Christian Baby Names

Christian Baby Names


Seeking a Christian Baby names for your child?

We have a list of beautiful baby names for your little one from the Christian world. Each with a beautiful meaning for you to understand better. Our collection includes names found in the bible and popular names across the world. With a long list of Christian Baby Names for boys and Christian Baby Names for girls you can choose your favourite Christian Baby Names for your baby.


Christian baby Names for Boy


Christian baby Names for Girl





Ackerley Meadow Of Oak Trees
Ackley A Form Of Ackerley
Acton Oak-tree Settlement
Adney Noble’s Island
Ahearn Heron
Aiken Made Of Oak
Alcott Old Cottage
Alden Old; Wise Protector
Alderidge Alder Ridge
Aldis Old House
Aldred Old; Wise Counselor
Aldrich Wise Counselor
Aldwin Old Friend
Alfie A Familiar Form Of Alfred
Alford Old River Ford
Alfred Counsel From Elves
Alger A Short Form Of Algernon
Algernon Bearded, Wearing A Moustache
Algie A Familiar Form Of Algernon
Alistair A Form Of Alexander
Allard Noble, Brave
Allister A Form Of Alistair
Alston Noble’s Settlement
Alton Old Town
Alvar Army Of Elves
Alvin Noble Friend Or Elf Friend.
Anson Anne’s Son
Archer Bowman
Archie A Familiar Form Of Archer
Ardley Ardent Meadow
Arledge Lake With The Hares
Arley A Short Form Of Harley
Arlo Fortified Hill
Armstrong Strong Arm
Art A Short Form Of Arthur
Arthur Rock
Artie A Familiar Form Of Arthur
Artis A Form Of Artis
Arundel Eagle Valley
Ascot Eastern Cottage
Ashburn From The Ash-tree Stream
Ashford Ash-tree Ford
Aston Eastern Town.
Atherton Town By A Spring
Atkins From The Home Of The Relatives
Atley Meadow
Atwater At The Water’s Edge
Atwell At The Well
Atwood At The Forest
Atworth At The Farmstead
Auden Old Friend
Audie A Familiar Form Of Edward
Audric Wise Ruler
Avery A Form Of Aubrey
Ayers Heir To A Fortune
Aylmer A Form Of Elmer
Aylwin Noble Friends
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Badrick Axe Ruler
Bail A Form Of Vail
Baker Baker
Bancroft Bean Frield
Banner Flag Bearer
Barclay Place Where Birches Grow.
Barden Barley Valley
Barker Lumberjack; Advertiser At A Carnival
Barlow Bare Hillside
Barnaby A Form Of Barnabas
Barnes Bear; Son Of Barnett
Barney Race Car Driver
Barnum Baron’s Home
Baron Nobleman, Baron
Barric Grain Farm
Barrington Fenced Town
Barron A Form Of Baron
Bartlet A Form Of Bartholomew
Bartley Barley Meadow
Barton Barley Farm Or Bart’s Town. The Epon..
Bartram A Form Of Bertram
Bassett Little Person
Baxter An Alternate Form Of Baker
Bay Howler
Bayard Reddish Brown Hair
Bayron A Form Of Baron
Beacher Beech Trees
Beaman Beekeeper
Beamer Trumpet Player
Beasley Field Of Peas
Beaver Beaver
Beck Brook
Bede Prayer.
Bell Bell Ringer
Bentley Moor; Coarse Grass Meadow
Benton Ben’s Town; Town On The Moors
Ber Boundary
Berkeley A Form Of Barclay
Bernard Brave As A Bear.
Berry Berry; Grape
Bertie A Familiar Form Of Bert
Berton Bright Settlement; Fortified Town
Bertram Bright Raven.
Berwick Barley Farm
Beval Like The Wind
Bickford Axe-man’s Ford
Binky A Familiar Form Of Bancroft, Vincent
Birch White; Shining; Birch Tree
Birkey Island With Birch Trees
Birkitt Birch-tree Coast
Birley Meadow With The Cow Barn
Birney Island With A Brook
Birtle Hill With Birds
Bishop Bishop
Blade Knife, Sword
Blain A Form Of Blaine
Blaine River Source
Blake Signifies Dark.
Blayke A Form Of Blake
Blaze Flame; Trail Mark Made On A Tree
Bobby A Familiar Form Of Bob, Robert
Bolton From The Manor Farm
Bond Tiller Of The Soil
Booker Bookmaker; Book Lover; Bible Lover
Booth Hut
Borden Valley Of The Boar; Boar’s Den
Bosley Grove Of Trees
Boston A Form Of Bosley
Boswell Boar Enclosure By The Stream
Bourne Brook, Stream
Brad A Short Form Of Bradford Or Bradley
Bradburn Broad Stream
Braden Broad Valley
Bradey A Form Of Brady
Bradford Broad River Ford.
Bradlee A Form Of Bradley
Bradley Broad Meadow.
Bradly A Form Of Bradley
Bradon Broad Hill
Bradshaw Broad Forest
Brady Broad Island
Bradyn A Form Of Braden
Braedan A Form Of Braden
Braeden A Form Of Braden
Braedon A Form Of Bradon
Braedyn A Form Of Braden
Braiden A Form Of Braden
Braidon A Form Of Bradon
Brainard Bold Raven; Prince
Bramwell Bramble Spring
Brand Firebrand; Sword
Brandan A Form Of Brandon
Branden Beacon Valley
Brandin A Form Of Branden
Brando A Form Of Brand
Brandon Beacon Hill
Brandt A Form Of Brant
Brandyn A Form Of Brandon
Bransen A Form Of Branson
Branson Son Of Brandon
Brant Proud
Brantley A Form Of Brant
Brantly A Form Of Brant
Branton Brant’s Town
Braxton Brock’s Town
Brayden A Form Of Braden
Braydon A Form Of Bradon
Brayton A Form Of Brighton
Brendan Sword
Brendon A Form Of Brandon
Brendyn A Form Of Brendan
Brenen A Form Of Brendan
Brennan A Form Of Brendan
Brennen A Form Of Brendan
Brenner A Form Of Brendan
Brennon A Form Of Brendan
Brent A Short Form Of Brenton.
Brenten A Form Of Brenton
Brentley A Form Of Brantley
Brenton Steep Hill
Brewster Brewer
Brice Son Of Rice
Brick Bridge
Bridgely Meadow Near A Bridge
Bridger Bridge Builder
Brigham Village By The Covered Bridge.
Brinley Tawny
Broc A Form Of Brock
Brock Badger
Brockton A Form Of Brock
Brod A Short Form Of Broderick
Broderick Broad Ridge
Brodrick A Form Of Broderick
Bromley Brushwood Meadow
Bronson Son Of Brown
Brooks Son Of Brook
Brown Brown; Bear
Bryden A Form Of Braden
Brydon A Form Of Braden
Bryon Bear
Bryton A Form Of Brighton
Buck Male Deer
Buckley Deer Meadow
Buckmister Preacher
Bud Herald, Messenger
Buell Bull
Buford Ford Near The Castle
Bundy Free
Burbank From The Castle On A Slope
Burdan Birch Valley
Burford Birch Ford
Burgess Town Dweller Or Shopkeeper.
Burl Cup Bearer; Wine Servant; Knot In A Tree
Burleigh Meadow With Knotted Tree Trunks
Burne Brook
Burnett Burned Nettle
Burney Island With A Brook
Burr Prickly Plant
Burris Town Dweller
Burt A Form Of Bert
Burton Fortified Town.
Butcher Butcher
Byford By The Ford
Byram Cattle Yard
Byran A Form Of Byron
Byrd Birdlike
Byrne A Form Of Burne
Byron Barn
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Cadby Warrior’s Settlement
Calder Brook, Stream
Caldwell Cold Well
Calvert Calf Herder
Carl A Short Form Of Carlton
Carleton A Form Of Carlton
Carlisle Carl’s Island
Carlton Literally Means Carl’s Town.
