifuddin Sword of the religion (Islam).
Saiful Baari Sword of the Creator.
Saiful Islam Sword of Islam.
Saifullah Sword of Allah. Title of honour awarded to Khalid Bin Walid by the Prophet Muhammad.
Saifulmulk Sword of the kingdom.
Saim Fasting.
Sair Walking, going on foot.
Sa’irah Walking.
Saja A pleasant face, eloquent.
Sajal Promise, vow, pledge, commitment.
Sajeel Decorated.
Saji Abu Yahya had this name, a scholar and jurist who studied with the disciples of al-Shafaee.
Sajid Prostrate in worship, bowing in adoration to Allah.
Sajidur Rahman One who prostrates to the Merciful (Allah).
Sajjad One who constantly prostrates, worshiper of Allah, worshipper engaged in sujud (prostration) before Allah.
Sakha Generosity, liberality.
Sakhan Obedient.
Sakhawat Generosity, liberality.
Sakher Conqueror.
Sakhi Generous.
Sakhir He who wins heart.
Sakhr Rock; Bin Wadaah RA was a companion of the Prophet PBUH.
Sakhrah Rock(s).
Sakoot Silence, peace, calm, satisfaction.
Salabah B. Abdullah was a narrator of Hadith.
Salabat Strong, majesty, dignity, awe.
Salah Piety, righteousness, honesty, goodness, peace, concord, treaty, rectitude.
Salah-ud-Din Rectitude of the faith (Islam).
Salam Peace, safety, security. Al-Salam, the All-peaceable: one of the names of Allah.
Salama Peace; fem. of Salam.
Salamat Safety, security, soundness, integrity.
Salamatullah Security of Allah.
Salar Leader, officer of army, commander.
Saleem Sound, affable, healthy, guarded, perfect, complete, safe, secure.
Saleemullah Soundest (servant) of Allah.
Saleemuz Zaman Soundest (servant) of the time.
Saleet Shar-tongued.
Salif Previous, Former.
Salih Pious, righteous, upright, just, virtuous, devoted, chaste.
Salik Traveler, wayfarer.
Salil Drawn (sword), scion, son.
Salim Safe, sound, perfect, complete.
Salit Strong, solid, firm, sharp.
Salman Safe, mild, affable, perfect, name of a sahabi i.e. companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
Salman Safe.
Salt Ibn Bahram, a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Sama One who listens a lot.
Samad Eternal, high, Al-Samad, the Everlasting: one of the names of Allah.
Samah Generosity, bounty, good-heartedness.
Samah Saying, promise.
Samama A companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
Saman Price, Worth.
Samar Fruit, Outcome.
Sameen Precious, invaluable.
Sameer Companion (in nightly conversation), entertainer (with stories, music etc.).
Sameer Profitable, gaining.
Sami Hearing, listening. Al-Sami, the All-Hearing: one of the names of Allah.
Samih Magnanimous, generous, king, forgiving, good-hearted.
Samim Sincere, genuine, pure, true, essence, heart.
Samin Valuable, precious, priceless.
Samir Entertainer.
Samit Quiet.
Sammak Abu al-Abbas Muhammad Ibn Sabih had this name.
Samsaam Sword; name: Samsaamuddin.
Samshad Long, Beautiful Tree
Samurah Name of a distinguished Sahabi RA.
Sana Praise, commendation, eulogy.
Sanad Support, prop.
Sanaubar A cone-bearing tree, fir, Pne.
Sanaullah Praise of Allah.
Sanie Brilliant, majestic, exalted, eminent, splendid.
Saqaf To surpass in skill.
Saqeel Strong, tough, robust, foreceful.
Saqib Penetrating, piercing, sharp-witted, sagacious, astute, acute.
Saqif Proficient, skilful.
Saqlain Two worlds, world and Hereafter.
Sarae Swift.
Saramat Chief, ruler, traveller.
Sardar Chief, noble man, officer of rank.
Sarfraz Of high rank, raspectable.
Sarim Brave, lion, sword.
Sarkar Chief, overseer.
Sarmad Everlasting.
Sarosh Name of an angel who speaks but does not appear.
Sarwar Leader, chief, master.
Sarwat Wealth, Fortune, riches.
Sattar Veiler (of sin). Al-Sattar, the veiler of sin: one of the names of Allah.
Sauban Two garments.
Saud Fortunate, pious, auspicious, prosperous.
Saulat Pomp, dignity, majesty.
Sawa Equal, same.
Sawad Blackness, Skill.
Sayfiyy Concerning sword.
Sayhan Flowing.
Sayyar Mobile, constantly one the move.
Sayyid Lord, master, chief.
Seema Mein, Expression, Countenance.
Shaafi Intercessor, mediator.
Shaar Habit, custom, an under garment.
Shaaz Unique, One in many
Shabah Resembling.
Shaban Eighth lunar month. It is a month of religious significance for Muslims.
Shabb Young.
Shabbar Son of the Prophet Harun, by which name Muhammad is said to have called his grandson Hasan.
Shabbir Son of Prophet Harun, by which name Muhammad is said to have called his grandson Husain.
Shabeeh Resembling.
Shabi A leading scholar of his time, especially for the Hadith.
Shabib A scholar who wrote about spelling in the Quran, Ibn Shabib.
Shad Happy.
Shadab Fresh, evergreen.
Shadah Pleasant, happy, jovial, jubilant.
Shadan Happy.
Shadi Singer.
Shafaat Intercession, mediation, recommendation.
Shafay Intercessor, mediator.
Shafee Intercessor, mediator.
Shafi The healer, attributive name of Allah.
Shafiq Affectionate, compassionate, tender, kind-hearted friend, warm-hearted.
Shafqat Compassion, pity, kindness, tenderness.
Shaguftah Blooming, Happy.
Shah King, emperor. Title assumed by fakirs i.e. mystics.
Shah Alam King of the world.
Shah Jahan King of the world.
Shah Nawaz Friend of king.
Shahab Bright red colour.
Shahadat Testimony, evidence, fundamental belief in Islam.
Shahan Kings; pl. of Shah, king.
Shahan Shah King of kings.
Shahbaz Royal falcon, royal, generous, noble.
Shaheed Present, witness, martyr in the cause of Islam and as such held in very high esteem and honour.
Shaheen Royal, white falcon; the needle of the beam of scales.
Shaheer Well-known.
Shahid Witness, angel.
Shahiq High, towering, lofty, tall.
Shahir Famous, eminent, renowned.
Shahmeer Beauty
Shahrukh Concerning monarchy.
Shahwar Very precious, title of a king.
Shahzad Prince, son of king.
Shahzada Prince.
Shahzore Powerful, kingly, forceful, strong.
Shaibaan Grayness, senility, old age. Name of a Sahabi RA.
Shaida Greatly Attached
Shaikh Chief, an experienced man, an old man.
Shaikhul Islam Leader of Islam.
Shaiq Hopeful, wisher, lover, needy.
Shajan Long, lengthy.
Shajee Bold, Courageous.
Shaji Courageous, bold, brave, fearless.
Shakib Patient
Shakil Well formed, handsome, comely, well-shaped.
Shakir Thankful, grateful, contented.
Shakur Thankful, most grateful, one who gives due appreciation. Al-Shakur, the All-thankful; one of the names of Allah.
Shamil Near, close, partner, together, complete, famous primogenitor/sufi of Chechnya.
Shamim Fragrant, scent, a sweet-smelling breeze.
Shammas A companion of the Prophet PBUH, bin Usman al-Makhzumi RA, who was martyred at Badr.
Shamoil He name of a Prophet.
Shams The sun.
Shamshad Box-tree.
Shamsheer Sword.
Shams-ud-Din Son of the religion (Islam).
Shamsudduha Son of forenoon.
Shams-ul-Haq The sun of truth
Shamsuzzaman Sun of the age.
Shamuel Banu Israil Prophet
Shan Dignity, Splendour.
Shanawar Informed, knowing, aware of.
Shaoor Wisdom, decorum.
Shaqeeq Real; brother; name of a Sahabi RA; part, half, piece, brother.
Sharaf Nobility, high rank, eminence, honour distinction, honour, glory, dignity.
Sharafat Honour, nobleness.
Sharafuddin Honour of the religion (Islam).
Sharaheel Ibn Abdul Hameed had this name, he was a narrator of Hadith.
Shareeh A companion
Shareek Associate.
Shariat Divine law, Islamic Law.
Shariatullah Divine law of Allah.
Sharif Noble, honourable, highborn, eminent.
Sharifuddin Noble (person) of the religion (Islam).
Sharim Fast, quick, brisk.
Shariq Radiant, Bright.
Sharjil A comanion of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Hazrat Abu Bakar RA chose him to kill a person who falsely declared himself a prophet.
Shaukat Power, might, valour, dignity, magnificence, grandeur, pomp, power.
Shawaiz Speak melodious.
Shayaan Intelligent.
Shayal Hardworking, diligent, determined.
Shayan Suitalbe, desirable, suited, worthy, eligible, fit.
Shaybah Grey haired, Old.
Shayban Grey-haired, aged.
Shees The name of a Prophet
Shehroze King of Roses.
Shehryar Friend of the city.
Sher Lion, An epithet of Kahlifa Ali.
Sherafgan Powerful, one who defeats a lion.
Sheraz Name of a prince who founded a Persian city Sheraz.
Shibl Lion cub.
Shibli Mawlana Shibli Numani was a great Scholar and writer.
Shifa Cure.
Shihab Flame, meteor, shooting star, star.
Shihabuddin Meteor of the religion (Islam).
Shinas Identifier, distinguisher.
Shiqdar Land tax collector during the Muslim rule in India, now a family title.
Shoaib A Prophet name.
Shua Ray of the sun, sunshine, light, luster, splendour.
Shuaib A Prophet (see surat al-Araaf 7:88).
Shubool Lion cubs; pl. of Shibl.
Shuhrat Fame, renown.
Shuja Courageous, bold, brave.
Shujaat Courage, bravery, valour.
Shujauddin Brave (person) of the religion (Islam).
Shujauddin Brave (person) of the religion (Islam).
Shukr Thanks, gratitude, gratefulness.
Shuqran Blondness, fair.
Shurahbeel Ibn Shurayk, a narrator of Hadith was known by this name.
Shurayh Bin Artah al-Nakhee, a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Shuraym Split, Cleavage.
Sibghatullah Color of Allah.
Sibtain Hazrat Imam Hassan (RA) and Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA).
Siddiq Righteous, very truthful, hones, sincere.
Siddique Friend, companion.
Siddiqui Attributed to the first Khalifa Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq (d.634) through ancestry.
Siddiqullah The truthful (one) to Allah. An epithet of Prophet Yusuf.
Siham Arrows; pl. of Sahm.
Sikandar Alexander.
Silah Arms, armour, weapons.
Silahuddin Armour of the religion (Islam).
Silan A diamond, part of sword which is sheathed.
Silm Peace.
Simak Arcturus (Star).
Sinan Spear. Umm Sinan: a sahaabia i.e. a woman who lived in Prophet Muhammad’s time.
Sinanuddin Spear of the religion (Islam).
Siraj Lamp, light, the sun, candle.
Sirajud Dawlah Lamp of the state.
Sirajuddin Lamp of the religion (Islam).
Siwar Bracelet, Arm-ring.
Siyaf Sword player, swordsman.
Slaeet Sharp-tongued.
Sohail Gentle, ease; name of star.
Somood Steadfastness, firmness, endurance.
Souban A companion, Returning
Subah Beautiful, graceful.
Subahuddin Beautiful (person) of the religion (Islam).
Subaih Beautiful. Name of Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.
Subayah Handsome, Comely.
Subbooh Extremely pure; Allah’s attribute. Name: Abdus-Subbooh.
Subhan Praise, glory. Al-Subhaan, the Glory: one of the names of Allah.
Subhi Pertaining to morning.
Suboor Patience, one who takes pity on sinners.
Sufi A mystic, someone believing in Sufi mysticism.
Sufian Ship builder. Abu Sufian: name of a companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
Suhaib Of reddish hair or complexion.
Suhail Canopus, the second brightest star in the sky.
Suhaili A companion
Suhrab Son of the Iranian epic hero Rustam.
Sulaiman A Prophet, the biblical Solomon, son of Prophet Dawood.
Sulayk Traveller, Walker.
Sulayt Dominant, Strong.
Sultan King, emperor, ruler, authority, power. Title of a Muslim king.
Sumamah Millet (Plant).
Suraqah Thief.
Surayj Ibn Yunus al-Marwazi, a jurist and authority on the Hadith had this name.
Surraq Thieves, name of a distinguished Sahabi RA.
Suwaybit Roof over path, alley between houses.
Suwayd Black.
Swab True, right.
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Taafeef Praise, hymn of God, definition, recognition.
Taahid To console, to guard.
Taai Obedient, willing.
Taalim Sky.
Taban Resplendent, Glittering.
Tabarik To be magnified greatly.
Tabassum Smile.
Tabbah Another name of madina city.
Tabbar Family, caste, race.
Tabeed Glitter, curve, shine, brightness.
Tabeen Followers, those who believe, fans.
Tabish Heat, Brilliancy.
Tabnak Hot, bright.
Tabrid To cool.
Tafazzul Courteousness, favour kindness, beneficence.
Tafazzul Husain Favour of Husain.
Tafheem Undersanding, knowledge, know-how.
Taha Mystic letters at the beginning of Surat Taha, from which the sura derives its title.
Tahawwur Rashness.
Tahbeer Decorate, beautify.
Taheer Pure.
Tahfeez To praise, to describe.
Tahib Watchful.
Tahir Virtuous, pure, pious, modest, clean, chest.
Tahleem Ornament, beauty.
Tahmeed Praise, appreciation, recitation of good will.
Tahmid Praising Allah, saying Al-Hamdulillah.
Tahoor Purity.
Tahoor Pure.
Tahsin Adornment, ornament, decoration, embellishment, betterment.
Taib Repentant, penitent.
Taif Vision, specter.
Taifur Rahman Vision of the Merciful i.e. Allah.
Taimullah Servant of Allah.
Taimur A famous king, iron.
Taisir Making easy, facilitating, simplification.
Taj Crown.
Taj Bakhsh King maker.
Tajammul Dignity, Magnificence, Pomp.
Tajammul Husain Adornment of Hussain.
Tajdar Ruler, king, emperor, royal member.
Tajuddin Crown of the religion (Islam).
Tajul Islam Crown of Islam.
Tajwar King, ruler, emperor, royal person.
Talab Demand.
Talal Being pleasant, nice, admirable, agreeable, joy, a beautiful.. form or appearance.
Talat Appearance, countenance.
Talha Name of a Sahabi (R.A.) i.e. a companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
Tali Rising. Ascending, going up.
Talib Student, seeker, pursuer.
Talim Education, instruction.
Talish Glittering, bright.
Taloob Desirous.
Taloot Commander of Banu-Israil’s Army
Talum Be sympathetic.
Tamanna Wish, desire.
Tamim Generalization.
Tamir Rich or abounding in dates, date seller.
Tamiz Distinction, distinguishing, judgment discrimination.
Tamiz-ud-Din Distinction of the religion (Islam).
Tamjid Praise, glorification, extolment.
Tamkeen Dignity, Gravity.
Tanveer Rays Of Light(Origin Islamic)
Tanvir Illumination, blossoming.
Tanweel Bestow upon, give.
Tanzeem Organization, arrangement, method.
Tanzil Revelation, sending down.
Tanzilur Rahman Revelation of the merciful (Allah).
Taqaddam Reverance, sanctity, superiority.
Taqi God fearing, devout, pious.
Taqiuddin God-fearing (person) of the religion (Islam).
Tarannum Singing.
Taraz Powerful, strong.
Taraz Ornamentation, decoration.