Carlyle A Form Of Carlisle
Carnell Defender Of The Castle
Carsen A Form Of Carson
Carson Son Of Carr
Carter Cart Driver
Cartland Cart Builder’s Island
Cartwright Cart Builder
Carvell Village On The Marsh
Carver Wood-carver; Sculptor
Cater Caterer
Cawley Cow Meadow
Cederic A Form Of Cedric
Cedric An Alternative Form Of Kedrick
Cedrick A Form Of Cedric
Cedrik A Form Of Cedric
Chad From The Celtic Meaning Warrior
Chadd A Form Of Chad
Chadwick Warrior’s Town
Chance A Short Form Of Chancellor
Chancellor Record Keeper
Chancelor A Form Of Chancellor
Chandler Candle Maker
Chanse A Form Of Chance
Chapman Merchant
Charles Strong And Manly
Charleston A Form Of Carlton
Charlie A Familiar Form Of Charles
Charlton A Form Of Carlton
Chas A Familiar Form Of Charles
Chatham Warrior’s Home
Chauncey Chancellor; Church Official
Chauncy A Form Of Chauncey
Chaz A Familiar Form Of Charles
Chazz A Familiar Form Of Charles
Chester A Short Form Of Rochester
Cheston A Form Of Chester
Chet A Short Form Of Chester
Chick A Familiar Form Of Charles
Chilton Farm By The Spring
Chip A Familiar Form Of Charles
Chipper A Form Of Chip
Churchill Church On The Hill.
Clay Clay Pit
Clayborne Brook Near The Clay Pit
Clayton Town Built On Clay
Cleavon Cliff
Cleve A Short Form Of Cleveland
Cleveland Land Of Cliffs
Cliff A Short Form Of Clifford
Clifford Cliff At The River Crossing
Clifton Literally, Cliff Town
Clint A Short Form Of Clinton
Clinton Hillside Town.
Clive A Steep Bank.
Coady A Form Of Cody
Coburn Meeting Of Streams
Codey A Form Of Cody
Codie A Form Of Cody
Cody Cushion.
Colbert Famous Seafarer
Colbey A Form Of Colby
Colby Dark; Dark Haired
Cole A Short Form Of Colbert, Coleman
Coleman Coal Miner
Coley A Familiar Form Of Cole
Colley Black Haired; Swarthy
Collier Miner
Colman A Form Of Coleman
Colson Son Of Nicholas
Colt Young Horse; Frisky
Coltan A Form Of Colton
Colten A Form Of Colton
Colter Herd Of Colts
Coltin A Form Of Colton
Colton Coal Town
Coltyn A Form Of Colton
Connie Among The Famous People
Cook Cook
Cooper Barrel Maker
Corliss Cheerful; Goodhearted
Cornwallis From Cornwall
Cortland A Form Of Courtland
Corwin Heart’s Companion; Heart’s Delight
Coulter A Form Of Colter
Courtland Court’s Land
Coy Woods
Cramer Full
Crandall Crane’s Valley
Crane Crane
Cranston Crane’s Town
Crawford Town Near The Rock
Creighton Rocky Spot.
Cromwell Crooked Spring, Winding Spring
Crosley Meadow Of The Cross
Crowther Fiddler
Culver Dove
Cuthbert Brilliant
Cutler Knife Maker
Cutter Tailor
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Daegel From Daegel, England
Daelen A Form Of Dale
Dagwood Shining Forest
Dalan A Form Of Dale
Dalbert Bright, Shining
Dale Valley
Dalen A Form Of Dale
Daley A Familiar Form Of Dale
Dalin A Form Of Dallin
Dallan A Form Of Dalan, Dallin
Dallen A Form Of Dalan, Dallin
Dallin Pride’s People
Dallon A Form Of Dallan
Dallyn Pride’s People
Dalon A Form Of Dale
Dalston Daegel’s Place
Dalton Town In The Valley
Dalvin A Form Of Delvin
Dalyn A Form Of Dale
Dane From Denmark.
Danforth A Form Of Daniel
Danish From Denmark
Darell A Form Of Darrell
Daren A Form Of Darren
Dareon A Form Of Darren
Darkon Dark
Darnel A Form Of Darnell
Darnell Hidden Place
Darnelle A Form Of Darnell
Daron A Form Of Darren
Darrel A Form Of Darrell
Darren Small; Rocky Hill
Darton Deer Town
Darvell Eagle Town
Darvin A Form Of Darwin
Darwin Dear Friend.
Daulton A Form Of Dalton
Dawson Son Of David
Dax Water
Day A Form Of Daniel
Dayton Day Town; Bright, Sunny Town
Deaborn Deer Brook
Dean Valley
Deems Judge;s Child
Del A Short Form Of Delbert
Delbert A Name That Means Bright As Day.
Dell Small Valley.
Delton A Form Of Dalton
Delvin Proud Friend; Friend From The Valley
Delvon A Form Of Delvin
Delwin A Form Of Delvin
Dempster One Who Judges
Denham Village In The Valley
Denley Meadow; Valley
Denman Man From The Valley
Dennison Son Of Dennis
Denton A Name That Means Settlement
Denver Green Valley
Dermot Free
Derward Deer Keeper
Derwin A Form Of Darwin
Deverell Riverbank
Dexter Fabric Dyer
Diamond Brilliant Gem; Bright Guardian
Doane Low, Rolling Hills
Dob A Familiar Form Of Robert
Drake Dragon
Draper Fabric Maker
Drew A Short Form Of Andrew
Dru A Form Of Drew
Drue A Form Of Drew
Dryden Dry Valley
Dubric Dark Ruler
Dudd A Short Form Of Dudley
Dudley Common Field.
Dunley Hilly Meadow
Dunstan Brownstone Fortress
Dunstano A Form Of Dunstan
Dunton Hill Town
Dur A Short Form Of Durwin
Durward Gatekeeper
Durwin A Form Of Darwin
Dustin Strong-hearted Leader.
Dusty A Familiar Form Of Dustin
Dwight A Form Of DeWitt
Dyer Fabric Dyer
Dyke Dike; Ditch
Dyson A Short Form Of Dennison
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Ean A Form Of Ian
Earl Nobleman
Earnest Ernest
Easton Eastern Town
Eaton Estate On The River
Ebner A Form Of Abner
Ed A Short Form Of Edgar, Edward
Edbert Wealthy; Bright
Eddie A Familiar Form Of Edgar, Edward
Eddy A Familiar Form Of Edgar, Edward
Edgar Wealthy Spearman.
Edgard A Form Of Edgar
Edison Son Of Edward
Edmond A Form Of Edmund
Edmund Which Means Prosperous Protector
Edric Prosperous Ruler
Edsel Rich Man’s House
Edson A Short Form Of Edison
Edward Prosperous Guardian.
Edwin Prosperous Friend.
Egbert Bright Sword
Egerton Edgar’s Town
Elbert A Form Of Albert
Elden A Form Of Alden, Aldous
Elder Dweller Near The Elder Trees
Eldon Sacred Hill.
Eldred A Form Of Aldred
Eldridge A Form Of Aldrich
Eldwin A Form Of Aldwin
Elgin Noble; White
Elian A Form Of Elijah
Elijha A Form Of Elijah
Elio A Form Of Elliot
Eliot A Form Of Elliot
Elliot Crime Fighter
Elliott A Form Of Elijah
Ellis A Form Of Elias
Ellsworth Nobleman’s Estate
Elmer Noble Or Famous.
Elmore Moor Where The Elm Trees Grow
Elsdon Nobleman’s Hill
Elston Noble’s Town
Elsworth Noble’s Estate
Elton Old Town
Elvin A Form Of Alvin
Elvy Elfin Warrior
Elwell Old Well
Elwood Old Forest
Eric Brave Ruler
Erick A Form Of Eric
Erickson Son Of Eric
Erland Nobleman’s Land
Erling Nobleman’s Son
Ernest Earnest Or Sincere.
Ernie A Familiar Form Of Ernest
Errick A Form Of Eric
Errol From The Latin Erroneus
Erskine From Ireland
Ervin Sea Friend
Ervine A Form Of Irving
Erwin Sea Friend
Esmond Protected By Grace.
Evan A Form Of John
Ever Boar
Everett A Form Of Eberhard.
Everette A Form Of Eberhard
Everley Everley
Everton Boar Town
Ewald Powerful Lawman
Ewert Ewe Herder, Shepherd
Ewing Friend Of The Law
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Fairfax Blond
Falito A Familiar Form Of Rafael
Falkner Trainer Of Falcons. See Also Falco
Fane Joyful, Glad
Farlane Far Lane
Farley Bull Meadow; Sheep Meadow.
Farnell Fern-covered Hill
Farnham Field Of Ferns
Farnley Fern Meadow
Farold Mighty Traveler
Faron A Form Of Faren
Farr Traveler
Farrar Blacksmith
Farrow Piglet
Felton Field Town
Fenton Marshland Farm.
Field A Short Form Of Fielding
Fielding Field;field Worker
Filbert Brilliant.See Also Bert,Philbert
Filmore Famous
Firth Woodland
Fischer A Form Of Fisher
Fisher Fisherman
Fiske Fisherman
Fitch Weasel, Ermine
Fitxpatrick Son Of Patrick
Fitz Son
Fitzgerald Son Of Gerald
Fitzhugh Son Of Hugh
Fleming From Denmark; From Flanders
Fletcher From The Old French, Meaning Arrow Feat
Flint Stream; Flint Stone
Floyd A Form Of Lloyd.
Flurry Flourishing, Blooming
Ford River Crossing
Forester Forest Guardian
Fowler Trapper Of Wildfowl
Frank A Short Form Of Francis
Frankie A Familiar Form Of Frank
Franklin Free Landowner.
Franklyn A Form Of Franklin
Franky A Familiar Form Of Frank
Fraser Curly Haired
Frayne Stranger
Freeborn Child Of Freedom
Freeman Free
Frewin Free; Noble Friend
Frey Lord
Frick Bold
Fridolf Peaceful Wolf
Fulton Field Near Town
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Gaery Variable, Changeable
Galton Owner Of A Rented Estate
Gar A Short Form Of Gareth
Gardner Gardener
Garen A Form Of Garry
Garfield Field Of Spears; Battlefield.
Garin A Form Of Garry
Garion A Form Of Garry
Garland Land Of Spears; Battleground
Garman Spearman
Garnet A Form Of Garnett
Garnett Armed With A Spear
Garrad A Form Of Garrett, Gerald
Garren A Form Of Garry
Garrick Oak Spear
Garrin A Form Of Garry
Garrison Garry’s Son
Garroway Spear Fighter
Garry Spear
Garson Son Of Gar
Garvin Comrade In Battle
Garwood Evergreen Forest
Gary A Familiar Form Of Gerald
Geffrey A Form Of Geoffrey
Gent Gentleman
Genty Snow
Geoff A Short Form Of Geoffrey
Geoffery A Form Of Geoffrey
Geoffrey A Form Of Jeffrey
Gerard Brave Spearman
Geremy A Form Of Jeremy
Geriant Old
Germain Sprout, Bud
Gerome A Form Of Jerome
Gerrod A Form Of Garrad
Gerry A Familiar Form Of Gerald
Gerson Son Of Gar
Gib A Short Form Of Gilbert
Gibson Son Of Gilbert
Gifford Bold Giver
Gig Horse-drawn Carriage
Gil A Short Form Of Gilbert
Gilbert Brilliant Pledge; Tristworthy
Gilmer Famous Hostage
Gipsy Wanderer
Gladville Village With Oak Trees
Gladwin Cheerful
Godwin Friend Of God
Golden A Form Of Goldwin
Goldwin Golden Friend
Gomer Famous Battle
Gordon Triangular-shaped Hill
Gordy A Familiar Form Of Gordon
Gore Triangular-shaped Land
Graham Grand Home
Grant A Short Form Of Grantland
Grantley Great Meadow
Gray Gray Haired
Grayden Gray Haired
Graydon Gray Hill
Grayson Bailiff’s Son
Greeley Gray Meadow
Greenwood Green Forest
Gresham Village In The Pasture
Grey A Form Of Gray
Greyson A Form Of Grayson
Grimshaw Dark Woods
Grover Grove
Guifford Chubby Cheeks
Gunner Soldier With A Gun
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Hadden Heather-covered Hill
Haden A Form Of Hadden
Hadwin Frind In A Time Of War
Hagley Enclosed Meadow
Haiden A Form Of Hayden
Haig Enclosed With Hedges
Haines From The Vine-covered Cottage
Hal A Short Form Of Harold, Halden
Halbert Shining Hero
Hale A Short Form Of Haley
Halford Valley Ford
Hall Manor Hall
Hallam Valley
Hallan Dweller At The Hall
Halliwell Holy Well
Hallward Hall Guard
Halstead Manor Grounds
Halton Estate On The Hill
Hamill Scarred
Hamilton Proud Estate
Hammet Village
Hammond Village
Hampton Geography:a Town In England
Handel A Form Of John
Hanford Higt Ford
Hanley High Meadow
Harden Valley Of The Hares
Harding Brave;hardy
Hardwin Brave Friend
Harford Ford Of The Hares
Hargrove Grove Of The Hares
Haris A Form Of Harris
Harlan Hare’s Land; Army Land
Harland A Form Of Harlan
Harlow Hare’s Hill;army Hill
Harman Forms Of Herman
Harmon Forms Of Herman
Harold Famous Person
Harper Harp Player
Harrington Harry’s Town
Harris A Short Form Of Harrison
Harrison Harrison
Harry A Familiar Form Of Harold,Henry.
Hart A Short Form Of Hartley
Hartley Deer Meadow
Hartwell Deer Well
Hartwood Deer Forest
Haslett Hazel-tree Land
Hassel Witches’ Corner
Hawk Hawk
Hawley Hedged Meadow
Hawthorne Hawthorn Tree
Hayden Hedged Valley
Haydn A Form Of Hayden
Haydon A Form Of Hayden
Hayes Hedged Valley
Hayward Guardian Of The Hedged Area
Haywood Hedged Forest
Heath Heath
Heathcliff Cliff Near The Heath
Heaton High Place
Hedley Heather-filled Meadow
Henley High Meadow
Hewson Son Of Hugh
Hilton Town On A Hill
Hobson Son Of Robert
Hodgson Son Of Roger
Holbrook Brook In The Hollow
Holden Hollow In The Valley
Holmes River Islands
Holt Forest
Horton Garden Estate
Houghton Settlement On The Headland
Houston Hill Town. Geography: A City In Texas
Howard Which Means Watchman.
Howie A Familiar Form Of Howard, Howland
Howland Hilly Land
Hryday Heart
Hubie A Familiar Form Of Hubert
Hudson Son Of Hud
Huey A Familiar Form Of Hugh
Hugh A Short Form Of Hubert.
Hunt A Short Form Of Beginning With Hunt
Hunter Hunter
Huntington Hunting Estate
Huntley Hunter’s Meadow
Hurst A Form Of Horst
Huston A Form Of Houston
Hutchinson Son Of The Hutch Dweller
Hutton House On The Jutting Ledge
Huxley Hugh’s Meadow
Hyatt High Gate
Hyde Cache; Measure Of Land Equal To 120 Acre
Hyder Tanner
Hyman A Form Of Chaim
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Iden Pasture In The Wood
Ingram Angel
Inoday Sunrise
Iraj Lord Hanuman
Iram Bright
Iravan King of ocean
Irving Sea Friend
Irwin A Form Of Irving
Isham Home Of The Iron One
Ives Young Archer
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Jackson Literally Meaning Son Of Jack.
Jacobson Son Of Jacob
Jagger Carter
Jago A Form Of Jacob
James A Form Of Jacob
Jameson Son Of James
Jamieson A Form Of Jamison
Jamison Son Of James
Jaret A Form Of Jarrett
Jarett A Form Of Jarrett
Jarrell A Form Of Gerald
Jarret A Form Of Jarrett
Jarrett A Form Of Garrett
Jas A Familiar Form Of James
Javaris A Form Of Javar
Jax A Short Form Of Jackson
Jaxon A Form Of Jackson
Jaxson A Form Of Jackson
Jay A Short Form Of James, Jason
Jayme A Form Of Jamey
Jaymes A Form Of James
Jaymz A Form Of James
Jeff A Short Form Of Jefferson
Jefferey A Form Of Jeffrey
Jefferson Son Of Jeff.
Jeffery A Form Of Jeffrey
Jefford Jeff;s Ford
Jeffrey Divinely Peaceful.
Jeffry A Form Of Jeffrey
Jem A Short Form Of James
Jerald A Form Of Gerald
Jerall A Form Of Gerald
Jerel A Form Of Gerald
Jerell A Form Of Gerald
Jereme A Form Of Jeremy
Jeremey A Form Of Jeremy
Jeremi A Form Of Jeremy
Jeremie A Form Of Jeremy
Jeremy Exalted By The Lord.
Jermey A Form Of Jeremy
Jerold A Form Of Gerald
Jerome From The Greek For Sacred Name.