Tareeq Method, way, mode, manner, operation, process.
Tarif Rare, uncommon, strange, curious.
Tariq Nocturnal visitor.
Tarub Lively, gleeful, merry.
Tasadduq Beneficence, benevolence.
Tasadduq Husain Benevolence of Husain.
Tasawwar Idea, conception.
Taseel Strong, power.
Taseen A name of the Prophet PBUH.
Taseer An effect, impression.
Tashbeed Adolesence, youth.
Taslim Greeting, salutation.
Tasmeem Strong.
Tasneem A heavenly fountain.
Tatheer Purity, cleanliness.
Tawbah Repentance; Ibn Mudarras had this name.
Tawfiq Prosperity, good luck, good-fortune, success (granted by Allah).
Tawhid Belief in the unity of Allah.
Tawoos Peacock.
Tawqir Honour, great respect, high regard.
Tawseef Praise.
Tawwab Merciful, forgiving. Al-Tawwab, the All-compassionate: one of the names of Allah.
Taymur Brave strong.
Tayyab Clean, Khushboo
Tayyib Good, good-natured, generous, sweet, pure, chaste, good-tempered.
Tazam Be superior or elder.
Tazim Glorification, exaltation, honour.
Tazimuddin Glorification of the religion (Islam).
Tihami A title of the Prophet PBUH.
Tiraq Strength, force, occupation.
Tirmizi Abu Isa Muhammad al-Tirmidhi (824-92): compiler of the one collection of Prophet Muhammad.
Tooba Good news.
Tufail Intercession, mediation, diminutive of Tifl, baby.
Turab Soil, dust.
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Ubadah Name of a prominent Sahabi i.e. companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
Ubaid Diminutive of Abd, small servant, servant of lower rank.
Ubaidah Servant of God.
Ubaidullah Lowly servant of the Allah.
Ubayy Bin Kab RA had this name.
Uhban Ibn Aws al-Aslani RA, a companion of the prophet PBUH, had this name.
Ukkashah Web, Cobweb, Spider web.
Ula High rank, prestige, glory.
Ulfat Love, affection, familiarity, intimacy.
Umair Intelligent
Umar The meaning of ‘Umar’ is linked with ‘Aamir’, prosperous, full of life, large, substantial.
Umarah An old Arabic name.
Umayr Residents, Populace.
Umdah Support.
Umdatuddawlah Support of the state.
Unays Friendly.
Unsar Root, element, resolution.
Uqaab Eagle.
Uqba Name of an illustrious Sahabi i.e. companion of the prophet Muhammad.
Urmia A Biblical Prophet
Urooj Ascension, mounting, rising.
Urwah Name of A Prominent Sahabi i.e. companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
Usaid Small lion, diminutive form of Asad.
Usama Lion. Name of well-known Sahabi i.e. companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
Usman The young of a lark, a beautiful pen, name of the third Caliph of Islam.
Uswah Sample, specimen.
Utbah Threshhold. Bin Ghazwan was a narrator of Hadith who had this name.
Uwais Uways Qarni was the one of whom the Prophet PBUH foretold his people that he would be the one cured of leprosy.
Uwaym A float, buoyant;
Uzair A Prophet, the biblical Ezra..
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Waali The Governor; He who directs; manages; conducts; governs; measure.
Wabisah Bin Ma’bad RA had this name.
Wadi Calm, peaceful.
Wadood Lover, warm-hearted, affectionate, friend, beloved. Al-Wadood, the All-loving: one of the names of Allah.
Wafa Faithfulness, fidelity.
Wafadar Faithful.
Wafai Associated with faithfulness, fidelity, loyalty, faith.
Wafaqat Friendship, closeness.
Wafi True, trustworthy, reliable, perfect, complete.
Wafiq Companion, friend, successful.
Wahab Gift, grant, donation.
Wahaj Very sparkling, very bright.
Wahb Donation, grant, gift, inherent.
Wahban related to Wahb.
Wahdat Unity, oneness, state of being one.
Wahdat Unity, oneness, state of being one.
Waheed Unique, matchless, singular, unparalleled.
Wahhab Donor, grantor. Al-Wahhab, the All-giver: one of the names of Allah.
Wahhaj Shining, illuminated.
Wahib Forgiver, tolerant.
Wahid One, unique, matchless. Al-Wahid, the one: one of he names of Allah.
Wahiduddin Unique (manifestation) of the religion (Islam).
Wahiduzzaman Unique (person) of the age.
Wail Coming back (for shelter).
Waiz Admonisher, preacher.
Wajahat Comely, dignity, elevated position.
Wajd State of being single, ecstasy.
Wajdan Ecstacy, mirth, devotion.
Wajid Finder, lover.
Wajih Noble, honoured, well-esteemed, illustrious.
Wakalat Advocacy, Agency.
Wakee Bin al-Jarrah had this name.
Wakil Advocate, representative, counselor, attorney, agent.
Waleed Newborn Child.
Wali Prince, guardian, protector, friend, saint. Al-Waliy, the Protector: one of the names of Allah.
Walid Newborn, newborn child, nascent, new, boy, son. Name of a Sahabi i.e. companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
Waliullah Friend of Allah.
Wallad Abu Al-Abbas al-Tamimi had this name. He was a grammarian of Basrah and egypt.
Wamaq Lover, paramour.
Waqar Majesty, veneration, dignity, gracefulness.
Waqas A companion, Warlike
Waqf Given in a trust, spared for welfare.
Waqid Bin Abdullah al Tamimi RA was a companion of the Prophet PBUH.
Waqif Acquainted, aware.
Waqqad Sharp-minded, wise.
Waraqah Leaf.
Warid Arriving, Descending, Incoming.
Waris Heir, inheritor, successor. Al-Waris, the Inheritor: one of the names of Allah.
Warqa to do with paper, leaf.
Wasam Medal, prize, honour
Waseef Page, Valet (domestic) servant.
Waseem Graceful. Handsome. Good Looking.
Waseeq Solid, strong, secure.
Wasi Broad-minded, liberal, learned, capacious, ample. scholarly. Al-Wasi, the All-embracing: one of the names of Allah.
Wasi An executor; administrator (of a will), preceptor.
Wasif Eulogiser, Praiser
Wasil Incoming, Arriving, Connected.
Wasilah Bin al-Asqa RA had this name.
Wasim Handsome, beautiful, graceful.
Wasimuddin Handsome (person) of the religion (Islam).
Wasiq Confident, sure, certain.
Wazir Minister, vizier, an adviser or counsel to the king.
Wilan Friendship, affection.
Wilayat Custody, guardianship.
Wuhayb Something bestowed.
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Yaamin Blessed, auspicious.
Yaasoob Ali’s Title
Yaeesh Bin al-Jahm was a narrator of Hadith.
Yafi Bin Aamir had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith.
Yaghnam bin Salim Bin Qamber (Qanber) a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Yahya To love, will live. A Prophet, the biblical John, son of Prophet Zakaria.
Yakta Unique.
Yamak A king.
Yamin Right, right side, right hand.
Yaqana Unique, unprecedented.
Yaqeen Belief.
Yaqoob A Prophet, the biblical Jacob, son of Prophet Ishaq.
Yaqoot Ruby, sapphire, topaz.
Yaqzan Vigilant, awake, on the alert.
Yar Friend.
Yar Muhammad Friend of the Prophet Muhammad.
Yasar Prosperity, wealth, affluence, ease.
Yasha Long line, prosper.
Yasin The opening letters of the first verse of surat Ya Sin (36:1). An epithet of the Prophet Muhammad.
Yasir Easy, wealthy, affluent.
Yasra Affluent, rich, prosperous.
Yasrib Former name of the city of Madinah.
Yawar Helping.
Yazan Determined, resolved.
Yazeed A companion of the Prophet
Yuhannis The name of the Freed slave of Zubayr.
Yumn Happiness.
Yunus A Prophet, the biblical Jonah.
Yusr Ease, Convenience; Ibn Abdullah had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith.
Yusri Easy.
Yusuf A Prophet, the biblical Joseph, son of Prophet Yaqub i.e. Jacob.
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Zaabit Clever man, one who remembers.
Zaad Victory, success.
Zaahir A blooming flower, a bright and shining colour, lofty.
Zaakir Rememberer of Allah
Zaarib One who beats, stricker.
Zabba Latch, door lock; Name of some people for instance, of ibn-Mihsin, a memeber of the exedition of Abu Musa.
Zabrij Beauty, decoration.
Zaeem Guaranter, Rich, healthy, leader, ruler.
Zafar Victory, triumph.
Zafeer Of firm and resolute intention.
Zafir Victorious, winner.
Zaheer Blooming, shining, luminous.
Zaheer Helper, supporter, protector, patron.
Zaheeruddawlah Helper of the religion (Islam).
Zaheeruddin Helper of the religion (Islam).
Zahhaak A person who laughs most. Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Zahi Beautiful, brilliant, glowing.
Zahid Devout, ascetic. One who renounces the world and is fully devoted to Allah.
Zahil Calm.
Zahin Sagacious, intelligent.
Zahir Apparent, evident, one of the attributes of Allah.
Zahir Proud, wealthy.
Zahoor Expression.
Zaid Abundance, increase, increment, superabundance, addition, excess, surplus.
Zaidan Growth, increase, excess.
Zaigham Lion.
Zaim Leader, chief.
Zaimuddin Leader of the religion (Islam).
Zain Beautiful, pretty, beauty, grace, ornament, honour.
Zainuddin Grace of the religion (Islam).
Zainul Abidin Ornament of the worshippers (of Allah).
Zair Pilgrim.
Za’ir Visitor, guest.
Zajil Loud.
Zaka Intelligent
Zakariya Zachariah – A Prophet
Zakawan Abu Salih as Saman az-Ziyat had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith.
Zakawat Sharpness.
Zakhif Proud.
Zaki Pure, sinless, chaste.
Zaki Pious, clean.
Zakiuddin Pure (person) of the religion (Islam).
Zakoor Narrator, speaker.
Zalool Obedient, submissive.
Zamaam Honour, right, share, place.
Zamaar Bravery, valour.
Zaman Time, age, era.
Zaman Shah King of the sage.
Zameer conscience
Zami Helper, supporter.
Zamil Companion, friend.
Zamin One who stands surety for another one who helps.
Zamir Heart, mind, conscience.
Zamiruddin Heart of the religion (Islam).
Zamurad A green precious stone.
Zamurah Sparkle of light, fire; Name of companion.
Zamzam Abu-Zamzam was the name of Al-Madini, a man of an early Islam, about him amusing enecdotes were told.
Zaray Obedient, submissive.
Zarf Pot, calibre, wisdom, rank.
Zarif Elegant, witty, graceful.
Zarrar Brave, Courageous. A great muslim warrior.
Zaryab Rich, wealthy.
Zauq Taste, flavour, knack.
Zawaad Man of self-respect, noble.
Zawar Pilgrim, visitor of a shrine.
Zayaam Honour, right, share, place.
Zayan Beauty, prettiness.
Zaydan Growth and increase.
Zaytoon Olive (Tree/fruit).
Zeb Beauty, decoration, decorum.
Zeebaq Mercury, silver.
Zeeshan Pompous
Zhobin Kind of spear.
Zia Light, glow, illumination, splendour.
Ziauddin Light of the religion i.e. Islam.
Ziaul Haq Light of the Truth i.e. Allah.
Ziaur Rahman Light of the most Gracious i.e. Allah.
Zihni Intellectual, cerebral.
Zill Shadow, shade.
Zillullah Shadow of Allah.
Zillur Rahman Shadow of the Merciful i.e. Allah.
Ziyad Increase, addition, surplus.
Ziyada Increase, addition, surplus, plenty.
Ziyadatullah Surplus bestowed by Allah.
Zohaib Golden.
Zohoor Appearance, ostentation.
Zohoorul Bari ostentation of the Creator i.e. Allah
Zohran Sun
Zubaid The diminutive of zubd, meaning cream, butter etc..
Zubair Diminutive of Zubrah, small piece of iron, a brave and wise person.
Zufar Lion, a brave person, an army.
Zuha Forenoon.
Zuhair Small flower.
Zuhoor Fame, splendour, emergence.
Zuka The sun, dawn, morning.
Zukauddin Sun of the religion (Islam).
Zukaullah Sun of Allah.
Zukaur Rahman Sun of Rahman i.e. Allah.
Zul Kifl A Prophet of Allah.
Zul Qarnayn “Owner of the two horns” i.e. world conqueror, epithet of a just king mentioned in the Quran.
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Aabirah Fleeting, transitory, ephemeral.
Aabish Daughter of Sa’ad; she was a queen of Irqan (AN).
Aadila Honest, upright, just, righteous; fem. of Adil.
Aafreeda Created, Produced.
Aafreen Stimulation, encouragement
Aaida Visiting, returning.
Aaila Beautiful, like moon.
Aaima Leader, ruler.
Aaina Mirror
Aaira Noble, respectful, respected, honourable.
Aala Benefit, favour, blessing.
Aaliyah Highest social standing, exalted.
Aamal Pl. of Amal, hope, expectation, aspiration.
Aamilah Doer of (good) deeds, Righteous.
Aaminah Secured, Safe.
Aamira Prosperous, full of life, large, substantial; fem. of Aamir.
Aani Fatimah Khatoon She was a literary woman and a poetess in Qastantiniyah (AN)
Aania Towards, direction, concern.
Aanisah Young lady, Maiden
Aasfa Protector, guardian.
Aasira Bond.
Aatiqah Shoulder (support) old.
Abasah Daughter of al-Mahdi, a woman who was distinguished among her contemporaries.
Abdah Worshiper (of Allah).
Abeedah Worshipper. The daughter of Nabil had this name; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Abeer Fragrance
Abeera Rose, Sandal Safron mixed together in fragrance.
Abida Worshiper, devotee, adorer, devout; fem of Abid.
Abla Well-rounded, perfectly formed, a woman possessing a beautiful figure.
Abqurah Genius.
Abreshmina Made of silk.
Ada Grace, Expression.
Adala Justice.
Adan Paradise, heaven.
Adeena Pious, good luck.
Adiba Polite, well-mannered, well-bred, courteous, polished, writer; fem. of Adib.
Adila Equal.
Afaf Chastity, purity, honesty, righteousness, modesty, decency.
Afana The forgiver, pardner.
Afeerah Covered with soil or dust.
Afia good health, vigour, vitality
Afifa pure, chaste, modest, virtuous, honest, righteous, upright, decent; fem. Of Afif
Afkar Pl. of Fikr, intellect thought.
Afnan Pl. of Fanan, branch, twig.
Afra Dust coloured, earth-coloured, a variety buck.
Afrah Pl. of Farah, joy, happiness.
Afrin Praise, lucky.
Afroz Illuminated.
Afroza Burning, polishing.
Afsana Fable, fiction, romance.
Afsar Crown.
Afsar Ara Adorning the crown.
Afshan Adornment aids.
Afsheen Shine like a star.
Afshin Decorated with sparkles, golden.
Afza Increase, augmentation.
Agharid Pl. of Ughrudah, twittering, song.
Aghsan Pl. of Ghusn, branch, twig.
Ahd Pledge, knowledge.
Ahdaf Pl. of hadaf, aim, goal, target.
Ahlam Pl. of Hulm, dream.
Aighar She was a religious, righteous woman (AN)
Aimen Brave, fearless, lucky, right hand.
Aiza Noble.
Ajeebah She was the daughter of Muhammad al-Baqadari, and was a narrator of Hadith.
Ajrada Al-Ameeh, was a great worshipper who worshipped long in the night somnetimes right upto daun (AN).
Ajwa Name of a date in Saudia Arabia. Tree planted by Holy Prohpet (PBUH).
Akhtar Star, good luck.
Akida Certain, firm.