Jeron A Form Of Jerome
Jerrell A Form Of Gerald
Jerrin A Form Of Jerome
Jerrold A Form Of Gerald
Jerron A Form Of Jerome
Jerry A Familiar Form Of Gerald
Jervis A Form Of Jarvis
Jett Hard, Black Mineral
Jim A Short Form Of James
Jimi A Form Of Jimmy
Jimmie A Form Of Jimmy
Jimmy Name in the Bible
Johnson Son Of John
Judson Son Of Judd
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Kaltan A Form Of Colton
Karlton A Form Of Carlton
Karson A Form Of Carson
Keaton Where Hawks Fly
Kedric A Form Of Cedric
Kedrick A Form Of Cedric
Keene Smart
Keldon A Form Of Kelton
Kelson A Form Of Kelton
Kelton Keel Town; Port
Kelwin Friend From The Ridge
Kemp Fighter; Champion
Kempton Millitary Town
Kendale A Form Of Kendall
Kendrell A Form Of Kendall
Kenneth Royal Oath
Kenric A Form Of Kenrick
Kenrick Bold Ruler; Royal Ruler
Kenton Literally Signifies From Kent, England
Kentrell King’s Estate
Kenward Brave; Royal Guardian
Kerrick King’s Rule
Kervin A Form Of Kerwin
Kerwin Friend Of The Marshlands
Kester A Form Of Christopher
Kestrel Falcon
Key Key; Protected
Keyton A Form Of Keaton
Kidd Child; Young Goat
Kimball Warrior Chief
King Supreme Ruler
Kingsley King’s Meadow.
Kingston King’s Estate
Kingswell King’s Well
Kipp Pointed Hill
Kirby Cottage By The Water
Kirkland Church Land
Kirkley Church Meadow
Kirklin A Form Of Kirkland
Kirkwell Church Well; Church Spring
Kirkwood Church Forest
Kirton Church Town
Klay A Form Of Clay
Klayton A Form Of Clayton
Knight Armored Knight
Knowles Grassy Slope
Knox Hill
Kodey A Form Of Cody
Kodi A Form Of Cody
Kodie A Form Of Cody
Kody A Form Of Cody
Kohl A Form Of Cole
Kolby A Form Of Colby
Kole A Form Of Cole
Koleman A Form Of Coleman
Kolin A Form Of Colin
Kollin A Form Of Colin
Kolt A Short Form Of Koltan
Kolten A Form Of Colton
Koltin A Form Of Colton
Kolton A Form Of Colton
Koltyn A Form Of Colton
Korbin A Form Of Corbin
Kordell A Form Of Cordell
Koty A Form Of Cody
Kourtland A Form Of Courtland
Kramer A Form Of Cramer
Kylar A Form Of Kyle
Kyle A Narrow Piece Of Land.
Kyler A Form Of Kyle
Kylor A Form Of Kyle
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Ladd Attendant
Laidley Path Along The Marshy Meadow
Lain A Form Of Lane
Lake Lake
Landan A Form Of Landon
Landen A Form Of Landon
Landin A Form Of Landon
Landon Open, Grassy Meadow
Landry Ruler
Lane Narrow Road
Langdon Long Hill
Langford Long Ford
Langston Long, Narrow Town
Lathrop Barn, Farmstead
Latimer Interpreter
Lawford Ford On The Hill
Lawley Low Meadow On A Hill
Lawry A Familiar Form Of Lawrence
Lawson Son Of Lawrence
Lawton Town On The Hill
Layne A Form Of Lane
Layton A Form Of Leighton
Lee A Short Form Of Farley.
Leighton Meadow Farm
Leland Signifies Meadow-land.
Leonel Little Lion
Lew A Short Form Of Lewis
Lewin A Form Of Louis
Lex A Short Form Of Alexander
Linc A Short Form Of Lincoln
Lincoln Signifies Settlement By The Pool.
Lindell Valley Of The Linden
Linden A Form Of Lyndon
Lindley Linden Field
Lindon A Form Of Lyndon
Linford Linden Ford
Linton Flax Town
Linwood Flax Wood
Lister Dyer
Litton Town On The Hill
Livingston Leif’s Town
Lleyton A Form Of Leighton
Locke Forest
London Fortress Of The Moon.
Lord Noble Title
Lorry A Form Of Laurie
Louvain Lou’s Vanity
Lovell A Form Of Lowell
Lowell Beloved
Loyal Faithful, Loyal
Ludlow Prince’s Hill
Lyman Meadow
Lyndal Valley Of Lime Trees
Lynden A Form Of Lyndon
Lyndon Suggests Linden Tree Hill.
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Mafarlane Son Of Farlane
Maitland Meadowland
Malden Meeting Place In A Pasture
Malin Strong, Little Warrior
Manford Manford
Manley Hero’s Meadow
Manning Son Of The Hero
Mansel Manse; House Occupied By A Clergyman
Mansfield Field By The River; Hero’s Field
Manton Man’s Town; Hero’s Town
March Dweller By A Boundary
Marden Valley With A Pool
Markham Homestead On The Boundary
Marland Lake Land
Marley Lake Meadow
Marlin Deep-sea Fish
Marlo A Form Of Marlow
Marlow Hill By The Lake
Marsden Marsh Valley
Marsh Swamp Land
Marston Town By The Marsh
Martel A Form Of Martell
Martell Hammerer
Marv A Short Form Of Marvin
Marvin Lover Of The Sea
Marwood Forest Pond
Massey Twin
Mather Powerful Army
Maxfield Mack’s Field
Maxwell Great Well.
Maxy A Familiar Form Of Max, Maxwell
Mayes Field
Mayhew A Form Of Matthew
Maynard Powerful, Brave.
Maynor A Form Of Maynard
Mead Meadow
Medric Flourishing Meadow
Mel A Familiar Form Of Melvin
Melbourne Mill Stream
Meldon Mill Hill
Meldrick Strong Mill
Melvin Mill Friend; Council Friend
Mendel Repairman
Mercer Storekeeper
Merivale Pleasant Valley
Merlin Falcon.
Mickel A Form Of Michael
Milborough Middle Borough
Milburn Stream By The Mill
Milford Mill By The Ford
Miller Miller; Grain Grinder
Mills Mills
Milt A Short Form Of Milton
Milton Mill Town.
Miner Miner
Mister Mister
Mitchel A Form Of Mitchell
Mitchell A Form Of Michael
Mith A Short Form Of Mitchell
Moe A Short Form Of Moses
Montgomery Rich Man’s Mountain.
Monty A Familiar Form Of Montgomery
Moreland Moor; Marshland
Morley Meadow By The Moor
Morse Son Of Maurice
Morton Literally Town Near The Moor.
Myer A Form Of Meir
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Nat A Short Form Of Nathan
Nayland Island Dweller
Ned A Familiar Form Of Edward
Nelson Literally Son Of Neil.
Nesbit Nose-sharped Bend In A River
Nevin Middle; Herb
Newbold New Tree
Newell New Hall
Newland New Land
Newman Newcomer
Newton New Town
Nicholes Son Of Nicholas
Nichols Son Of Nicholas
Nicholson Son Of Nicholas
Nick A Short Form Of Dominic, Nicholas
Nilax A name of Lord Shiv
Nixon Son Of Nick
Northcliff Nothern Cliff
Northrop North Farm
Norton Nothern Town
Norvin Nothern Friend
Norward Protector Oh The North
Norwood Nothern Woods
Nowles A Short Form Of Knowles
Nyle Island
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Oakes Oak Trees
Oakley Oak-tree Field
Obed A Short Form Of Obadiah
Ogden Oak Valley.
Olin Holly
Ollie A Familiar Form Of Oliver
Onslow Enthusiast’s Hill
Ormond Bear Mountain; Spear Protector
Orrick Old Oak Tree
Orrin River
Orton Shore Town
Orval A Form Of Orville
Orvin Spear Friend
Osbert Divine; Bright
Osborn Warrior Of God
Osgood Divinely Good
Osmar Divine; Wonderful
Osmond Divine Protector.
Osric Divine Ruler
Oswald God’s Power; God’s Crest
Oswin Divine Friend.
Overton High Town
Oxford Place Where Oxen Cross The River
Oxley Ox Meadow
Oxton Ox Town
Ozzie A Familiar Form Of Osborn
Ozzy A Familiar Form Of Osborn
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Pace A Form Of Pascal
Pacey A Form Of Pace
Paden A Form Of Patton
Padget A Form Of Page
Palmer Palm-bearing Pilgrim
Parish A Form Of Parrish
Parker Park Keeper
Parkin Little Peter
Parr Cattle Enclosure, Barn
Parrish Church District
Pat A Short Form Of Patrick
Patton Warrior’s Town
Payden A Form Of Payton
Payton A Form Of Patton
Pearce A Form Of Pierce
Pearson Son Of Peter
Peers A Form Of Peter
Peirce A Form Of Peter
Pelham Tannery Town
Pell Parchment
Pelton Town By A Pool
Pendle Hill
Penley Enclosed Meadow
Perkin Little Peter
Perry A Familiar Form Of Peregrine
Pete A Short Form Of Peter
Peterson Son Of Peter
Peton A Form Of Patton
Peyton A Form Of Patton
Phelps Son Of Phillip
Philbert A Form Of Filbert
Phineas A Form Of Pinchas
Pickford Ford At The Peak
Pickworth Wood Cutter’s Estate
Picton Town On The Hill’s Peak
Pierce A Form Of Peter
Piers A Form Of Peter
Pierson Son Of Peter
Pitney Island Of The Strong-willed Man
Pitt Pit, Ditch
Pollock A Form Of Pollux
Powell Alert
Prentice Apprentice
Prescott Priest’s Cottage
Preston Priest’s Estate
Priest Holy Man
Princeton Princely Town
Putnam Dweller By The Pond
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Race Race
Rad Advisor
Radbert Brilliant Advisor
Radburn Red Brook; Brook With Reeds
Radcliff Red Cliff
Radford Red Ford; Ford With Reeds
Radley Red Meadow; Meadow Of Reeds
Radnor Red Shore; Shore With Reeds
Rafe A Form Of Ralph
Raine Lord Or Wise Counsel.
Ralph Wolf Counselor.
Ralphie A Familiar Form Of Ralph
Ralston Ralph’s Settlement
Ramsden Valley Of Rams
Ramsey Ram’s Island
Rand Shield; Warrior
Randal A Form Of Randolph
Randall Protected.
Randell A Form Of Randolph
Randolph Shield Wolf
Randy A Familiar Form Of Rand
Rankin Small Shield
Ransford Raven’s Ford
Ransley Raven’s Field
Ransom Son Of The Shield
Ravenel Raven
Ravon A Form Of Raven
Rawdon Rough Hill
Rawleigh Deer Meadow
Ray A Short Form Of Raymond
Rayburn Deer Brook
Rayce A Form Of Race
Rayfield Stream In The Field
Rayford Stream Ford
Raymon A Form Of Raymond
Raymond Wise Protector.
Read A Form Of Reed, Reid
Reading Son Of The Red Wanderer
Redfort Red River Crossing
Redley Red Meadow; Meadow With Reeds
Redpath Red Path
Reed A Form Of Reid
Reeve Steward
Reg A Short Form Of Reginald
Reggie A Familiar Form Of Reginald
Reginal A Form Of Reginald
Reginald King’s Advisor.
Reid Redhead
Reinhold A Form Of Reynold
Remington Raven Estate
Renfred Lasting Peace
Renshaw Raven Woods
Renton Settlement Of The Roe Deer
Rexford King’s Ford
Rexton King’s Town
Reyes A Form Of Reece
Reymond A Form Of Raymond
Reynold King’s Advisor
Rice Rich, Noble
Rich A Short Form Of Richard
Richard Means A Rich And Powerful Ruler
Rick A Short Form Of Frederick, Richard
Ricker Powerful Army
Rickey A Familiar Form Of Richard, Rick
Rickie A Familiar Form Of Rick
Rickward Mighty Guardian
Ricky A Familiar Form Of Richard, Rick
Rider Horseman
Ridge Ridge Of A Cliff
Ridgeley Meadow Near The Ridge
Ridgeway Path Along The Ridge
Ridley Meadow Of Reeds
Rigby Ruler’s Valley
Rigg Ridge
Ring Ring
Ringo A Familiar Form Of Ring
Ripley Meadow Near The River
Risley Meadow With Shrubs
Riston Settlement Near The Shrubs
Ritchard A Form Of Richard
Ritchie A Form Of Richie
River River
Roan A Short Form Of Rowan
Rob A Short Form Of Robert
Robbie A Familiar Form Of Robert
Robby A Familiar Form Of Robert
Robert Signifies Bright Fame
Robertson Son Of Robert
Robinson Son Of Robert
Rochester Rocky Fortress
Rock A Form Of Rock
Rockford Rosky Ford
Rockland Rocky Land
Rockledge Rocky Ledge
Rockley Rocky Field
Rockwell Rocky Spring
Rod A Short Form Of Penrod
Roddy A Familiar Form Of Roderick
Roden Red Valley
Rodney Island Clearing
Roe Roe Deer
Rollie A Familiar Form Of Roland
Rollin A Form Of Roland
Rollo A Familiar Form Of Roland
Ronald A Form Of Reynold
Roper Rope Maker
Rosswell Springtime Of Roses
Roswald Field Of Roses
Rover Traveler
Rowan Tree With Red Berries
Rowell Roe-deer Well
Rowland Rough Land
Rowley Rough Meadow
Rowson Son Of The Redhead
Roxbury Rook’s Town Or Fortress
Royce Son Of Roy
Royden Rye Hill
Rudd A Short Form Of Rudyard
Rudy A Familiar Form Of Rudolph
Rudyard Red Enclosure
Ruford Red Ford
Rugby Rook Fortress
Rumford Wide River Crossing
Rushford Ford With Rushes
Rutherford Cattle Ford
Rutledge Red Ledge
Rutley Red Meadow
Rycroft Rye Field
Ryder A Form Of Rider
Rye A Grain Used In Cereal And Whiskey
Ryerson Son Of Rider
Ryese A Form Of Reece
Rylan Land Where Rye Is Grown
Ryland A Form Of Rylan
Ryle Rye Hill
Ryman Rye Seller
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Sadler Saddle Maker
Safford Willow River Crossing
Sage Wise
Salisbury Fort At The Willow Pool
Salton Manor Town; Willow Town
Sanborn Sandy Brook
Sander A Short Form Of Alexander
Sanders Son Of Sander
Sanford Sandy River Crossing
Santon Sandy Town
Savio Saint’s name
Sawyer Wood Worker
Sax A Short Form Of Saxon
Saxon Swordsman
Saxton Saxon Town
Scot A Form Of Scott
Scott From Scotland
Scottie A Familiar Form Of Scott
Scotty A Familiar Form Of Scott
Seabert Shining Sea
Seabrook Brook Near The Sea
Searle Armor
Seaton Town Near The Sea
Sedgely Sword Meadow
Sedgwick Sword Grass
Seeley Blessed
Sefton Village Of Rushes
Seger Sea Spear; Sea Warrior
Seibert Bright Sea
Selby Village By The Manison
Seldon Willow Tree Valley
Selwyn Friend From The Palace
Senthil Lord Murugan
Severn Boundary
Seward Sea Guardian
Sewell Sea Wall
Sexton Church Official; Sexton
Shade Shade
Shadow Shadow