Akifa Devoted to, dedicated to, intent, busy; fem. of Akif.
Al-Adur al-Karimah A pious, righteous and intelligent woman of Egypt. She respected the Ulama and built religious schools (Madrasah) and mosques, She died in 762.
Alam World; sing. of Alameen.
Alam Ara Adorning the world.
Aleema Exalted, highest social standing.
Aleena Beautiful.
Alhan Melody.
Alia Beautiful
Alifa Friendly, sociable, amicable; fem. of Alif.
Alima Woman of learning, scholar.
Alishba Lovely, Innocent, Pretty.
Aliya High, tall, towering, lofty, exalted, high-ranking, sublime, superior, excellent; fem. of Aali.
Aliyya Highest social standing, lofty, sublime; fem. of Ali.
Almas Diamond.
Almasa Diamond.
Almira Princess
Altaf Pl. of Lutf, kindness.
Alveena Loved one, cared one, liked.
Alyaa Heaven(s), sky, sublimity, lofty.
Alyan Tall and healthy.
Ama Female slave, servant.
Amal Hope, expectation; sing. of Amaal.
Aman Trust, safety, protection, tranquillity, peace of mind, calmness.
Amanat Pl. of Amanah, trust, deposit.
Amani Wishes, aspirations, hopes; pl. of Umniyah.
Amatul Islam (female) servant of Islam.
Amatul Karim (female) servant of the most generous i.e. Allah.
Amatullah (female) servant of Allah.
Ambar Perfume, ambergris.
Ambara Perfume, ambergris; fem. of Ambar.
Ambarin Perfumed.
Ambreen Sky
Ameena Trustworthy, faithful. hones; fem. of Amin.
Ameera Princess; fem. of Ameer.
Amila Hopeful.
Amima Full, complete,
Amina Safe, secure, protected, a lady of peace and harmony. Name of the beloved mother of the Prophet Muhammad.
Amira An occupant of an abode, one who makes umrah or ziyaarah, abundant treasure.
Amjad Pl. of Majd, glory, honour.
Ammara A lady with strong Imaan; tolerant.
Amna Safety.
Amra Any covering for the head, as a crown.
Amrah Headgear; This was the name of the female companion Amrah RA daughter of Abdur Rahman bin Sa’ad bin Zurarah Ansari.
Amreen Sky.
Amreen Sky.
Amrozia Woman of today
Anadil Pl. of Andalib, nightingale.
Anam Blessings of God.
Anan Clouds.
Anat Perseverance, patience.
Anaum The blessing of Allah.
Andalah Song of the nightingale.
Andalib Nightingale; sing. of Anadil.
Aneeqa Beautiful
Aneesa Companion, affectionate, friendly, sociable, intimate friend; fem. of Anis.
Aneezah She-Goat.
Angbin Honey.
Anila Inexperienced, raw.
Aniqa Neat, elegant, smart.
Anisa A pious-hearted lady, good-natured, compatible.
Anjum Pl. Najm, star.
Anjuman Assembly.
Anjuman Ara Adorning the assembly.
Anmol Precious
Anoosh Delighted.
Anoosha Delighted, happy
Anqa A woman with a long neck, an imaginary bird.
Ansam Pl. of Nasam, breath, breath of life.
Anum Blessing of God, Gods gift.
Anwar Rays of light; pl. of Noor.
Anwarah Greatly lighted
Anya A woman with large eyes.
Aoj Peak, height, apex, climax.
Aqdas Pure, sacred.
Aqeela The best, the very best.
Aqiba Result, consequence.
Aqila Wise, sensible, intelligent, sensible, discerning.
Aqsa Name of a mosque.
Aqsa Height, limit, far, shore.
Ara Adorning.
Areeba Wise
Areefa Learned, expert, authority; fem. of Areef.
Areej Fragrance, aroma, sweet smell, scent, perfume.
Arfa Exalted, sublime, great, high.
Aribah Wise.
Arifa Learned, expert, authority; fem. of Arif.
Arjumand Excellent, beloved, noble.
Arjumnd Bano Excellent woman, noble woman.
Arman Wish, longing
Aroob Lover wife, who loves her husband
Aroosa Bride.
Arshia She who lives in skies.
Arshia One who lives is the sky.
Aruba Loves her husband
Arus Brides.
Arwa She was the daughter of Abdul Muttalib, and so an aunt of the Prophet PBUH his father’s sister.
Arzu Wish, hope, love.
Asar Pl. of Asar, sign, mark, trace.
Aseela Highborn, of noble origin.
Aseela Of noble origin, highborn, pure; fem. of Asil.
Asghia Pious people, modest people.
Ashalina Sweet, always living, shy, loving.
Ashiqa Very friendly, which stays very close.
Ashraf Nobler, more honourable; comp. adj. of Sharif.
Ashraf Jahan Noblest of the world.
Ashwaq Pl. of Shawq, longing, desire, wish.
Asifa Virtuous, pure, spotless, upright.
Asima Safe, chaste, protector, guardian; fem. of Asim.
Asira Honoured, chosen, preferred; fem. of Asir.
Asiya Comforting, consoling, a mansion with solid foundation or pillars, firm, a powerful. Wife of Firawn. One who heals
Asma A narrator of Hadith and daughter of Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Tahir al-Aswadi (AN)
Asmaa Higher, more exalted, more sublime, more eminent.
Asmaa Pl. of Ism. name.
Asmaa Chaste, virtuous, precious, valuable, excellent.
Asra To travel by night, to make someone travel by night.
Ateefa Affectionate, compassionate.
Ateeqa Ancient, noble; fem. of Atiq.
Atifa Compassion, affection, sympathetic, kindness; fem. of Atif.
Atifat Kindness, sympathy.
Atika Clear, pure, limpid (of wine).
Atiqa Emancipated, a beautiful lady.
Atira Fragrant, connoisseur of good fragrance, aromatic, perfumed.
Atiya Gift, present, bounty, grant.
Atuf Affectionate, kind hearted, compassionate, loving.
Awatif Pl. of Aatifa, affection, compassion, kindness, kind feeling.
Ayaat Many signs & proofs, verses in the Quran.
Ayesha Living, well-off, well-to-do, prosperous. Aisha (d.678): wife of the Prophet Muhammad and daughter of Kahlifa Abu Bakr.
Ayn Source, spring.
Aynul Hayat Fountain of life.
Aynun Nahr Source of the spring.
Ayra Respectable
Azaa A must have, right, courage, power, legal, allowable.
Azah Loved one, good, successful.
Azeema Determination, firm will.
Azeen Beauty, Patience
Azeen Beauty, Patience
Azhaar Pl. of Zahrah, flower, blossom.
Azima Great, powerful, dignified, magnificent, glorious; fem. of Azim.
Aziza Noble, precious, cherished, honourable, illustrious, highly esteemed, dearly loved, beloved; fem. of Aziz.
Azka Big hearted, generous.
Azra Virgin, maiden, a young unmarried lady.
Azwa Pl. of Zau, light, splendour, limelight.
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Badai Pl. of Badia, wonder, marvel.
Badiha Insight, perceptive faculty.
Badiyah Desert; Bint Ghaylan al-Saqafi was so named; she was of Taif.
Badr Full moon of the fourteenth night.
Badriyah Full moon-like.
Badrun Nisa Full moon of the women.
Badyah Clear, knowledgeable person.
Baha Beauty, glory, splendour, magnificence, glow.
Bahar Spring, blossom.
Bahar Bano Blooming princess.
Baheera Dazzling, brilliant.
Bahija Glad, happy, joyful, delighted, delightful, cheerful; fem. of Bahij.
Bahira Brilliant, superb, magnificent, gorgeous, spectacular.
Bahiya Beautiful, brilliant, elegant, radiant, pretty, charming; fem. of Bahi.
Bahriyah al-Aabidah She was a devoted worshipper and ascetic of Basrah. She used to say, “If the heart gives up the passions, it will then domesticate knowledge.”
Baiza White, bright, brilliant, innocent, pure; fem. of Abyad.
Bajila Honoured, dignified, highly regarded.
Bakarah Virginity.
Bakhita Lucky, fortunate; fem. of Bakhit.
Bakht Lot, Fate, Portion.
Bakhtawar Fortunate, Lucky.
Bakura Coming early.
Baligha Eloquent.
Balquees She was the daughter of Ahmad bin Mishqar, and a distinguished woman of her times; she was the wife of Sayfud-din al- Hanafi. (A.N).
Banafsaj Violent flower.
Banafsha Daughter of Abdullah al-Rumiyah; was a very pious and generous woman who gave much in charity (AN).
Banan Fingertips.
Banu Princess, lady, Miss.
Banujah The daughter of al-Mahdi, the Khalifah (775-785), had this name.
Baraim Pl. of Burum, blossom, bud.
Barakah Blessing.
Barat Innocence, guiltlessness.
Bareea Innocent, blameless, guiltless, sound; fem. of Bari.
Bareerah Pious.
Baria Excelling, originator; fem. of Bari.
Barkat Blessing; sing. of Barakat.
Barrah She was the aunt of the Prophet PBUH, daughter of Abdul Muttalib and mother of Abi Salamah.
Barraqa Bright, brilliant, shining, sparkling, glittering; fem. of Barraq.
Barzah She was a narrator of hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah RA
Basbas She was a slave-girl of Ibn Nafees; she was beautiful and had a melodions voice, (AN)
Basharat Good news, glad tidings.
Bashira Bringer of good news; fem. of Bashir, harbinger.
Basila Brave, fearless, intrepid.
Basima Smiling; fem. of Basim.
Basira Sagacious, endowed with insight; fem. of Basir..
Basma Smile.
Basoos She was the daughter of Munqiz at-Tamimah (AN).
Bassama Smiling; fem. of Bassam.
Batina Hidden, Inner.
Batool A true devotee woman of Allah.
Batul Virgin, pure and chaste. A lady who is purely devoted to Allah, an epithet of Maryam, mother of Prophet Isa, and of Fatima, daughter of Muhammad.
Bazala Generous woman.
Bazegha Bright
Bazla Reward, generous.
Bazla Big hearted, open handed, bounteous.
Bazm-Ara Beauty of company.
Bazriqa Exalted, great.
Beena Seeing; clear sighted.
Beenish Intelligent, genius
Begum Honorific title, queen, lady of rank.
Benazir Matchless, unique.
Bhajat Splendour, magnificence, pomp, joy, happiness.
Bibi Lady of rank, and honorific title used at the end of a woman’s name in the Indian sub-continent.
Bilqis Queen of Saba known as Bilqis in the Arabian tradition.
Bisharah A narrator of Hadith (AN)
Bismal Fragrance.
Budur Pl. of Badr, full moon.
Buhaysah This was the name of a female narrator of Hadith; She was al-fazariyah; Abu Dawood and Nasai transmitted from her.
Buhayyah The name of a freed female slave of Sayyidah Ayshah RA
Bujaybah A narrator who transmitted from Shaybah bin Usman and Sabit Al-Shimale narrated from her. (AN)
Bulbul Nightingale.
Bunanah This was the name of the daughter of Yazid al-Abshamiyah.
Buqayrah She was a narrator of Hadith, she died in 119 AH (AN)
Burdah She was al-Suraymiyah, and a very dutiful worshipper.
Burum Bud, blossom; sing. of Baraim.
Busaina Diminutive of Basna, beautiful woman.
Busayrah She was a female companion RA and also a muhajirah, who migrated to Madinah.
Bushra Good news, glad tidings.
Busrah This was the name of the daughter of Safwan bin Nawfal; She was a companion and she lived until the era of Muawiyah.
Bustan Garden, orchard.
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Dafiya Narrator of Hadith, daughter of Muhammad bin Bisharah.
Dahma She was a scholar of religion and had learnt from her brother al-Imam al-Mahdi.
Daiba Assiduous, persistent, devoted.
Dalal Coquetry, pampering.
Dalia Dahlia, flower.
Danish Wisdom, learning.
Danish Ara Endowed with wisdom, learning.
Daniya Kind hearted, the one who gets near.
Dara Halo (of the moon).
Darakhshan Shining.
Daria Learned, knowing.
Darkhshanda Splendid, glittering.
Darra pearl, brilliant, teat, udder; name of a Sahabiyah RA, daughter of Abu Lahab.
Daulah Wealth, empire, state, power.
Dawha Lofty tree with many branches, family tree.
Dawlat Khatoon. She was from a ruling family.
Deeba Brocade.
Deenah Obedience.
Dil Heart, mind.
Dilara Beloved, one who decorates heart.
Dildar Having a big heart. Wife of Mughal emperor Babur.
Dilkash Attractive, captivating.
Dilruba Heart-ravishing, a beloved object.
Dilshad Happy, glad, cheerful.
Dilshad Khatoon She lived between 730-750.
Dima An incessant gentle rain unaccompanied by wind, thunder, or lightning.
Diya Light
Doha Forenoon.
Dua Pray
Dujanah A great rain, name of a woman.
Dunya World, earth.
Durdanah Pearl-grain
Dur-e-Shahwar Kings worthy pearl
Durr Pearls.
Durrah Pearl. A sahabia i.e. a Muslim woman who lived in time of Prophet Muhammad.
Durriya Glittering, sparkling, twinkling, brilliant.
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Emaan Faith
Erum Heaven
Eshal The name of flower in the heaven.
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Faariha Happy, glad, delighted, cheerful, joyful; fem. of Farih.
Fadia Redeemer, ransomer; fem. of Fadi.
Fadwa name derived from self-sacrifice
Faheemah Intelligent.
Fahhama Very intelligent, learned, very understanding.
Fahm Intellect, intelligence, insight.
Fahm Ara Adorned with intellect, intelligent.
Fahmida Intelligent, judicious.
Faida Benefit, advantage, gain, worth, welfare.
Faiqa Excellent, outstanding, distinguished, superior, ascendant.
FAIROOZA A precious gem
Faiza Victorious, triumphant, winner, successful, prosperous; fem. of Faiz.
Fajr Dawn, rise, beginning, start.
Fakeehah Cheerful.
Fakhar Honour, pride, glory.
Fakhira Excellent, glorious, magnificent, precious, honourable.
Fakhr Glory, pride, honour.
Fakhriya Proud, honorary, glory, pride (for noble cause); fem. of Fakhri.
Fakhrun Nisa Glory of the women.
Fakhtah A dove. This was the name of Umm Hani; Alo the name of the mother of Khalid bin Yazeede.
Fakihah Fruit.
Fakira Thinker.
Falahat Welfare, benefit.
Falak Orbit, sky, celestial sphere.
Faliha Fortunate, lucky, successful, prosperous; fem. of Falih.
Falisha Happiness.
Fanila Able, worthy.
Faqiha Jurist, expert, scholar in fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence); fem. of Faqih.
Faqirah This was the name of a beautiful woman, wife of Murrah al-Asadi (AN)
Faraal Name of lion, height.
Farah Joy, happiness, cheerfulness, delight.
Fareefta Devotee, lover.
Farha Gladness, pleasure, happiness, delight.
Farhal Happy.
Farhana Glad, joyful, happy, cheerful, delighted; fem. of Farhan.
Farhat Cheer, pleasure.
Farheen Happy, glad.
Farhi Glad, happy.
Faria Tall, towering, lofty, pretty, slim, slender, fem. of Fari.
Farida Unique, matchless, singular, precious; fem. of Farid.
Fariha Happy, glad, joyful.
Farihah Brisk, Swift.
Farkhanda Blessed
Farqad Name of a Star.
Farrukh Happy, Fortunate.
Farwa Fur; (daughter of Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq).
Faryal Name.
Farzana Wise, learned.
Faseelah Some distance.
Fasiha Eloquent, fluent, well-spoken; fem. of Fasih.
Fasiya A gentle woman.