Shadwell Shed By A Well
Shandy Rambunctions
Shap A Form Of Shep
Shattuck Little Shad Fish
Shaw Grove
Sheffield Crooked Field
Shel A Short Form Of Shelby, Sheldon
Sheldon Farm On The Ledge
Shelton Town On A Ledge
Shep A Short Form Of Shepherd
Shepherd Shepherd
Shepley Sheep Meadow
Sherborn Clear Brook
Sherill Shire On A Hill
Sherlock Light Haired
Sherman Sheep Shearer
Sherrod Clearer Of The Land
Sherwin Swift Runner, One Who Cuts The Wind
Sherwood Bright Forest
Shipley Sheep Meadow
Shipton Sheep Village; Ship Village
Siddel Wide Valley
Sidwell Wide Stream
Silburn Blessed
Sincere Sincere
Sinjon Saint, Holy Man
Sir Sir, Sire
Skeeter Swift
Skipton Sheep Town
Slade A Short Form Of Sladen
Sladen Child Of The Valley
Slater Roof Slater
Smedley Flat Meadow
Smit Smile
Smith Smile
Snowden Snowy Hill
Somerset Place Of The Summer Settlers
Somerton Summer Town
Somerville Summer Village
Son Son, Boy
Sonny A Familiar Form Of Grayson
Southwell South Well
Spalding Divided Field
Spark Happy
Spear Spear Carrier
Speedy Quick; Successful
Spence A Short Form Of Spencer
Spencer Dispenser Of Provisions
Spenser A Form Of Spencer
Spike Ear Of Grain; Long Nail
Spoor Spur Maker
Spreckley Twigs
Springsteen Stream By The Rocks
Sproule Energetic
Spurgeon Shrub
Squire Knight’s Assistant; Large Landholder
Stafford From aristocratic english surname
Stamford A Form Of Stanford
Stan A Short Form Of Stanley
Stanbuck Challenger Of Fate
Stanbury Stone Fortification
Stancil Beam
Stancliff Stony Cliff
Standish Stony Parkland
Stanfield Stony Field
Stanley Stony Meadow
Stanmore Stony Lake
Stannard Hard As Stone
Stanton Stony Farm
Stanway Stony Road
Stanwick Stony Village
Stanwood Stony Woods
Stavya Lord Vishnu
Steadman Owner Of A Farmstead
Stedman A Form Of Steadman
Steel Like Steel
Steele A Form Of Steel
Steph A Short Form Of Stephen
Stephenson Son Of Stephen
Sterlin A Form Of Sterling
Sterling Valuable; Silver Penny
Sterne Austere
Stevens Son Of Steven
Stevie A Familiar Form Of Stephen
Stewart A Form Of Stuart
Sthavir Lord Brahma
Stillman Quiet
Stimit Astonishing
Sting Spike Of Grain
Stirling A Form Of Sterling
Stockley Tree-stump Meadow
Stockman Tree-stump Remover
Stockton Tree-stump Town
Stockwell Tree-stump Well
Stoddard Horse Keeper
Stoker Furnace Tender
Stone Stone
Stoney A Form Of Stone
Storm Tempest, Storm
Stotra Praise glory fame
Stover Stove Tender
Stowe Hidden; Packed Away
Stratford Bridge Over The River
Strong Powerful
Stroud Thicket
Stu A Short Form Of Stewart, Stuart
Stuart Signifying Caretaker Or Steward
Suffield Southern Field
Sugden Valley Of Sows
Sully South Meadow
Sumeet A Form Of Summit
Sumit A Form Of Summit
Summit Peak, Top
Sumner Church Officer
Sutcliff Southern Cliff
Sutton Southern Town
Swaggart One Who Sways And Staggers
Swain Herdsman; Knight’s Attendant
Swaley Winding Stream
Swannee Swan
Swinbourne Stream Used By Swine
Swindel Valley Of The Swine
Swine’s Crossing Swine Town
Swinfen Swine’s Mud
Swinford Swine’s Crossing
Swithbert Strong And Bright
Symington Simon’s Town
Syon Gentle
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Tab A Short Form Of Tabner
Tabner Drummer
Tadleigh Poet From A Meadow
Taft River
Talcott Cottage Near The Lake
Talen A Form Of Talon
Tallon A Form Of Talon
Talmadge Lake Between Two Towns
Talon Claw, Nail
Tandie Team
Taner A Form Of Tanner
Tannin Tan Colored; Dark
Tanny A Familiar Form Of Tanner
Tanton Town By The Still River
Tareton A Form Of Tarleton
Tarleton Thor’s Settlement
Tarver Tower; Hill; Leader
Teale Small Freshwater Duck
Tearle Stern, Severe
Teasdale River Dweller
Ted A Short Form Of Theodore
Teddy A Familiar Form Of Theodore
Tedmund Protector Of The Land
Teller Storyteller
Telmo Tiller, Cultivator
Templeton Town Near The Temple
Tennant Tenant, Renter
Tennyson A Form Of Dennison
Teo A Form Of Tom
Terry A Familiar Form Of Terrence
Tetley Tate’s Meadow
Thane Attendant Warrior
Thatcher Roof Thatcher
Thaw Melting Ice
Thel Upper Story
Theo A Short Form Of Theodore
Theodore American Novelist Theodore Dreiser
Thom A Short Form Of Thomas
Thomas Twin
Thompson Son Of Thomas
Thorgood Thor If Good
Thorley Thor’s Meadow
Thormond Thor’s Protection
Thorndike Thorny Embankment
Thorne A Short Form Of Names Beginning With Thor
Thornley Thorny Meadow
Thornton Thorny Town
Thorpe Village
Thunder Thunder
Thurlow Thor’s Hill
Thurman Thor’s Servant
Thurmond Defended By Thor
Tieler A Form Of Tyler
Tige A Short Form Of Tiger
Tighe A Short Form Of Tiger
Tod A Form Of Todd
Todd Fox.
Toft Small Farm
Toland Owner Of Taxed Land
Tolbert Bright Tax Collector
Tom A Short Form Of Thomas, Tomas
Tomkin Little Tom
Toney A Form Of Tony
Toni A Form Of Tony
Tonny A Form Of Tony
Tony A Short Form Of Anthony
Torey A Familiar Form Of Torrence
Torrey A Familiar Form Of Torr
Torry A Familiar Form Of Torr
Tory A Familiar Form Of Torr
Towney Town Meadow
Townsend Town’s End
Trader A Form Of Well-trodden Path
Trae A Form Of Trey
Trai A Form Of Trey
Travell Traveler
Travis At A Crossroad
Tray A Form Of Trey
Trayton Town Full Of Trees
Trea A Form Of Trey
Tredway Well-worn Road
Trevell A Form Of Travell
Trevelyan Elian’s Homestead
Trevis A Form Of Travis
Trey Three; Third
Treyton A Form Of Trayton
Tri A Form Of Trey
Trip Traveler
Tripp Traveler
Trot Trickling Stream
Trowbridge Bridge By The Tree
Troy Water
Truesdale Faithful One’s Homestead
Truitt Little And Honest
Truman Honest. History
Trumble Strong; Bold
Trustin Trustworthy
Tucker Fuller, Tucker Of Cloth
Tupper Ram Raiser
Turk From Turkey
Twain Divided In Two
Twitchell Narrow Passage
Twyford Double River Crossing
Tyger A Form Of Tiger
Tylar A Form Of Tyler
Tyler Tailor.
Tylor A Form Of Tyler
Tymothy A Form Of Timothy
Tyrus A Form Of Thor
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Udell Yew-tree Valley
Udolf Prosperous Wolf
Ulmer Famous Wolf
Upshaw Upper Wooded Area
Urbane A Form Of Urban
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Vail Valley
Vance Thresher
Veston Church Town
Vian A Short Form Of Vivian
Vince A Short Form Of Vincent
Vinny A Familiar Form Of Vincent, Calvin
Vinson Son Of Vincent
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Wade Ford Or River Crossing
Wadley Ford Meadow
Wadsworth Village Near The Ford
Wael A Form Of Wales
Wain A Form Of Wayne
Wainwright Wagon Maker
Wakefield Wet Field
Wakely Wet Meadow
Wakeman Watchman
Walby House Near A Wall
Walcott Cottage By The Wall
Walden Wooded Valley
Waldron Ruler
Wales From Wales
Walford Welshman’s Ford
Walker Cloth Walker; Cloth Cleaner
Wallace From Wales
Waller Wall Maker
Wally A Familiar Form Of Walter
Walsh A Form Of Wallace
Walt A Short Form Of Walter
Walter Woodsman
Walton Walled Town
Walworth Fenced-in Farm
Walwyn Welsh Friend
Warburton Fortified Town
Ward Signifies Watchman
Warden Valley Guardian
Wardley Watchman’s Meadow
Ware Wary, Cautions
Warfield Field Near The Weir Of Fish Trap
Warick Town Hero
Warley Meadow Near The Weir Or Fish Trap
Warmond True Guardian
Warton Town Near The Weir Or Fish Trap
Warwick Buildings Near The Weir Or Fish Trap
Washburn Overflowing River
Washington Town Near Water
Watford Wattle Ford
Watkins Son Of Walter
Watson Son Of Walter
Wayde A Form Of Wade
Wayland A Form Of Waylon
Waylon Land By The Road
Wayman Road Man; Traveler
Wayne Wagon Maker
Webb Weaver
Webley Weaver’s Meadow
Webster Weaver
Weddel Valley Near The Ford
Welborne Spring-fed Stream
Weldon Hill Near The Well
Welford Ford Near The Well
Wellington Rich Man’s Town
Wells Springs
Welsh A Form Of Wallance, Walsh
Welton Town Near The Well
Wendell Good Dale, Good Valley
Wenford White Ford
Wensley Clearing In A Meadow
Wentworth Pale Man’s Settlement
Werner A Form Of Warner
Wes A Short Form Of Wesley
Wesley Western Meadow
Wesly A Form Of Wesley
West West
Westbrook Western Brook
Westby Western Farmstead
Westcott Western Cottage
Westin A Form Of Weston
Westley A Form Of Wesley
Weston Western Town
Wetherby Wether-sheep Farm
Wetherell Wether-sheep Corner
Wetherly Wether-sheep Meadow
Weylin A Form Of Waylon
Whalley Woods Near A Hill
Wharton Town On The Bank Of A Lake
Wheatley Wheat Field
Wheaton Wheat Town
Wheeler Wheel Maker; Wagon Driver
Whistler Whistler, Piper
Whit A Short Form Of Whitman
Whitby White House
Whitcomb White Valley
Whitelaw Small Hill
Whitey White Skinned; White Haired
Whitfield White Field
Whitford White Ford
Whitlock White Lock Of Hair
Whitman White-haired Man
Whitmore White Moor
Whittaker White Field
Wickham Village Meadow
Wid Wide
Wil A Short Form Of Wilfred
Wilber A Form Of Wilbur
Wilbur Wall Fortification; Bright Willows
Wilder Wilderness Wild
Wildon Wooded Hill
Wiley Willow Meadow
Wilford Willow-tree Ford
Wilkie A Familiar Form Of Wilkins
Wilkins William’s Kin
Wilkinson Son Of Little William
Will A Short Form Of Wilfred
William A Form Of Wilhelm
Willoughby Willow Farm
Wills Son Of Will
Wilson Son Of Will
Wilt A Short Form Of Wilton
Wilton Farm By The Spring
Winchell Bend In The Road
Windell Windy Valley
Windsor Riverbank With A Winch
Winfred A Form Of Winfried
Winfried Friend Of Peace
Wingate Winding Gate
Winslow Friend’s Hill
Winston Friendly Town
Winthrop Victory At The Crossroads
Winward Friend’s Guardian
Wit A Form Of Whit
Witter Wise Warrior
Witton Wise Man’s Estate
Wolcott Cottage In The Woods
Wolfe Wolf
Wood A Short Form Of Elwood
Woodfield Forest Meadow
Woodford Ford Through The Forest
Woodley Wooded Meadow
Woodrow Passage In The Woods
Woodruff Forest Ranger
Woodson Son Of Wood
Woodville Town At The Edge Of The Woods
Woodward Forest Warden
Woolsey Victorious Wolf
Worcester Forest Army Camp
Wordsworth Wolf-guardian’s Farm
Worrell Lives At The Manor Of The Loyal One
Worth A Short Form Of Wordsworth
Worton Farm Town
Wright A Short Form Of Wainwright
Wrisley A Form Of Risley
Wriston A Form Of Riston
Wybert Battle Bright
Wycliff White Cliff; Village Near The Cliff
Wylie Charming
Wyman Fighter, Warrior
Wymer Famous In Battle
Wyn Friend
Wynton Winston
Wythe Willow Tree
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Yale Old
Yardley Enclosed Meadow
Yates Gates
Yeoman Attendant; Retainer
Yorick Farmer
York Boar Estate; Yew-tree Estate
Young Young
Yudell A Form Of Udell
Yule Born At Christmas
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Zachariah Remembered By The Lord
Zachary Remember The Lord
Zain A Form Of Zane
Zane A Form Of John
Zayne A Form Of Zane
Zebadiah Gift Of The Lord
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Ada Prosperous; Happy
Adah A Form Of Ada
Addyson A Form Of Addison
Adela A Short Form Of Adelaide
Adele A Short Form Of Adelaide
Adelina A Form Of Adeline
Adeline A Form Of Adelaide
Adelle A Form Of Adelaide, Adeline
Adilene A Form Of Adeline
Adria A Form Of Adriana, Adrienne
Adriane A Form Of Adrienne
Adrianne A Form Of Adrienne
Adrien A Form Of Adrienne
Adriene A Form Of Adrienne
Adrina A Short Form Of Adriana
Adyson A Form Of Addison
Afton From Afton England
Agate A Semiprecious Stone
Aida A Form Of Ada
Airiana A Form Of Ariana
Alberta A Feminine Form Of Albert
Aldora Gift; Superior
Alfreda Elf Counselor; Wise Counselor
Alice Noble Or Kind
Alicen A Form Of Alison
Alicia A Form Of Alice Which Means Noble
Alicja A Form Of Acilia
Alicyn A Form Of Alison
Alina A Short Form Of Adeline
Alisha A Form Of Alicia
Alishia A Form Of Alisha
Alisia A Form Of Alisha
Alison A Form Of Alice Meaning Noble
Alisyn A Form Of Alison
Allicia A Form Of Alicia
Allisha A Form Of Alisha
Allison A Form Of Alison
Allisyn A Form Of Alison
Allysen A Form Of Alison
Allyson A Form Of Alison
Alodie Rich
Alonsa A Form Of Alonza
Alonza Noble And Eager
Alvina Friend To All; Noblefriend
Alyna A Form Of Alina
Alyshia A Form Of Alicia
Alyson A Form Of Alison
Amy Beloved
Anabel A Form Of Annabel
Anabelle A Form Of Annabel
Anakaren A Combination Of Ana & Karen
Analaura A Combination Of Ana & Laura
Analicia A Form Of Analisa
Analisa A Combination Of Anna & Lisa
Analise A Form Of Analisa
Anamaria A Combination Of Ana & Maria
Anarosa A Combination Of Ana & Rosa
Anice A Form Of Agnes
Anise A Form Of Agnes
Anisha A Form Of Agnes, Ann
Anissa A Form Of Agnes, Ann
Ann Gracious
Ann Marie A Combination Of Ann & Marie
Anna Maria A Combination Of Anna & Marie
Anna Marie A Combination Of Anna & Marie
Anna-Marie A Combination Of Anna & Marie
Annabel A Combination Of Anna & Bel
Annabell A Form Of Annabel
Annabella A Form Of Annabel
Annabelle A Form Of Annabel
Annaliese A Form Of Analisa
Annalisa A Combination Of Anna & Lisa
Annalise A Form Of Analisa
Annamaria A Combination Of Anna & Marie
Annamarie A Combination Of Anna & Marie
Anne A Form Of Hanna, Meaning Grace
Anne Marie A Combination Of Ann & Marie
Anne-Marie A Combination Of Ann & Marie
Anneliese A Form Of Annelisa
Annelisa A Combination Of Ann & Lisa
Annelise A Form Of Annelisa
Annemarie A Combination Of Ann & Marie
Annette Grace
Annie Grace
Annisa A Form Of Anissa
Annisha A Form Of Agnes, Ann
Annissa A Form Of Anissa
Annmarie A Combination Of Ann & Marie
Anny A Familiar Form Of Anna
Anona Pineapple
Anyssa A Form Of Anissa
Arden Valley Of The Eagle
Arianne A Form Of Ariana
Arleigh A Form Of Harley