Fateenah Intelligent.
Fathiya One who wins victory after victory; fem. of Fathi.
Fatiha Opening, introduction, dawn, first.
Fatima Literally: weaner, Abstinence, daughter of Muhammad and wife of Khalifa Ali known as Sayyidat-al-Nisa (the chief of women).
Fatin Beautiful, pretty, attractive, glamorous, captivating, ravishing.
Fatinah Charming, fascinating, alluring, captivating.
Fattana Extremely beautiful, charming, captivating.
Fauqiyah High Grade
Fawha Breath of fragrance.
Fawz Success, Salvation.
Fawza Victory, triumph, success, winning, achievement.
Fawziya Triumphant, successful, victorious, fem. of Fawzi.
Fayha Good smell from heaven. Fragrance.
Fayona Beautiful, pretty.
Fayrooz Turquoise.
Fayyaza A lady who confers great favours, most generous and bountiful.
Fazeela High degree of excellence, merit, perfection, outstanding, virtue, excellence, knowledge.
Fazeen Increasing.
Fazila Virtuous, honest, excellent, superior, kind, outstanding, eminent, learned; fem. of Fazil (fadil).
Fazilatun Nisa Excellence of the women.
Feheema Intelligent, judicious, learned, erudite; fem. of Faheem.
Fida Sacrifice.
Fidda Silver.
Firdaus Paradise, heaven, garden.
Firdausi Heavenly.
Firoza Turquoise, a bright greenish-blue coloured precious stone.
Fiza Wide, open, open hearted.
Fiza Running water on land.
Fiza Enlarger, improver, who expands, magnifier.
Fozia Successful
Fuada Heart; fem. of fuad.
Fudayl Learned, scholar.
Funoon Variety, art.
Furayah Handsome, Well-built.
Furoozan Luminous, radiant.
Fuseelah Name of a narrator of Hadith who transmitted from her father, Wasilah bin al-Asqa RA who from the Prophet PBUH.
Fuzail A form of Faazil, meaning: An accomplished person; name of a saint known as Fuzail bin Iyaaz.
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Ghada Delicate young girl, beautiful young woman, youthful and beautiful woman.
Ghadeer Brook, rivulet, small stream.
Ghadia Morning, cloud.
Ghadir She was the slave of Musa al-Hadi and then Haroon Rashid (AN)
Ghafira One who hides other’s sins.
Ghaida Young and delicate, soft.
Ghalia Precious, priceless, valuable, dear, beloved.
Ghaliba Conqueror, victor, winner; fem. of Ghalib.
Ghamza Gestures.
Ghaneemah Spoils, booty.
Ghania Beauty, beautiful girl, pretty girl, danseuse.
Ghaniya Rich, wealthy, prosperous; fem. of Ghani.
Ghareebah Strange, foreign; the daughter of Salim bin Ahmad at-Tajir had this name (AN)
Ghashia Guidance.
Ghasna Bud, blossom.
Ghatiya Dynamic, moving.
Ghazal Gazelle, deer.
Ghazal A poem, ode, talk with woman.
Ghazala Gazelle, a young deer, the sun.
Ghaziya Female Warrior.
Ghibtah She was the daughter of Amer al-Mujashaiyah; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Ghina Singing, song.
Ghufayrah This was the name of a very pious woman who kept vigil in the night. (AN)
Ghufran Pardon, forgiveness.
Ghumaysa Her Kuniyah was Umm Sulaym; She was a front-rank companion RA and narrated ahadith. She died in the times of Sayyidina Usman RA.
Ghusn Branch, twig; sing. of Ghusoon.
Ghusun Pl. of Ghusn, branch, twig.
Ghuzayyah She was also known as Ghuzaylah; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Gohar Precious Stone.
Gul Flower, rose.
Gul Badan Beautiful body resembling rose.
Gul Bahar Rose spring.
Gul Barg Rose petal.
Gul Izar Rosy-cheeked.
Gul Rang Rose-coloured.
Gul Ru Rosy-faced.
Gul Rukh Rose-face.
Gulab Rose, rosewater.
Gul-e-Rana Beautiful delicate scented rose.
Gulistan Rose garden, garden.
Gulnar A plant whose flowers resemble pomegranates
Gulnaz Cute like a flower
Gulrez Rose-Sprinkler
Gulshan Rose-garden.
Gulzaar Rose-garden.
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Hababah A daughter of Ajlan; She was narrator of Hadith.
Habiba Beloved, darling, sweetheart; fem. of Habib.
Hablah A woman who earns a lot.
Haboos This was the name of noble lady who was kind and benevolent; she lived in Lebanon.
Hadaya Pl. of Hadiya, gift, present.
Hadeel Cooing of a pigeon.
Hadeeqah Garden.
Hadiya Guide to righteousness; fem. of Hadi leader.
Hadya Gift, present; sing. of Hadaya.
Haeda A woman who repents a lot.
Haemah Crazy in love.
Hafeeza Guardian, protector; fem. of Hafeez.
Haffafa Glittering, shining, thin, peaceful, gentle wind.
Hafiza Honorific title of a woman who has memorised the Quran, guardian, protector; fem. Hafiz.
Hafsa Cub; wife of Muhammad (pbuh); daughter of Khalifa Umar.
Haifa Slender, slim, of beautiful body.
Haiqa True, truly, obedient of God, prayer of God
Hajar The wife of Prophet Ibrahim AS was name Hajar AS.
Hajira Wife of Prophet Ibrahim and mother of Prophet Ismail.
Hajjah She was a narrator of Hadith, daughter of Murrah; another narrator by the same name was the daughter of Murayt (AN).
Hajna The daughter of Nusayb, she was a poetess. (AN)
Hakeema Wise, sage, judicious, prudent; fem. of Hakeem. A Sahabia i.e. a Muslim woman who lived in time of the Prophet Muhammad.
Hakima Ruler, queen.
Hala Halo, ring around the eye, aureole, name of the sister of Khadija, the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
Haleema Clement, patient, tolerant, gentle; fem. of Halim. Halima Al-Sadiyah: foster mother of the Prophet Muhammad.
Halia Aware, knowing.
Halima Dreamer, visionary.
Hamama Dove, pigeon.
Hamama Bearer.
Hamas Low and soft sound, heartbeat.
Hamda Praised, laudation of Allah; fem. of Hamd.
Hamdan Much praise. A tribe in Arabia.
Hameeda Praised, commended, praiseworthy, commendable; fem. of Hamid.
Hamida Praiser (of Allah); fem. of Hamid.
Hamima Close friend.
Hammada Praising (God).
Hamnah The daughter of Jahsh al-Asdiyah was so named; she narrated Hadith.
Hamra Red.
Hana Happiness, bliss, felicity.
Hana Merciful, kind hearted.
Hanan Compassion, affection, love, mercy, tenderness, warm-heartedness.
Hanfa Name of the wife of Sayyidina Ismail AS.
Hani Pleasant.
Hania Happy, delighted.
Hanifa True, one of true faith, upright; fem. of Hanif.
Hanin Desire, longing, yearning.
Haniya Pleasant, happy.
Hanna Compassion, sympathy, pity.
Hanoon Compassionate, merciful, affectionate, tender-hearted, soft-hearted.
Hanoona Compassionate; fem. of Hanun.
Hareem House, walls of a house.
Hareer Silk.
Harisa Cultivator, lioness; fem. of Haris (Harith).
Harisa Guard, protector (f.).
Haroona Protector, messenger.
Hasana Good deed, kind act, favour; sing. of Hasanat.
Hashmat Modesty, bashfulness, decency, decorum.
Hasiba Highborn, respected, noble; fem. of Hasib.
Hasifa Judicious, wise, prudent, sagacious, endowed with sound judgement; fem. of Hasif.
Hasina Pretty, beautiful.
Hasna Pious, beautiful woman.
Hasnat Virtues.
Hassana Most beautiful woman, most sweetheart.
Hatima Generous.
Hawiya Dominant.
Hawla Intelligent.
Hawwa A beautiful girl with a ruddy complexion, Eve; wife of Adam, mother of mankind.
Haya Shyness, bashfulness, coyness, modesty.
Hayat Life.
Hayrah She was a well-=known narrator of Hadith from the generation after the companions (AN)
Hazar Kind of nightingale.
Hazeena Autumn, treasure, forever.
Hazeerah Wise.
Hazima Firm, energetic, judicious, discreet, prudent; fem. of Hazim.
Haziqa Clever, shrewd.
Hazzafa The name of Hazrat Haleema Saadia’s daughter.
Hena Greenery
Hiba Gift, present.
Hibatullah Gift of God.
Hijab Daughter of a Scholar from Baghdad.
Hikmat Wisdom.
Hilal Crescent, new moon.
Hina The Indian privet; a shrub, the leaves of which are used for dyeing the hands, feet and hair.
Hind Proper name.
Hindah She was the wife of Abu Sufyan (some versions call her Hind).
Hira A peak near Makkah where Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to worship Allah.
Hiyam Passionate love.
Hoor A virgin maiden of Paradise for its dwellers.
Hooriya Virgin of Paradise, houri, nymph.
Hoorulain The most beautiful HUR with beautiful eyes.
Hoyam Passionate love.
Hubayshah She was the daughter of Hubaysh al-Aamiriyah; she was a poetess.
Hubba She was a beautiful woman, daughter of Maalik bin Amr al-Adwaniyah (AN)
Huboor Happiness.
Huda Right guidance, right path.
Hujaymah Attack.
Hujayrah She was a narrator of Hadith, daughter of Husayn.
Hukayman She was the daughter of Umaymah daughter of Ruqayqah RA a companion.
Huma An imaginary bird.
Humaida Praised; fem. of Humaid.
Humaira Of red colour. Name of Ayesha, wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
Hunaydah The wife of Ibrahim al-Nakhee was so named, as also the daughter of Shurayk. (AN). Whe was a narrator of Hadith.
Hura Free woman
Hurmat Respect, dignity or something declared, sacred by religion.
Hurriya Freedom, liberty.
Husaina Diminutive of Husn, beauty.
Hushaima Diminutive of Hishma, modesty.
Husn Beauty, gracefulness, prettiness.
Husn Ara Adorned with beauty.
Husna Most pious, good outcome; fem. of Ahsan.
Husni Possessing beauty.
Husniya Beautiful, pretty.
Huzuz Pl. of Hazz, fortune, good luck.
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Iba Pride, disdain.
Ibadat Worship.
Ibrisam Silk.
Ibrisami Silken.
Ibriz Pure gold.
Ibtihaj Joy, delight.
Ibtihal Prayer, supplication.
Ibtisam Smile.
Ibtisama Smile.
Idrak Intellect, perception, achievement, attainment.
Iffah Purity, modesty.
Iffat Purity, chastity, modesty, virtue, abstinence.
Iffat-Ara Decorator of Chastity
Ifra Height, sublimity.
Ifrah To make happy.
Iftikhar Pride.
Iftinan enchantment, captivation
Ihtisham Chastity, modesty, decency, decorum.
Ijlal Glorification, exaltation, honour, distinction, respect.
Ijliyah The daughter of al-Asturlabi al-Ijli.
Ikhlas Sincerity, honesty, integrity, fidelity, faithfulness.
Iklil Crown, garland, wreath.
Ikram Honour, glory, respect, generosity, hospitality.
Ilham Intuition, inspiration, revelation.
Ilm A slave gifl belonging to Zubaydah, wife of Harun al-Rashid had this name.
Iltimas Request, appeal, entreaty.
Ilyas Name of a Prophet of Allah. He was called Ilyaseen as well.
Imaan Faith
Iman Belief, faith in Allah.
Imrana Population, socialism.
Imtinan Gratitude, gratefulness, thankfulness.
Imtisal Obedience, conforming to, in compliance with.
Imtiyaz Distinction, mark of honour, intelligent.
Inam Gift, present, act of kindness, benefaction, bestowal.
Inan A slave girl belonging to Harun al-Rashid.
Inas Friendliness, cordiality, sociability.
Inayat Concern, solicitude.
Inshirah Joy, delight, happiness, cheerfulness.
Intisar Victory, triumph; sing.
Intisarat Pl. of Intisar, victory, triumph.
Iqamat Calm, peace, staying.
Iqra Study, read.
Iradat Wish, desire, intention.
Iraj Flower
Iram The Paradise of Shadad, Eden.
Irtiza Contentment, approval.
Isad Making happy of prosperous, blessing.
Ishraq Brilliance, radiance, shining.
Ishrat Pleasure, enjoyment, delight.
Islah Making right, making good, improvement, betterment.
Ismat Purity, honour, protection, chastity, modesty.
Ismat-Ara Decorator of modesty
Isood A woman of delicate body.
Isra Walking in the night, Journeys by night.Name of Sura in Quran also known as Bani Israil
Istabraq Brocade.
Itidal Moderateness, moderation, mildness, rectitude.
Itimad Reliance, dependence.
Itrat Lineage, descendants of Holy Prophet (PBUH).
Izaz Honour, esteem, regard, affection.
Izdihar Prosperity, flourishing, bloom, blossoming.
Izma Higher poistion, Esteemed previledge & honour.
Izz The daughter of al-Haytam Muhammad bin al-Haysam was so named.
Izza Honour, fame, power.
Izza an-Nisa She was the daughter of Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz bin Ali bin Hibbat Allah bin Khuldoon. She narrated hadith.
Izzat Honor; esteem, integrity.
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Jaan Life.
Jabalah Daughter of Musafh; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Jabarah A bracelet.
Jabin Forehead.
Jadida New, fresh.
Jahan World.
Jahan Ara Adorning the world. Daughter of Mughal emperor Shah Jahaan.
Jahan Khatoon She was a Persian poet.
Jahdamah She was a female companion of the Prophet PBUH.
Jala Bringing to light, shining, clarity.
Jaleelah Dignified.
Jaleesah Companion
Jalila Great, exalted, magnificent; fem. of Jalil.
Jalwa Sight, show.
Jamal Beauty.
Jamala Beautiful, pretty, moon-faced.
Jamia Gatherer, collector, author, writer; fem. of Jami.
Jamila Beautiful, elegant, pretty; fem. of Jamil. Daughter of Khalifa Umar.
Jamilah Beautiful.
Janaan Pretty, sweet-heart; pl. of Jan, life.
Janan Heart, soul, pretty.
Janna Garden, paradise.
Jannat Heaven, paradise.
Jannatul Firdaus Garden of Paradise.
Jariyah Slave girl.
Jasrah Daughter of Dijajah al-Amiriyah, and a narrator of Hadith.
Jassia One who sits, name of a Surrah of Al-Quran.
Jawahir Precious.
Jawda Excellence, high, quality, fineness.
Jawedan Immortal, lasting.
Jawhara Jewel, gem, essence.
Jaza Reward.
Jazibiyya Attraction, charm, appeal.
Jibla Nature, natural disposition.
Jina Princess, lucky, patrician,
Jinan Pl. of Jannat, garden, paradise.
Joindah God’s gift.
Joodi Kind, working.
Joya Searcher.
Judaala Distinct.
Judamah She was the daughter of Wahb; she was a companion and a narrator of Hadith.
Juhaymah There is a suggestion that her name was Hujaymah, she was Umm ad-Darda, and a narrator of Hadith.
Juhi Fragrant flower.
Jumaina Diminutive of Jumana, small pearl.
Jumana Pearl.
Jumaymah Name of a female companion.
Junayna Little garden.
Juni Lovable.
Junna Shelter.
Juveria Diminutive of Jooriyah, damask rose. Wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
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Kabeesha This was the name of a poetess, daughter of al-Waqa (AN).
Kabira Great.
Kabira Leader, heroic woman.
Kabshah She was a companion; she was the daughter of Sabit bin al-Munzir al-Ansari (AN)
Kaheela Labour, triumph, trial.
Kaif A state of joy.
Kaifiya Ecstatic, mirghful, gayhooppy.
Kaina Leader woman.
Kainaat Universe
Kakuli Crest, tuft on the head of an animal like comb of a cock.
Kaleemah Speaker.
Kalsam Name of al-Qarshiyah who transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah (AN)
Kalsoom Name of prophet Muhammad PBUH daughter.
Kamaliyah Perfection: name of a traditionalist, daughter of Muhammad bin Muhammad al-Hashmiyah al-Makkiyah RA.
Kamila Perfect, complete, genuine; fem. of Kamil.
Kaneezah Firm (of flish), sturdy (of body).
Kaniz Maid servant, female servant, virgin.
Kanwal A flower of water, water-lilly.
Kanz Treasure.
Kanzah Treasure; She was a poetess (AN)
Karam Generosity, bounty, noble nature.
Karamat Miracle.
Kardawaiyah A ious woman, daughter of Amr al-Basriyah was so name (AN)
Karima Kind, generous, benevolent, open-handed, bountiful, noble; fem. of Karim.
Kariman Generous lady.
Karma Vine, grapevine, kind, generous.
Kas Glass; This was the name of a woman, daughter of Buhayr bin Jundub.
Kashfiya Enlightenment.
Kashida Hardworking.
Kashifah Revealer of Secrets.
Kashira Jubiliant, jovial.
Kashmala Necklace of flowers, Garland
Kashooda Attractive.
Kashud Bloom, success, benefit.
Kasirah Plenty.
Kasool A girl brought up by tender care, sluggish girl.
Kasturi Musk, a song bird.
Kaureen Beautiful girl, pretty girl.
Kausar Abundance, name of a fountain, in the paradise.
Kauser A Fountain in heaven
Kawkab Star, satellite.
Kaysah Daughter of Abu Bakr al-Saqafi, was a narrator of Hadith.
Kazima One who controls or suppresses her anger; fem. of Kazim.
Kehkashan Galaxy.
Khabira Aware, knowing.
Khadija The first wife of the Prophet Muhammad who was the first to embrace Islam.
Khadra Green, verdant.
Khair Good, blessing, boon, wealth, fortune.
Khaira The best, prime, top, flower, cream; sing. of khairat.
Khairat Pl. of Khaira, blessing, good work.
Khairiya Charity, benevolence, beneficence, good.
Khairun Nisa Best of women. Epithet of Khadija, the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
Khalida Permanent, immortal, eternal; fem. of Khalid.
Khalisa Pure, true, clear, real; fem. of Khalis.
Khalwat Solitude.
Khanam Princess, noble woman.
Khansa Proper name (famous Arabic poetess), pug-nosed.
Kharijah External.
Kharqa Strong wind.
Khashar Decorated, ornamented.
Khashia Pious, devout; fem. of Khashi.
Khashifa Disclosing, divulging.
Khasiba Fruitful, fertile, prolific, prodigal, productive; fem. of Khasib.
Khatiba Orator, speaker, fianc’e.
Khatiba Speaker.
Khatira Wish, desire.
Khatoon Noblewoman, lady.
Khaula A buck, deer, name of a well-known Sahabi i.e. companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
Khawara The sunlight, east.
Khazanah Treasure; She was the daughter of Khalid bin Jafar bin Qurt. She was a poetess.
Khazeena Arsenal, treasure house.
Khidrah Green.
Khitfa Erroneus, forgetful.
Khudamah Service, name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Khudra Greenery, greenness, verdancy.
Khulaidah Permanent, name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr and the name of a Sahabiyyah.
Khulat Love, friend.
Khulaybah This was the name of an Arab poetess.
Khuld Paradise, heaven, eternal.
Khulud Immortality.
Khurmi Happiness, leisure.
Khursheed Sun.
Khurshid Jahan sun of the world
Khushbakht Lucky.
Khushbu Fragrance, scent.
Khushnuda Delighted, agreed, happy, joyous.
Khuwailah A little or young female gazelle; name of a women.
Khuzama Lavender, tulip.
Kinza Intelligent
Kiran Ray, beam.
Kishwar Country.
Kohinoor The mountain of light, name of a diamond that was a prized possession of the Mughals.
Komal Beautiful, Soft
Korina Exalted, sublime, nice.
Kowaisah Handsome, pretty, name of a Sahaabiyah.
Kuaybah A distinguished woman of her times was so named. She was the daughter of Saad al-Aslamiyah and she offered allegiance (bayah) to the Prophet PBUH.
Kubra Great, senior, (Al-Khubra – Epithet of Khadija).
Kuhaylah This was the name of a pious, learned woman who was a good speaker (AN)
Kulsoom Full of flesh about the face and cheeks, rosy, healthy cheeks, chubby cheeks.
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Laal Pearl, ruby.
Labiba Intelligent, judicious, sensible, understanding, sagacious, wise, prudent, wise; fem. of Labib.
Lafiza As deep as a sea.
Lahifa Helper.
Laiba Name of a Hoor in Heaven
Laiha Glittering.
Lail Night.
Laila Of the Night.
Laiqa Worthy, deserving, elegant, capable, decent.
Lakhsha Glittering.
Lala Flower.
Lama Darkness of inner lips, it is considered to be beautiful.
Lamia Brilliant, lustrous, shining, radiant.
Lamis Tender woman.
Lamisa Soft to touch.
Lamiya With beautiful curls.
Lamya Dark-lipped (from inside).
Laraib Not suspicious, truth.
Laseef Glitter.
Latifa Pretty, charming, gentle, sweet, refined, kind, pleasantry, humour, friendly; fem. of Latif.
Latimah Scent.
Lawaiza The girl who was born to Eve with Abel.
Layaan Gentleness, softness, tenderness.
Layina Tender, supple, resilient.
Layla Night, A well-known character in Arabic literature i.e. the beloved of Majnoon.
Layyah Twist, Flexure.
Lina Gentle, soft, tender, ‘a kind of palm’.
Liza Dedicated for Allah.
Lubaba Essence, core, gist.
Lubana Wish, desire.
Lubna A tree which yields an aromatic resin used in perfume and medicine i.e. storax-tree.
Lulu Pearls.
Lulua Pearl.
Luna Moon.
Lutf Kindness, friendliness, courtesy, delicate, grace, favour from Allah.
Lutfana Kind, helper.
Lutfiya Delicate, graceful.
Lutfun Nisa Grace of women.
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Ma as-sama A noble hearted, generous lady, daughter of al-Muzaffar had this name.
Mabrooka Blessed, prosperous, abundant; fem. of Mabrook.
Madaniya Civilized, urbane, polished.
Madiha Praiseworthy, commendation, commendable.
Mah Moon.
Mah Jabin Beautiful, brow like the moon.
Mah Liqa Moon-like (face).
Mah Naz Humble moon (that would disappear on touch).
Mah Noor Moonlight.
Mah Rukh Face as bright as the moon.
Maha Wild cow (representing beauty).
Mahala Brave.
Mahalfa Opponent.
Maham Wife of mughal emperor Zahiruddin Baber, mother of Hamayun.
Mahasin Pl. of Mahsana, beauty, charm, charming, attraction, virtue, merit.
Mahbasah A narrator of Hadith, al-Bahiliyah had this name.
Mahbooba Dear, beloved sweetheart; fem. of Mahboob.
Mahdiya Rightly guided; fem. of Mahdi.
Maheen Like moon.
mahek Fragrance
Mahfooza Safeguarded, well-protected; fem. of mahfooz.
Mahin Fine, subtle, thin.
Mahira Skilled, skilful, proficient; fem. of Mahir.
Mahjooba Hidden, covered, screened; fem. of Mahjoob.
Mahmooda Praised, praiseworthy, elegant, lauded.
Mahmoodatun Nisa Praised (one) of the women.
Mahnaz Pride of the moon.
Mahparah Piece of moon
Mahrosh Piece of moon, pleasant.
Mahroz One who has a face like moon.
Mahtab Moonlight.
Mahtalat Moon-faced
Mahveen Light of the Sun.
Mahwish Moon-faced, beautiful as moon.
Maida Dining table, a chapter of Quran
Mailiha Beautiful, the one with darker shade.
Maimana Right, right-hand side, right wing (of army).
Maimoona Auspicious, prosperous, lucky, fortunate, blessed; fem. of Maimoon.
Maira Favourable, admirable.
Maisa Walking with a proud gait.
Maisaa To walk with a proud swinging gait.
Maisara Prosperity, abundance, wealth, affluence; left, left-hand side, left wing (of army).
Maisoon Of beautiful face and body.
Maisoora Ease; successful, fortunate, lucky, prosperous; fem. of maisoor.
Majda Glory, honour, nobility.
Majdiya Glorious.
Majeeda Glorious, noble, sublime, exalted; fem. of majeed.
Majida Glorious, noble, respected, exalted, fem. of majid.
Makarim Of good and honourable character.
Maktoomah Name of a female singer of the past.
Maktoonah Name of a singer and a beautiful lady of the past.
Malaha Beauty, grace, elegance.
Malaika Angels.
Malak Angel.
Maleeka Queen; fem. of Maleek.
Maliha Beautiful, pretty, good-looking; fem. of Malih.
Malika Reigning, ruling.
Malka Fem. of Malik; queen.
Mamoona Trustworthy, honest, faithful, reliable; fem of Mamoon.
Manahil Pl. of manhal, spring, of salubrious water, fountain.
Manal Attainment, achievement, acquisition.
Manar Guiding light, light-house.
Manara Fem. of Manar: light-house.
Mandal Fragrant wood.
Manfoosah She was the daughter of Abu Yazid bin Abu al-FAwaris; a very pious woman, she wept often for fear of Allah.
Manhalah Spring; Name of many Arab women.
Mann Gift, present, favour, benefit, boon.
Mannana Bountiful, generous; fem. of mannan.
Mansoora Assisted, victorious, supported, triumphant; fem. of Mansoor.
Manzoora Approved of, chosen, promising; fem. of Manzoor.
Maqboola Accepted, admitted, granted, approved; fem. of Maqbool.
Maqsooda Intended, destined.
Marab Wish, desire, purpose, use, aim; sing. of Marib.
Maram Wish, desire, aspiration.
Marghuba Coveted, desired.
Maria A lady with fair complexion, kind of bird. Wife of Muhammad who gave birth to son named Ibrahim.
Mariam Mother of the Prophet Isa (Jesus), the Biblical Mary.
Marib Pl. of Marab, wish.
Maridah A slave-girl of Haroon Rashid had this name.
Mariha Joyful, cheerful, lively.
Mariya A learned woman of Andulus had this name; she was the daughter of Abu Yaqoob al-Faysali.
Marjan Small pearls, corals.
Marjanah Precious stone; She was the mother of Prophet Isa AS and has been mentioned in the Quran frequently and a whole Surah is named after her.
Maroofa Famous, known, eminent, kindness, kind act; fem. of Maruf.
Marqooma Writter, stated, well-defined.
Marwa Flint-stone.
Maryam Pious, mother of Hazrat Isa (AS) i.e. Jesus.
Marziya Accepted, well-pleased, one who is pleasing.
Marzooqa blessed, fortunate, prosperous, successful; fem. of Marzooq
Mas For Almas; diamond. (only almas is used as name).
Masabih Pl. of Misbah, lamp.
Masarrat Joy, delight, pleasure, gladness, happiness.
Mashal Light, bright fire, flame.
Mashhuda Present, manifest.
Mashia wish, desire, will (of Allah)
Mashmool Included, sought, after, searched for.
Masira Noble.
Masooda Fortunate, happy, lucky, prosperous, gracious, favourable, august; fem. of Masood.
Masooma Innocent, sinless, safe-guarded, protected; fem. of Masoom.
Masoon Safeguarded, well-protected.
Masrurah Glad, happy, delighted.
Mastura Latent, hidden, chaste.
Matina Strong, solid, of resolute mind.
Mausooma Namely, viz.
Mavisha Blessing of life.
Mawadda Friendship, intimacy, affection, love.
Mawhiba Gift, talent; sing. of Mawahib.
Mawhooba Gifted, talented, favoured; fem. of Mawhoob.
Mawsoofa Worthy of description, portrayed, endowed with laudable qualities; fem. of Mawsoof.
Maya Nature, wealth, power, quantity.
Mayyada To walk with swinging gait.
Mazida Increase, excess, high degree, maximum; fem. of Mazid.
Maziyah Excellence, merit, virtue.
Mehak Fragrance
Mehr Sun, affection.
Mehreen Loving nature.
Mehrin Loving, The sun, The moon.
Mehrin Loving, affectionate, sun, moon.
Mehrun Nisa Sun of the women.
Mehtab Moon.
Mehvish Shining Star
Menaal Special flower of heaven.
Merwa A mountain in mekkah.
Midhat Praise, eulogy.
Mina Pearl, bead.
Minnat Grace, kindness, favour, gift.
Minoo Paradise.
Miral Doe
Misaal Example, copy.
Misam Impression, mark, beauty.
Misbah Lamp, Light.
Mishal Lightened, sparkling, shining.
Mishel A Light
Miskeenah Humble.
Mohsana Chaste, virtuous, protected, sheltered, pure, modest, married woman.
Mohsina Benevolent, beneficent, charitable, humanitarian; fem. of Muhsin.
Momina Believer (in Islam); fem. of Mumin.
Mona Pl. of Monya, wish, desire.
Muazah Daughter of Abdullah al-Adowiyah was a narrator of Hadith.
Muazza Elevated, exalted.
Muazzama Exalted, respected, glorified; fem. of Muazzam.
Mubaraka Blessed, fortunate, lucky, auspicious; fem. of Mubarak.
Mubashirah Bringer of good news.
Mubassirah One who comments.
Mubina Clear, manifest, plain, distinct; fem. of Mubin.
Mueenah Helper.
Mueerah The sister of Hajjaj bin Hassan al-Jamimi had this name.
Mufazzalah A poetess of the past had this name.
Mufida Beneficial, advantageous, favourable, useful, profitable.
Mugheesah One who helps.
Mughirah Daughter of Hassan; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Muhabbat Love, affection.
Muhariba Fighter, one who entangles.
Muhayya Countenance, face, look.
Muhja Heart, soul.
Muhra Filly, a female pony.
Muida Reviser, teacher, fem. of Muid.
Mujahida One who struggles, strives, or fights for the cause of Islam; fem. of Mujahid.
Mujiba One who answers or grants something.
Mukarrama Honoured, revered, honourable; fem. of Mukarram.
Mukhlisa Devoted, faithful, pure-hearted.
Mukhtar Free.
Mulayka Diminutive of Malaka, angel.
Mulook Pl. of Malik, king.
Mumtaz Distinguished, exalted, superior, outstanding.
Mumtaz Mahal Wife of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.
Mumtaza Fem. of Mumtaz.
Munaam Soft, delicate.
Munas Sabah Wishes of the dawn.
Munawwar Shining, Bright.
Munawwara Illuminated, brilliant, full of light; fem. of Munawwar.
Munazza Devoid of faults, pure.
Muneeah Name of a Slave-girl of Amr bin al-Ala.
Muniba One who turns towards Allah, one who repents.
Munifa Eminent, exalted, superior, high, lofty; fem. of Munif.
Munira bright, brilliant, shedding light, radiant, luminous, shining; fem. of Munir
Munisa Sociable, friendly, kind, gentle; fem. of Munis.
Munjiyah A woman who saves someone.
Muntahi Last limit of height.
Munya Wish, desire, object of desire; sing. of Muna, wishes.
Munyatul Muna Wish of wishes.
Muqadas Holy
Muqaddasa Sacred, holy.
Muqbala This was the name of a narrator of Hadith, daughter of Ali al-Bazzaz.
Murdiyyah Chosen one.
Muriha Restful, soothing.
Murshida Leader, guide, adviser, counsellor; fem. of Murshid.
Musaddas A poem of six verses.
Musaddiqa One who affirms the truth.
Musarrat Pleasure
Musawat Equality.
Musaykah She was the mother of Yusuf bin Mahik and she narrated Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah RA.
Musfirah Bright Face
Mushahida Observance, evidence, study.
Musharrafa Honoured, elevated.
Mushira Counsellor, adviser; fem. of Mushir.
Mushtari Jupiter.
Muskan Smiling
Muslima Follower of the religion of Islam; fem. of Muslim.
Mussah She was Mussah al-Azdiyah, mother of Bussah; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Mustaeenah One who prays for help.
Mutahhara Purified, chaste.
Mutazah A narrator of Hadith of the later period.
Mutia Obedient, pious, devoted, faithful; fem. of Muti.
Muwaffaqa Successful, prosperous, lucky, fortunate; fem. of Muwaffaq.
Muyassar Successful, lucky, prosperous.
Muzaina Diminutive of Muzna, rain, clouds.
Muzna Rain clouds.
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Naaz Glory, pride, elegance, gracefulness, fresh.
Naazira One with healthy and happy looks, radiant, flourishing, resplendent, bright, beaming.
Naba Famous, good, pious.
Nabaha Fame, nobility, intelligence, brightness, brilliance.
Nabawiya Prophetic.
Nabeeha Noble, famous, eminent, distinguished, brilliant, intelligent; fem. of Nabih.
Nabiha Noble, famous, eminent, distinguished, brilliant; fem. of Nabih.
Nabila Noble, highborn, magnanimous, beautiful, intelligent, honourable; fem. of nabil.
Nadaa Dew, generosity, liberality, magnanimity.
Nadi Moist, damp, tender, delicate.
Nadia The caller.
Nadida Rival, equal.
Nadima Intimate friend, companion; fem. of Nadim.
Nadira Rare, extraordinary, choice, precious; fem. of Nadir.
Nadiyya Fem. of Nadi, dew, generosity, damp, tender, delicate.
Nadra Radiance, bloom, glamour, brightness, opulence, wealth.
Nadwa Council, club.
Naeema Happiness, peaceful, comfort, ease, pleasure, smooth, tender, bliss; fem. of Naim.
Nafasat Purity, refinement.
Nafay One who gets profit.
Nafia Profitable, beneficial, advantageous, useful, beneficial; fem. of Nafi.
Nafisa Refined, pure, precious, delicate, choice, exquisite.
Nageenah Precious Stone.
Naghma Melody, song.
Nahar Day i.e. daytime.
Nahid Venus.
Nahida Fem. of Nahid.
Nahiya One who advises, adviser.
Nahiza Elevated, deligent.
Nahla Bee.
Naida A Nymph
Naifah This was the name of a well-known, woman loved by the masses for her kindness and generosity, her advice was sought by the people.
Nail Winner, achiever, a boon, gift, acquirer.
Naila Fem. of nail.
Naima Delicate, soft, smooth.
Naira Shining, glittering.
Najah Success.
Najat Safety, rescue, salvation, deliverance.
Najdah Courage, bravery, help, succour.
Najia Saved, liberated; fem. of Naji.
Najiba Noble, exce4llent, generous, praiseworthy, distinguished, aristocratic.
Najida Brave; a lady who accomplishes difficult tasks.
Najidah Succor, Help.
Najiha Successful, prosperous; fem. of Najih.
Najiya Intimate friend, bosom friend; fem. of Naji.
Najla Large-eyed, wide-eyed.
Najm Star, planet.
Najma Star, a fine species of grass.
Najmus Sahar The morning star.
Najwa Confidential talk, secret conversation.
Najwan Saved, liberated.
Nakhat Fragrance.
Nama Gift, present, grace, favour, kindness.
Nameera Delicious water, pious woman.
Namia Force to move forward, force to expand
Naqa Purity, refinement, clarity.
Naqiba Mind, intellect, leader.
Naqiya Clear, pure, clean; fem. of Naqi.
Nargis Narcissus (flower).
Narjis Narcissus (flower).
Narmin A flower, delicate, soft, slender.
Naseera Helper, protector, friend, patron; fem. of Nasir.
Nasha Scent, perfume.
Nashat Liveliness, vigour, cheerfulness, joy, sprightliness, energy, vivacity.
Nasheem Breeze, morning air.
Nashida Relaxation, joyance.
Nashika One who forgives, forgiver.
Nashirah Publisher; diffuser, spreader.
Nashita Energetic, dynamic, lively, fresh, vigorous.
Nashwa Fragrance, aroma.
Nashwaa Elated, exultant, flushed, enraptured; fem. of Nashwan.
Nasia Clear, pure; fem. of Nasi.
Nasiba Noble, highborn; fem. of Nasib.
Nasifa Just, equitable.
Nasiha Advisor, sincere.
Nasihah Advisor.
Nasila Honey that flows from the comb.
Nasim Breeze, gentle wind, fresh air, zephyr, fragrant air.
Nasima Fem. of Nasim, zephyr, gentle wind.
Nasiqa One who manages, organiser.
Nasira Helper, aide, assistant, protector.
Nasooh Advised, suggested.
Nasra Helper
Nasreen Jonquil, Narcissus, wild rose, Jericho rose.
Nasya Reformer, advisor.
Natasha Gift of Allah
Natila Relation, way, sake.
Natiqa One endowed with speech, eloquent, spokesperson; fem. of Natiq.
Naureen Bright light.
Naushabah Elixir.
Nawal Gift, present, grant, favour, grace, kindness.
Nawar Flower, bud, blossom.
Naweed Good news.
Nawfa Excess, surplus.
Nawla Gift, present, grant, favour, grace.
Nawra Blossom, flower.
Nayab Scarce
Nayyar Sun.
Nayyara Luminous, shining; fem. of Nayyir.
Nazaha Purity, righteousness, chastity, virtue, honesty.
Nazakat Delicacy, subtlety.
Nazan Proud, vain, haughty.
Nazanin Elegant, delicate, beloved.
Nazara Bloom, beauty.
Nazarat Freshness of splendour.
Nazeeha Pure, virtuous, honest; fem. of Nazih.
Nazeera Warner, anything offered as a token of respect, anything given as sacrifice, a child who has been dedicated by his parents to serve Allah.
Nazeera Equal, like, alike, resembling, match, comparable; fem. of Nazir.
Naziah Companion, friend.
Naziah Sharpness, cold, a large bowl.
Nazifa Pure, clean, neat, chaste, innocent; fem. of Nazif.
Naziha Pure, honest.
Nazila Lovely, charming.
Nazima Arranger, organizer, poetess; fem. of Nazim.
Nazindah Name of a liberal woman of Baghdad; she founded a college with religious school.
Nazira Observer, supervisor.
Nazish Proud, lover.
Nazli Delicate, feminine.
Nazneen Beautiful, delicate.
Nazpari A queen of ancient persia.
Nazrat Pride, nice, great.
Nazuk Delicate; The daughter of Muhammad bin Ibrahim had this name. She was a narrator of Hadith.
Neelam A precious stone of sky blue colour.
Neelma Bluish, Like blue.
Neha Love, rain.
Nehla Present, gift; sing of Nihel.
Niaz Desire, urge to express love.
Nibal Arrows.
Nibras Lamp.
Nida Call.
Nigar Picture, portrait, sweetheart.
Nighat Odour, perfume, fragrance.
Niha Bright one, naughty one.
Nihel Presents, gifts.
Nihla Present, gift; sing. of Nihel.
Nikhat Sweet Smell
Nilofar Water-lily.
Nilofer Wild Mountain Rose.
Nimaat Blessings, boons, bounties; pl. of Nimat.
Nimat Blessing, boon, favour, a gift from Allah, grace bounty.
Nimra Soft, Lion.
Nina Favor
Nisa Women.
Nishat Happiness, intoxication.
Niyyat Intention, determination, resolution.
Nofal Blessing, donation.
Noor Light, illumination.
Noor Jahan Light of the world.
Noora Light; fem. of Noor.
Nooraniyah Luminous, brilliant.
Nooruddunya Light of the world.
Noorulain Peace of eyes, light of eyes.
Noorun Nisa Light of the women.
Noreen Bright.
Noreenah A sweet dish.
Noshi Of pleasant taste.
Noshin Sweet, pleasant, (i.e. dream).
Nuboogh Distinction, eminence, excellence, superiority.
Nudbah Lament, Scar; Mark.
Nudoora Rareness.
Nudra Rarity, rareness. .
Nudrat Singularity.
Nufaysah Name of the daughter of Munyah who arranged the marriage of the Prophet PBUH with Sayyidah Khadijah RA.
Nuha Intelligence, intellect.
Numa Displayer, viewer.
Nuriya Light, luminous, radiant, brilliant; fem. of Noori.
Nusaiba Diminutive of Nasiba, noble.
Nusrat Help, aid, assistance, support.
Nuwaira Petals of flowers
Nuwwar Pl. of Nuwwara, blossom, flower.
Nuwwara Blossom, flower.
Nuzar Pure gold.
Nuzhat pleasure trip, freshness, promenade, excursion, recreation, cheerfulness
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Obaidiyah Bondswoman of Allah
Orwiya Female mountain goat
Ozra Virgin, Virgin Mary
Ozza A baby fawn, young female deer, female fawn.
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Pakiza Pure, chaste, polite, nice, fine.
Pardaj Splendour.
Pari Fairy, fairy-like beautiful.
Parsa Chaste, devout, pious.
Parvin The Pleiades.
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Qabalah Responsibility; Name of narrator of Hadith, daughter of Yazeed.
Qabila Able, wise.
Qabool Accepted. An early woman, daughter of Abdullah, freed slave of al-Mustanjid Billah.
Qadira Powerful, able.
Qahira Overpowering, victorious.
Qaifa Estimater.
Qailah One who speaks.
Qaima Bestower.
Qamar Moon.
Qamar Jahan The moon of the world
Qamarun Nisa Moon of the women.
Qamayr Daughter of Amr al-Khufiyah, wife of Masrooq, she was a narrator of Hadith.
Qameer Wife of Masrooq bin al-Ajda daughter of Amr al-Kufiyah, she was a narrator of Hadith.
Qamra Moonlight, moonlit, bright; fem. of Aqmar.
Qanaat Patience.
Qaniah Contented.
Qantara Small bridge.
Qaraah Cloudlet; A kind lady of the Hijaz had this name.
Qareebah Near.
Qaribah Name of a woman scholar, Umm al-Buhlul, of Banu Asad.
Qarsafah She was a narrator of Hadith known as Qarsafah al-Zahliyah.
Qaseema Beautiful woman, a box in which perfumes are kept.
Qasiba One who plays at flute, flutist.
Qasida Mesenger.
Qasima Distributor, divider; fem. of Qasim.
Qasira Patient.
Qasoomah This was the name of a poetess daughter of Ismail al-Yahudi.
Qaylah Two women companions had this name.
Qaymayriyah This was the name of an early student of Hadith, wife of Masrooq.
Qaysar A name of women.
Qindeel Light.
Qisaf Birttle, a student of Hadith, daughter of Abdullah bin Damirah.
Qismat Fate, destiny, area.
Quddusiyah Sacred, Pious.
Qudsia Holiness, sacredness, glorious, sacred, celestial, a blessed girl, a pious girl.
Quraybah Utricle.
Qurratulain Cooling or delight of the eye, joy, pleasure, darling, sweetheart.
Qutaylah Daughter of Sayfi al-Ansari; she was a companion.
Qutayyah A woman studne tof Hadith who quoted the female companions and daughter of Haram had this name.
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Raaina Beautiful princess, pretty priness.
Raana Of elegant, statue, soft, lovely, beautiful, graceful, delicate.
Raani A queen.
Rabab Usually two-stringed instrument.
Rabbab A musical instrument.
Rabeea One who is well-versed.
Rabia The fourth. “Rabia Basri”, name of a saint who lived in Basrah.
Rabiha Winner, gainer; fem. Rabih.
Rabita Band, bond, link nexus.
Rabiya Spring, springtime, garden; fem. of Rabi.
Rabwa Hill.
Radifa One who is full of shame.
Radiya Veiled, covered.
Raeesa Leader, chief, princess, a noble lady, a wealthy lady.
Raeha Fragrance, perfume, scent.
Rafat Mercy, compassion, pity.
Rafeeah Sublime, high.
Rafia High ranking, noble, sublime, exquisite, exalted, eminent; fem. of Rafi.
Rafiah Exalted.
Rafida Support, prop.
Rafiqa Intimate friend, companion, associate; fem. of Rafiq.
Rafraf Cushion, eyeshade.
Raghada Comfort opulence, affluence.
Raghd Pleasant, plenty.
Raghiba Desirous, wishful, willing; fem. of Raghib.
Raghid Comfort, opulence, affluence, plenty.
Rahana Sweet basil
Rahat Rest, comfort, ease, relief.
Raheema Merciful, companionate, kind.
Rahifa Sharp; fem. of Rahif.
Rahil Wife of the Prophet Yaqub (Jacob). In the Bible she is mentioned as Rachel.
Rahilah One who travels.
Rahima Kind, compassionate; fem. of Rahim.
Rahla Happy, mirth, joyous.
Rahmat Mercy, compassion, kindness.
Raida Explorer, guide, leader, pioneer, model, example; fem. of Raid.
Raiha Smell, fragrance.
Raihana A handful of sweet basil. A bouquet of flowers; Wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
Raima Well-cultured.
Raitah An early woman narrator of Hadith, she was the daughter of Muslim.
Rajab The seventh month of the Islamic calendar.
Rajia Hopeful, hoping, full of hope; fem. of Raji.
Rajiha Superior, predominant, fem. of Rajih.
Rajini Kingly, very exclusive.
Rajiya Hope, expectation, wish.
Rajwa Hope.
Rakhas Soft and delicate, supple.
Rakhima soft, pleasant, melodious (voice)
Rakhshan Dazzling, bright.
Rakhshi Beautiful-faced, charming.
Rakhshinda Resplendant, bright.
Rakina Firm, steady; fem. of Rakin.
Ramazan The ninth month of the Islamic calendar.
Rameen Successful woman.
Rameesah Hidden.
Rameesah Wise.
Rameesah Beautiful bunch of flowers, bouquet, Umm-e-Saleem: Aunt of Prophet (PBUH)
Ramla Sand. Wife of the Prophet Muhammad Her kunya is Umm Habiba.
Ramsha Beautiful.
Ramza Coquette.
Rana To gaze, look.
Randa Scented, fragrant tree, good for decoration.
Rania Gazing.
Ranim Singing, song, music.
Raoom Loving, tender.
Raqia Superior, high ranking, educated; fem. of Raqi.
Raqiba Guardian, supervisor.
Raqiqa Delicate, fine, soft, slender, slim.
Rasee Life full of happiness.
Rasha Fawn, young gazelle.
Rashad Righteous.
Rashaqa Graceful, stature, grace, elegance.
Rasheeda Righteous, of good character, one who leads onto the right path.
Rashida Follower of the right path, mature, right minded, rightly guided; fem. of Rashid.
Rashiqa Graceful, elegant; fem. of Rashiq.
Rasikha Well-established, well-founded, stable, steady; fem. of Rasikh.
Rasima Planner, designer; fem. of Rasim.
Rasina Calm, composed.
Rasmiya Ceremonial, ceremonious, formal; fem. of Rasmi.
Ratiba Well-arranged, well-ordered.
Rauhah Happy Contented
Raunaq Beauty, grace, glamour, splendour.
Raunaq Jahan Lustre of the world.
Raushan Light, luminous, bright, splendour.
Raushan Ara Adorning light (female).
Raushan Jabin Of radiant forehead.
Raushani Light, splendour.
Rawah Rest, repose.
Rawahah A noted narrator of Hadith, daughter of Abu Umar bin Abdur Rahman al-Awzaee had this name.
Rawia Narrator, reciter, transmitter (of incident Arabic poetry).
Rawza Garden.
Raya Aroma, fragrance.
Rayia Guardian, custodian, patron, protector; fem. of Rayi.
Raytah Daughter of Hurayth, and a narrator of Hadith.
Razana Calm, composure, self-possession.
Razia Satisfied, content, well-pleased; fem. of Razi.
Raziqa One who feeds others, feeder.
Raziya Delighted, satisfied, contended, pleased; fem. of Razi.
Razwa Name of a mountain in Madina.
Rehana A handful of sweet basil.
Resham Silk, softness.
Reshma Golden Silk, Expensive.
Rida Sheet of cloth, veil, covering.
Rifa Happiness, prosperity.
Rifat Dignity, exaltation, high rank, high standing.
Riffat Altitude, Height, High, Happy, Gratefulness.
Rifqa Kindness, gentleness, company, companionship. Wife of the Prophet ishaq.
Rihab Pl. of Rahbbah, vastness, expanse.
Riham Light rain, drizzle
Rim White gazelle, antelope.
Rima White, gazelle, antelope.
Rimsha Bunch of flowers.
Riqbah Name of the wife of Prophet Ishaq AS.
Riyaz Pl. of Rawza, garden.
Riza Pleasure.
Rizwan Satisfaction, acceptance, pleasure, contentment, name of the gate-keeper of paradise.
Rizwana Fem. of Rizwan, .
Robeena Happy, girl.
Roha Soul, life.
Roheen Iron.
Rohi Life, soul
Roobi Ruby, pearl.
Roshan Bright.
Roshni Light.
Rozinah Daily wages, pension, reward.
Rua Pl. of Ruya, vision.
Ruba Pl. of Rubwa, Rabwa, hill.
Rubaba A two stringed musical instrument.
Ruban Pl. of Rubwa, hill.
Rubay She was the daughter of Muawwiz and a companion of the Propphet PBUH from her young age.
Rubina Face reader.
Rufayah An early student of Hadith.
Rufayda She was a female companion who performed surgery on the injured in a tent setup in the mosque.
Ruhaniya Spirituality.
Ruhiya Spiritual.
Ruhm She was the daughter of al-Aswad and a narrator of Hadith.
Ruhma Kind, merciful.
Rukhaylah This is also a male name.
Rukhsaar Cheek, Face.
Rukhsar Cheeks
Rukhsara Loving, charming face, beautiful.
Rukhshana Bright, brilliant, shining.
Rumaysa She was Umm Sulaym and a narrator of Hadith.
Rumayta The daughter of al-Hadis bin al-Tufayl al-Azdiyah was known by this name; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Rumman Pl. of Rummana, pomegranate.
Rummana Pomegranate.
Ruqa Pretty, beautiful.
Ruqayqah A name of some prominent women.
Ruqayya Charming, attractive, captivating. Daughter of Muhammad(s) married to Khalifa Usman.
Rushda Most rightly guided.
Rushdiya Rightly guided, on the right way, following the right path; fem. of Rushdi.
Ruwaa Beauty, grace, prettiness, comeliness, pleasing appearance.
Ruwaida Walking gently.
Ruya Seeing, viewing, looking.
Ruyaa Dream, vision.
Ruzaynah Name of the freed slave-girl of Sayyidah Safiyah RA wife of the Prophet PBUH.
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Saadat Blessing.
Saaida Branch, tributary.
Saaiqa Lightning.
Saara Wife of the Prophet Ibrahim and mother of the Prophet Ismail.
Saat Moment, time, occasion.
Saba Queen saba, queen sheba.
Saba East wind.
Sabah Morning, dawn.
Sabahat Beauty, gracefulness, handsomeness.
Sabat Firmness, stability, certainty, endurance, boldness, truth.
Sabeeha Beautiful, handsome, morning.
Sabeen Both the worlds.
Sabeera Patient, tolerant; fem. of Sabeer.
Sabha Pretty, beautiful, graceful, radiant; fem. of Sabah.
Sabia Captivating, enchanting, charming.
Sabih Pretty, beautiful, graceful.
Sabiha Coming or arriving in the morning; fem. of Sabih.
Sabina Small sword.
Sabiqa First, winner; fem. of Sabiq.
Sabira Patient, tolerant; fem. of Sabir.
Sabita Well established, certain, sure; fem. of Sabit.
Sabooha Pure, chaste.
Sabqat Supremacy.
Sabrina Princess, daughter of the king.
Sabriya Patient; fem. of Sabri.
Sabuh Shining, brilliant.
Sabura Very patient, enduring.
Sadaf Shell, Oyster.
Sadaqat Truth.
Sadat Happiness, bliss, felicity, success.
Sadeeqa Friend, companion; fem. of Sadiq.
Sadi Daughter of Awf al-Muruyyah and wife of Talhah bin UbaydAllah, she was a narrator of Hadith.
Sadida Correct, right, sound, appropriate; fem. of Sadid.
Sadiqa True, truthful, honest, sincere, faithful, veracious, devoted; fem. of Sadiq.
Sadiya Happiness, luck, blissful, fortunate; fem. of Sadi.
Sadoof Name of a poetess.
Sadooh Singer, singing.
Saduq Honest, truthful, sincere, trustworthy.
Saeeda Happy, lucky; fem. of Saeed.
Safa A hill near the sacred Kaaba; stone, rock.
Safeenah Shp; Name of a narrator of Hadith, daughter of Muhammad bin Fadl (men are also so named)
Safeerah Messenger, Ambassador.
Safia Pure, clear, crystal; fem. of Saafi.
Safira Traveller.
Safiya Pure, righteous, untroubled, serene, the most valuable portions of the spoils of battle, sincere and honest friend; fem. of Safi.
Safoor Exalted.
Safura Wife of the Prophet Musa.
Safwa The best part, elite, top, prime, flower.
Saghira Small, slender, tender.
Sahab Clouds.
Sahar Early dawn, early morning.
Sahibah Colleague.
Sahimah Partner
Sahira Moon, a spring which flows constantly.
Sahla Smooth, simple, fluent, soft, facile, easy, even; fem. of Sahl.
Saiba Straight, pertinent.
Saida Rising, ascending; fem. of Said.
Saima Fasting; fem. of Saim.
Sairi Satisfaction, saturation.
Sajida Prostrate in worship, bowing in adoration; fem. of Sajid.
Sajila Determined.
Sajiya Attractive.
Sakeeza Fragrance.
Sakha Generosity, liberality.
Sakhawat Generosity.
Sakhira One who is like a delicate flower.
Sakhiya Generous, liberal, open handed.
Sakina Calmness, comfort, ease, tranquillity, repose, serenity, peace of mind.
Sakina Daughter of al-Jadi, she was a narrator of Hadith.
Salam Peace, safety, security.
Salama Peace, safety, security; fem. of Salam.
Saleema Unhurt, affable, healthy, without defect, sound, perfect, complete, safe, secure; fem. of Salim.
Salifah Previous
Saliha Pious, virtuous, just, a chaste woman, righteous.
Salikah Following, mystic.
Salima Safe, secure, perfect, sound, complete; fem. of Salim.
Salma Pacifist, peaceful.
Salma Peaceful.
Salmah Peace, fem. of Salm.
Salsabil A spring in paradise.
Salwa Quail, solace.
Salwah Comfort, ease, amusement.
Sama Heaven, sky.
Samah Generosity, bounty, good-heartedness, large-heartedness.
Saman Price, value.
Saman Jasmine.
Samar Pleasant conversation, evening or nightly conversation.
Samara Protected By God. Soft pleasant light, She was a narrator of hadith.
Samarah A narrator of Hadith, daughter of Qays al-Ansari.
Sameeah Hearing.
Sameen Costly, precious, valuable.
Sameenah Valuable, costly, precious, priceless excellent; fem. of Smeen.
Sameenah Overweight, fat.
Sameera Companion (in nightly conversation), entertainer (with stories, music etc.) fem. of Samir.
Samia Eminent, exalted, lofty, elevated, high minded, sublime; fem. of Sami.
Samiha Generous, kind, true, sincere, good-hearted, large-hearted, open-handed; fem. of Samih.
Samim Sincere, genuine, pure, true, essence, heart.
Samima True, sincere, genuine.
Samina A healthy girl, fertile land without rock and stone.
Samiqa Lofty, towering.
Samira Fruit-bearing, fruitful, productive; fem. of Samir.
Samitah Mighty.
Samrah Profit, fruit.
Samrina Flower or fruit.
Samshad Long, Beautiful Tree
Sana Brilliance, radiance, resplendence, splendour, majestic.
Sana Praise, commendation, thankfulness, eulogy.
Sanad Support, prop, document.
Sanam Beautiful, friend, lover, loved one.
Sanaubur Cone bearing tree.
Sangeet Music, rhythm.
Saniha Tall and high, bright.
Sanina Friend, childhood friend.
Saniya Brilliant, majestic, exalted, eminent, splendid; fem. of Sani.
Sanjeeda Weighted, guarded.
Saqaafa Wisdom, prudence.
Saqat Strength, courage, power.
Saqiba Penetrating, piercing, sharp-witted, sagacious, acute; fem. of Saqib.
Sara Wealth.
Sarab Mirage.
Sarahat Explanation, detail, paraphrase.
Sareea Determined.
Sareema Determination, resolution.
Sariba Loverly.
Sarina Satisfactory, calm, cool.
Sarita Intelligent, clever, active.
Sariyah Name of a female companion of the Prophet PBUH.
Sarood Rhythm and ecstasy.
Saroor Happiness, calm, satisfaction.
Sarosh One who gives good news, unseen voice
Sarra She was a companion daughter of nabhan al-Ghanawiyah.
Sarvia Rich woman, affluent lady.
Sarwa Fortune, wealth, riches.
Sarwana Of generous and good nature.
Sarwar Chief.
Sarwari Chief ship
Sarwat Wealth.
Sarya Name of a pious woman.
Sasha Helper, assistant, supporter.
Sataish Praise.
Satila Royal.
Sauda Leadership, the narrator of five Ahadith: Syeda Sauda bint Zam’aa RA
Sawab Reward. Name of an early poetess.
Sawda Daughter of Aasim bin Khalid bin Dirar al-Qarshiyah, she was a narrator of Hadith.
Sawdah Black.
Sawera Dawn, early morning.
Sayida Chief, leader, lady, Mrs; fem. of Sayyid.
Sayidatun Nisa Chief of woman.
Sayyah Fragrance.
Seerat Character, life-story.
Sehrish Glamorous, magical.
Shaban The eighth month of the Islamic Calendar.
Shabana Nocturnal, Famous of the Night.
Shabeehah Picture, Image, like.
Shabin Of Night, music of night.
Shabnam Dew, a pendant of pearls.
Shad Happy.
Shadaab Green, fresh, wet, ever-green.
Shadan Happy.
Shadia Singer.
Shadin Fawn, young deer.
Shadman Glad, cheerful, joyful.
Shafaat Recommendation, exoneration.
Shafaq Aurora, morning light.
Shaffan Cool breeze, morning breeze.
Shafia Mediatress; fem. of Shafi.
Shafiah One who recommends.
Shafiqa Compassionate, kind-hearted, affectionate, tender, warm-hearted; fem. of Shafiq.
Shafqat Compassion, pity, kindness, tenderness.
Shagoofa blossom
Shagoon Omen, luck, fortunate, destiny.
Shaguftah Blooming, happy.
Shahaba Flame of fire.
Shahamat Bravery, valour.
Shahana Royal, kingly, splendid, magnificent.
Shaheeda Martyr in the cause4 of Islam and as such held in very high esteem and honour; fem of .
Shaheen A royal white falcon, the beam of scales.
Shaheenah Falcon.
Shaheera Famous, eminent, renowned; fem. of Shahir.
Shahida Martyr in the cause of Islam and as such held in very high esteem and honour; fem. of Shaheed.
Shahina Princess.
Shahiqa High, towering, lofty, tall; fem. of Shahiq.
Shahla Having grey eyes with a shade of red, a species of the narcissus flower.
Shahnaz A musical note, name of a melody.
Shahra Gift, souvenir.
Shahrbano Lady of the city.
Shahrin Month. Shahrin, the fully inflected form of Shahr appears in verse 3 of surat al-Qadr (no. 97).
Shahrzadah offspring of the city
Shahzadi Princess.
Shaiba A variety of Artemisia.
Shaima Daughter of Halima, the wet nurse of the Prophet Muhammad.
Shaira Poetess, endowed with deep insight or intuition; fem. of Shair.
Shaista Cultured, courteous, urbane, civilized
Shaistah Polite, Courteous.
Shajarah Tree; This was the name of a famous queen of Islam, she was Shajarah al-Durr, and known as Umm Khaleel al-Salihiyah.
Shajeea Courageous, bold, brave; fem. of Shaji.
Shakeeba Patience
Shakila Well formed, beautiful; fem. of Shakil.
Shakira Thankful, grateful, contented; fem. of Shakir.
Shakufa Blossom, opening bud.
Shakura Thankful, grateful; fem. of Shakur.
Shama Candle, Light, Flame.
Shamail Virtues; pl. of Shamila.
Shamailah Good traits excellent disposition.
Shamamah Fragrance.
Shameela Natural disposition, character quality, virtue, a young shoot, a bud.
Shameem Shy.
Shamikh High, lofty, towering.
Shamila Complete, comprehensive.
Shamim Perfume, scent.
Shamima Sweet smell, flavour.
Shamira Experienced, expert, hard worker.
Shamma Pinch (of snuff).
Shams Sun.
Shamsa Golden moon.
Shamshad Tall and upright tree, box tree, graceful figure.
Shamsun Nahar Sun of the day.
Shamsun Nisa The son of Woman
Shamuda Diamond.
Shaqiqa Full sister.
Shaqra Blond, fair-haired, fair-complexioned; fem. of Ashqar.
Sharaf Nobility, high rank, eminence, distinction, honour.
Shareekah Partner.
Sharfa Most noble, gentle, urbane.
Sharia Princess, Daughter of the King.
Sharifa Noble, eminent, honourable, highborn; fem. of Sharif.
Shariqah Shining.
Sharleez Beautful
Sharmin Shy, bashful, modest, coy.
Shasa She was the daughter of Abdullah al-Asdiyah, and a narrator of Hadith.
Shasun Nahar Sun of the day.
Shayaan Intelligent.
Shayma Proper name. Daughter of Halima.
Shaza Aroma, fragrance.
Shazana Princess.
Shazia Wonderous, strange, wonderful.
Sheeba Infatuated, demented, loony.
Sheema Face; expression, Daughter of bibi haleema sadia who milked Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in his child hood.
Sheen Beautiful, pretty, good, loved one.
Shermin Shy
Sheza Good (religious) girl.
Shifa cure, healing, satisfaction, gratification
Shillan A flower.
Shimaa Mirth, joy, ecstasy, gladness.
Shireen Sweet; pleasant, gentle; delicate
Shirin sweet, pleasant, gracious, delicate
Shiyaaj Endeavour, strife, hardwork.
Shiza A gift or present
Shola flame, blaze
Shua Rays of sun light.
Shuaila Burning candle.
Shuhrat fame, renown
Shukr thanks, gratitude, gratefulness
Shumaila Beautiful face.
Shumaylah The first woman in Islam who wore coloured garments was shumaylah; wife of al-Abbas and she was also the first to prepare perfume.
Shumaysah She was a narrator of Hadith, daughter of Aziz al-Atakiyah.
Shuqra fair-complexioned, blonde
Shurafa Noble.
Siddiqa righteous, very truthful, honest; fem. of Siddiq
Sidra The Lotus – tree at the farthest boundary in paradise
Silma peace; fem. of Silm
Sima Sign of prostration on the face
Sima Face,forehead, Judgment
Simaab Mercury, silver.
Simin silvery, made of Silver
Simra Paradise, heaven, sky.
Sireen She was the daughter of Ibn Abdullah Ibn Masood and a narrator of Hadith from the Prophet PBUH.
Sitara veil, screen, curtain
Sobiya Nurse of Prophet PBUH.
Sofia Beautiful
Soha Star
Sonia Intelligence, Intellect, Smart.
Suad happiness, good fortune
Subaha beautiful, graceful
Subayah Daughter of al-Harish al-Aslamiyah.
Subaytah Brave.
Subh dawn, aurora, morning
Subhana Pure, chaste, fine, nice, good.
Sufia Intelligence, sharpness.
Sufia Pupil women, intellectual
Sufiya A mystic, someone believing in Sufi.
Sughra Small, slender, tender.
Suha Dim star in Ursa Minor.
Suhaila Canopus.
Suhaima Small arrow.
Suhair Proper name.
Suhaira Beautiful, pretty.
Sujah Civilization.
Sukaina Diminutive of Sakina, calmness.
Sulafa Choicest, (wine).
Sulaima Diminutive of Salma, beloved.
Sultana Queen, woman ruler, wife of a Sultan; fem. of Sultan.
Sulwa Comfort, ease, amusement, solace.
Sumaira Princess, successful
Sumamah A writer and a poetess daugter of Abdullah bin Sawar al-Basari.
Sumanah She was the daughter of Hamdan bin Musa al-Anbariyah and a narrator of Hadith.
Sumaya Diminutive of Samia, high.
Sumayrah Brownish.
Sumaytah She was a companion and she was al-haysiah.
Sumbal A fragrant weed.
Suml Name of an early distinguished woman.
Sumnah A name of an Arab girl.
Sunat Way, method, Prophet’s (PBUH) way of life.
Sunbula Ear of corn.
Sundus Silk brocade.
Surayya The Pleiades, cluster of seven brilliant stars in Taurus, a wealthy lady, luster, chandelier.
Susan Lily of the valley, iris.
Suwaybah Name of one of the wet-nurses of the Prophet PBUH.
Suwaydah Daughter of Jabir, she was a narrator of Hadith.
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Taadeel Moderation, equality, neutrality.
Taalea Fortunate
Taaliah Lucky, fortunate, fortune, destiny.
Taaqul Wise thought.
Taasees Inception, foundation.
Tabalah She was the daughter of Yazid (Called by some as Bunanah); she was a narrator of Hadith.
Taban Glittering, splendid.
Tabassum Smile, happiness.
Tabeedah Complex, zigzag, curling.
Tabeen Followers.
Tabina Enlighting, sparkling.
Tabinda Bright.
Taghrid Singing, cooing.
Tahani Pl. of Tahniat, congratulation, felicitation, well-wishing.
Tahira Chaste, pure, pious, clean; fem. of Tahir.
Tahiya Greeting, salutation, cheer, welcome.
Tahkeem Power, rule.
Tahleem Beauty, decoration, pomp and show.
Tahmina Wife of the famous Persian hero Rustam and mother of Sohrab.
Tahseen Adornment, ornament, decoration, embellishment, betterment, praise, beautification.
Tahseenah Acclaim.
Taiba One who refrains from evil-doings; repentant; fem. of Taib.
Taif Vision, spectre.
Taisir Felicitation.
Taj Crown.
Tajmeel Decoration, beauty, show.
Tajweed Praise of Allah, hymn.
Takreem Respect, honour, sanctity.
Talat Face, Sight
Talbashah A narrator of Hadith, daughter of Kab bin Maalik.
Talhah Her Kuniyah was Umm Ghurab and she was a narrator of Hadith.
Tali Rising star, rising.
Taliba Student, seeker, pursuer; fem. of Talib.
Tamanna To wish, to desire, to hope.
Tamanni Wish, wishing (for), desire.
Tamazur Brilliant, whiteness.
Tameemah Name of a poetess, Ahban al-Absiyah.
Tameemiya Perfection.
Tameen Protection, patronage, care.
Tameez Distinction, difference, manner.
Tamkeen Honour, place, status, show.
Tamseel Example, allegory, parable.
Tanjia Rescue, salvation, deliverance.
Tanveer Rays Of Light(Origin Islamic)
Tanweer Illumination, lighting.
Tanzila Revelation, sending down; fem. of Tanzil, revelation, sending down; fem. of Tanzil.
Taqadus Sactity.
Taqiya God-fearing, devout, pious; fem. of Taqi.
Tara Star.
Taraab Joy & sorrow.
Tarannum Singing.
Tarib Lively, gleeful, merry.
Tarifa Rare, exquisite thing or object.
Tariqah This was the name of the freed slave of Labeet of the family of the princess of al-Qays bin Zayd.
Tarneem Rhythm, voice.
Taroob Lively, gleeful, merry.
Tasiyah Consolation, comfort.
Taslima Greeting, salutation; fem. of Taslim.
Tasmeekh Living in fragrance.
Tasmeem Strong, durable, long lasting.
Tasmin She who fulfills.
Tasneema A spring in Paradise.
Tasnim A spring in paradise.
Tasweeb Justification, truth.
Taufeeq Instruction, courage, daring.
Taufeer Obundance, excess.
Tauqeer Respect, honour.
Tawaddud Endearment, showing love or affection to, gaining the love of another.
Tawfiqa Prosperity, good luck, good-fortune, success (granted by Allah); fem. of Tawfiq.
Tawoos Peacock.
Taybah Pure.
Tayyiba Good, good-natured, sweet, agreeable, generous, good-tempered; fem. of Tayyib.
Tayyibatun Nisa Good-nature (one) of the woman.
Tazima Glorification, exaltation, honour, fem. of Tazim.
Tazkia To purify, to clean, to spiritualize.
Tazmeen One who adds, combines, mixes.
Tehmina Clever
Tehreem Respect, sanctity.
Tehzeeb Civilization, etiquette.
Tirana Song, anthem.
Tooba Good news.
Trana Melody, song.
Tufaylah This was the name of the freed slave of al-Waleed bin Abdullah; she transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah RA.
Tuhfa Gift, present.
Tulayhah Daughter of Rabiah bin al-Harish she narrated Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah RA.
Turfa Rarity, rare object, novelty.
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Ubayda Female servant of lower rank; fem. of Ubayd.
Udaysah This was the name of the narrator of Hadith, daughter of Ahban al-Ghifariyah.
Udoola Justified.
Ula High rank, prestige, glory.
Ulfat Friendship, intimacy, love, attachment.
Ulya Higher, highest; fem. of Ala.
Umaira Living a long life, living long.
Umama Proper name. Name of grand daughter of the Prophet Muhammad.
Umarah Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.
Umayma Diminutive of Umm, mother.
Umaynah Daughter of Anas bin Malik. She had this name and had narrated Hadith.
Umayrah She was the daughter of Alqamah.
Umayyah She was a narrator of Hadith.
Umm Mother. Used as an attributive, to make a compound of which the first part is Umm.
Umm Abaan Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Fakeeh Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Haraam Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Khalid Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Rabeeah Name of Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Shareek Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Sulaim Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Umarah Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Warqah Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Yousuf Name of Sahabiyah RA.
Umm-e-Ayman Mother of the blessed.
Umm-e-Fazl Mother of favour, bounty.
Umm-e-Habiba Wife of the Prophet Muhammad. Her name is Ramla; Umm Habiba is her Kunya (nickname) after the name of her daughter habiba.
Umm-e-Hani Name of the daughter of Abu Talib and sister of Ali (RA).
Umm-e-Kulsoom Mother of favour, bounty.
Umm-e-Kulsum Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, married to Khalifa Usman (uthman) after the death of her sister Ruqayya.
Umm-e-Rooman Name of the sacred wife of first Khalifa Abu Bakr (RA) mother of Hazrat Ayesha (RA).
Umm-e-Rumman Mother of Ayesha (wife of the Prophet Muhammad).
Umm-e-Salma Name of the beloved mother of first Khalifa Abu Bakr (RA).
Umm-e-Salmah Wife of Muhammad, Her name was Hind.
Ummid Hope.
Ummul Fazal Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umniya Wish, desire, hope.
Umrah Pilgrimage to Makkah other than regular hajj days.
Unaysah Friendly, affable.
Unquda Bunch of grapes.
Urooba Woman who loves her husband.
Urooj Height, exaltation.
Uroosa Bride, heroine.
Urwa Support, handhold. Description of Ayesha by Muhammad.
Ushna Fragrant.
Uswa Sunnah, practice.
Utaybah A narrator of Hadith and daughter of Abdul Malik had this name.
Uzma Greatest, more magnificent, more glorious; fem. of Azam.
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Wadad Love, friendship.
Waddia Amicable, friendly.
Wadi Gentle, calm.
Wadida Attached, devoted, friendly, fond.
Wafa Faithfulness, fidelity, loyalty, faith.
Wafeeqa Successful; fem. of Wafiq.
Wafia Faithful, loyal.
Wafiqa Successful.
Wafiya True, trustworthy, reliable, loyal, faithful, perfect, complete; fem. of Wafi.
Wahabah This was the name of a poetess.
Waheebah One who gives.
Waheeda One, exclusive, unique, matchless, singular; fem. of Wahid.
Wahiba Giver.
Wahida One of its kind.
Waiya Guardian, watchguard, protector.
Wajahat Respect.
Wajee Happy, jolly, pleasant.
Wajeeda One who is noble.
Wajida Achiever, excited, finder, lover; fem. of Wajid.
Wajiha High, eminent, distinguished, honoured, well-esteemed, illustrious, fem. of Wajih.
Wajna Happy, jolly, pleasant.
Wakalat Advocacy.
Wakeela Agent.
Walia Friendly.
Walidah Newborn child.
Walihah Name of a poetess of the past.
Waliyah Friend.
Wallada Prolific, fertile, fruitful.
Wania Gift of Allah (swt).
Waqar Dignity.;
Waqeea Respected.
Waraqa Rich, paper-made.
Wardah Rose, deep red colour, Colour of rose.
Warisa Heiress.
Warqah Petal of a flower.
Wasama Beauty, gracefulness, prettiness.
Waseefah Female servant; Maid-in-waiting.
Waseema Beautiful, pretty, charming.
Washida Bloomed, fresh.
Washma Cultured.
Wasia Expansionist, vast, spacious.
Wasifa Praiser
Wasifi Praiseworthy.
Wasila Inseparable friend.
Wasima Beautiful, pretty, graceful, handsome of face, goodly, elegant; fem. of Wasim.
Wasiqa Confident, sure, certain; fem. of Wasiq.
Wasma A pretty face, beautiful, graceful.
Wasna A narrator of Hadith, daughter of Abdur Rahman al-Muqaddasi was so named.
Wazeerah Female minister.
Widad Love, friendship.
Wijdan Ecstasy, sentiment.
Wisal Communion in love.
Wisam Decoration, medal, badge of honour.
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Yakta Unique, incomparable.
Ya’laa Exalted, high. Name of a Sahabi RA.
Yalqoot An early philanthropic woman of Damascus who gave much in charity.
Yamana Pious
Yaqoot Ruby, sapphire, topaz.
Yariqa Bright, white, fair, good-looking.
Yasharah Intelligent, precious stone.
Yasim Jasmine.
Yasira Rich woman.
Yasmeenah Sweet-smelling flower.
Yasmin The flower called jasmine.
Yumna Right-hand, right, fortunate, lucky, blessed; fem. of Ayman.
Yumnah Happiness, success; fem. of Yumn.
Yusayrah Easy.
Yusra Left-hand side, state of ease.
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Zaaminah One who stands surety for another one who helps.
Zabiyah She was the daughter of al-Barra bin Maroor; she reported Hadith from the Prophet PBUH.
Zabreen Dominant, exalted, upright.
Zabya Female gazelle.
Zafeera One who is a source of success, a successful lady.
Zafeerah Firm.
Zafira Victorious, triumphant, successful, winner, conqueror; fem. of Zafir.
Zaghlula Young pigeon; fem. of Zaghlul.
Zahabia Golden, precious.
Zaheen Clever, fast, intelligent, sharp.
Zaheera Helper, supporter, protector, patron; fem. of Zahir.
Zahia Pious, noble, grand, great.
Zahida Devout, ascetic, a hermit, self-denying.
Zahira Bright, brilliant, shining, luminous, distinguished, lofty.
Zahra Bright, brilliant, radiant, shining, luminous; fem. of Azhar.
Zahrah Flower, blossom, beauty.
Zaib Beauty.
Zaida Increasing, exceeding, excessive, growing, surplus; fem. of Zaid.
Zaima Leader.
Zain Beauty, grace. Zayn un Nisa was a literary lady of her times.
Zaina Fem. of Zayn; embellishment, adornment, decoration, ornament.
Zainab Name of a beautiful tree exuding fragrance. Names of two wives and one daughter of the Prophet Muhammad and one daughter of Khalifa Ali.
Zairah Visitor.
Zaitoon Olive.
Zaitun The olive tree or the olive fruit.
Zaituna Olive; fem. of Zaytun.
Zakira One who speaks of, speaker.
Zakiya Intelligent, bright, brilliant, sharp-witted.
Zakiyya Pure, chaste, sinless, fem. of Zaki.
Zalfa This was the name of a distinguished woman of her times, she was Hajib known as Umm al-Hajib Abdul Malik.
Zameelah Companion.
Zamurd A narrator of Hadith wife of Abu Hayyan al-Kasir was so named.
Zamzam The name of a spring in Arabia.
Zaqawat Wisdom, sharpness, prudence.
Zara Dawn, morning
Zarafat Wit, humour, wisdom, prudence.
Zareefa Elegant, witty, graceful; fem. of Zarif.
Zareen Full of expression and smile.
Zarin Golden.
Zarina Golden.
Zarma Captivating.
Zarqa Bluish green (eyes).
Zarrah She was a narrator of Hadith who reported from the Prophet PBUH and Sayyidah Ayshah RA.
Zayb Adornment.
Zaynah Beautiful, Beauty
Zeb Ara Adorning ornament.
Zeba Pretty, beautiful.
Zeb-un-Nisa Adornment of women.
Zeena Ornament, Something beautiful.
Zerada Gold maker.
Ziba Pl. of Zaby, gazelle.
Zinaat Pl. of Zinat, ornament.
Zinat Adornment, ornament, decoration, elegance, beauty.
Zinat-un-Nisa Ornament of women.
Zinia Name of a flower.
Zinneerah Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Ziyada Increase, addition, surplus, superabundance.
Ziyan Ornament, decoration.
Zobia God Gifted
Zoha Light
Zohra Blossom
Zoona Wise Women
Zoreed One who meets, one with strong intentions, one with decisiveness, distance, gap.
Zoya Life, age.
Zubaah Name of a Sahaabiyyah, daughter of the uncle of the Holy Prophet PBUH.
Zubaida Diminutive of Zubda, butter, cream. Elite, choicest part, quintessence, essence, prime, flower.
Zubdah Butter.
Zuha Brightness, early morning.
Zuhaira Floret, small flower.
Zuhra Venus, brilliancy, brightness, flower.
Zuhur Pl. of Zahrah, flower.
Zulaikha Wife of the king of Egypt (Pharaonic age) who was attracted by the beauty of the Prophet Yusuf/Joseph.
Zulakha Wife of the king of Egypt, who was attracted by the beauty of the Prophet Yusuf/Joseph.
Zulfa Having a small and finely chiselled nose.
Zunairah Flower found in paradise.
Zurafa Elegant, witty, graceful; fem. of Zarif.
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