Arleth A Form Of Arlette
Arlette A Form Of Arlene, Meaning Pledge
Asheley A Form Of Ashley
Ashely A Form Of Ashley
Ashlan A Form Of Ashlyn
Ashle A Form Of Ashley
Ashlea A Form Of Ashley
Ashlee A Form Of Ashley
Ashlei A Form Of Ashley
Ashleigh A Form Of Ashley
Ashlen A Form Of Ashlyn
Ashley Which Means Ash Tree Meadow
Ashli A Form Of Ashley
Ashlie A Form Of Ashley
Ashliegh A Form Of Ashley
Ashlin A Form Of Ashlyn
Ashly A Form Of Ashley
Ashlyn Ash-tree Pool
Ashlynn Ash-tree Pool
Ashlynne Ash-tree Pool
Ashten A Form Of Ashton
Ashtin A Form Of Ashton
Ashtyn A Form Of Ashton
Asia Eatern Sunrise
Asiah A Form Of Asia
Aspyn A Form Of Aspen
Aster A Form Of Astra
Asya A Form Of Asia
Aubriana A Combination Of Aubrey & Anna
Aubrianna A Combination Of Aubrey & Anna
Aude A Familiar Form Of Audrey
Audey A Familiar Form Of Audrey
Audreanne A Combination Of Audrey & Ann
Audree A Form Of Audrey
Audrey Noble Strength
Audrey Ann A Combination Of Audrey & Ann
Audrey Anne A Combination Of Audrey & Ann
Audrey Maud A Combination Of Audrey & Maud
Audrey Maude A Combination Of Audrey & Maud
Audriana A Combination Of Audrey & Anna
Audrianna A Combination Of Audrey & Anna
Audrie A Form Of Audrey
Audrina A Form Of Audriana
Audry A Form Of Audrey
Aurel Golden angel
Avaline A Form Of Evelyn
Averi A Form Of Aubrey
Averie A Form Of Aubrey
Aysia A Form Of Asia
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Bailee A Form Of Bailey
Baileigh A Form Of Bailey
Bailey Bailiff
Baili A Form Of Bailey
Bailie A Form Of Bailey
Baily A Form Of Bailey
Baleigh A Form Of Bailey
Baylea A Form Of Bailey
Baylee A Form Of Bailey
Bayleigh A Form Of Bailey
Bayley A Form Of Bailey
Bayli A Form Of Bailey
Baylie A Form Of Bailey
Berlynn A Combination Of Bertha & Lynn
Bernadine Brave As A Bear
Berni A Familiar Form Of Bernadine
Berti A Familiar Form Of Gilberte
Bertina Bright; Shining
Bethann A Combination Of Beth & Ann
Betty A Familiar Form Of Elizabeth
Bev A Short Form Of Beverly
Beverley A Form Of Beverly
Beverly Beaver Field
Billi A Form Of Billie
Billie Strong Willed
Binney A Familiar Form Of Benedicta
Birdie Bird
Blessy Blessing
Bliss Literally, Happy Or Joyful
Blossom Flower
Blythe Happy Or Cheerful
Bonnie Beautiful
Bonny Beautiful, Pretty
Bracken Fern
Bre A Form Of Bree
Bree Broth
Breeze Light Wind; Carefree
Brenda Sword
Breonna Just pretty
Brillana From The City Brill, England
Brinti A Form Of Britany
Bristol The Site Of The Bridge
Brita A Form Of Britany
Britaney A Form Of Britany
Britani A Form Of Britany
Britanie A Form Of Britany
Britany From Britain
Britin From Britain
British From Britain
Britnee A Form Of Britany
Britney A Form Of Britany
Britnie A Form Of Britany
Britny A Form Of Britany
Brittanee A Form Of Britany
Brittaney A Form Of Britany
Brittani A Form Of Britany
Brittanie A Form Of Britany
Brittanny A Form Of Britany
Brittany From Britain
Britten A Form Of Britin
Britteny A Form Of Britany
Brittiany A Form Of Britany
Brittin From Britain
Brittini A Form Of Britany
Brittiny A Form Of Britany
Brittnay A Form Of Britany
Brittnee A Form Of Britany
Brittney A Form Of Britany
Brittni A Form Of Britany
Brittnie A Form Of Britany
Brittny A Form Of Britany
Brittony A Form Of Britany
Brook Brook, Stream
Brooke Literally Signifies Brook Or Stream
Bryttani A Form Of Britany
Bryttany A Form Of Britany
Bryttni A Form Of Britany
Bunny Little Rabbit
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Cadie A Form Of Kady
Cady A Form Of Kady
Cadyna A Form Of Cadence
Caralyn A Form Of Caroline
Carelyn A Form Of Caroline
Carilyn A Form Of Caroline
Carla Strong
Carlee A Form Of Carly
Carleen A Form Of Caroline
Carleigh A Form Of Carly
Carlena A Form Of Caroline
Carlene A Form Of Caroline
Carley A Form Of Carly
Carli A Form Of Carly
Carlie A Form Of Carly
Carly A Familiar Form Of Caroline
Carol Strong
Carole A Form Of Carol
Carolyn A Form Of Caroline
Carolyne A Form Of Caroline
Carolynn A Form Of Caroline
Carrie A Familiar Form Of Carol, Caroline
Catherine A Form Of Katherine
Catheryn A Form Of Catherine
Catie A Form Of Katie
Catina A Form Of Katina
Cedrica Battle Chieftain
Celsey A Form Of Kelsey
Chanel Channel
Chanell A Form Of Chanel
Chanelle A Form Of Chanel
Channel Channel
Channelle A Form Of Chanel
Charla A Short Form Of Charlene
Charlaine A Form Of Charlene
Charlee A Form Of Charlie
Charleen A Form Of Charlene
Charleigh A Form Of Charlie
Charlene Signifies Little And Womanly
Charli A Form Of Charlie
Charline A Form Of Charlene
Chayla A Form Of Chaylea
Chaylea A Combination Of Chaya & Lea
Chelby A Form Of Shelby
Chelci A Form Of Chelsea
Chelcie Chelcie
Chelley A Form Of Shelley
Chelsa A Form Of Chelsea
Chelse A Form Of Chelsea
Chelsea Port
Chelsee A Form Of Chelsea
Chelsey A Form Of Chelsea
Chelsi A Form Of Chelsea
Chelsia A Form Of Chelsea
Chelsie A Form Of Chelsea
Chelsy A Form Of Chelsea
Chenelle A Form Of Chanel
Cher A Short Form Of Cherilyn
Cherilyn A Combination Of Cheryl & Lynn
Cherish Signifies Precious
Cherry Cherrylike
Chrissie A Familiar Form Of Christina
Chrissy A Familiar Form Of Christina
Christine A Form Of Christina
Christy A Short Form Of Christina, Christine
Chrys A Form Of Chris
Cicely A Form Of Cecilia
Cim A Form Of Kim
Cimberleigh A Form Of Kimberly
Cinderella Little Cinder Girl
Clara Bright
Clare A Form Of Clara
Cleantha Glory
Cleva Dwells At The Cliffs
Colbi A Form Of Colby
Colbie A Form Of Colby
Cortnee From The Court
Cortney From The Court
Cortni From The Court
Cortnie From The Court
Courtenay From The Court
Courteney From The Court
Courtline From The Court
Courtlyn From The Court
Courtnee From The Court
Courtnei From The Court
Courtney From The Court
Courtni A Form Of Courtney
Courtnie A Form Of Courtney
Courtny A Form Of Courtney
Cristi A Familiar Form Of Cristina
Cristy A Familiar Form Of Cristina
Cuthberta Brilliant
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Dae Day
Daina A Form Of Dana
Daisey A Form Of Daisy
Daisy Eye Of The Day
Dalena A Form Of Dale
Dana From Denmark Or Bright As Day
Danah A Form Of Dana
Daniella A Form Of Dana, Danielle
Daralis Beloved
Darla A Short Form Of Darlene
Davonna A Form Of Davina, Devonna
Dawn Sunrise Or Dawn
Dawna A Form Of Dawn
Dayla Dayla
Dayle A Form Of Dale
Daysi A Form Of Daisy
Deana Valley
Deisy A Form Of Daisy
Delaney A Form Of Adeline
Delicia Suggests Delight
Delisa A Form Of Delicia
Delisha A Form Of Delicia
Della A Short Form Of Adelaide
Delsie A Familiar Form Of Delores
Delwyn Proud Friend; Friend From The Valley
Dena Valley
Deona A Form Of Dena
Deondra A Form Of Deandra, Deona, Diona
Deonna A Form Of Dena
Devona A Form Of Devonna
Devonna From Devonshire
Deysi A Form Of Daisy
Dixie Wall; Dike
Doanne Low, Rolling Hills
Domino A Short Form Of Dominica
Dorabella A Combination Of Dora & Bella
Doralynn A Combination Of Dora & Lynn
Dreama Dreamer
Dusti A Familiar Form Of Dustin
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Eadda Wealthy; Successful
Eadmund A Form Of Edmunda
Eadwine A Form Of Edwina
Earlene Noblewoman
Earna Eagle
Earnestyna A Form Of Ernestina
Eartha Earthy
Earwyn A Form Of Erwina
Earwyna A Form Of Erwina
Easter Easter Time
Eathelin Noble Waterfall
Eathelyn Noble Waterfall
Edelburga Noble Protector
Edeline Noble; Kind
Edeva Expensive Present
Edie A Familiar Form Of Edith
Edilburga Noble Protector
Edina Prosperous Fort
Edith Rich Gift
Edlen Noble Waterfall
Edlyn Prosperous; Noble
Edmanda A Form Of Edmunda
Edmunda Prosperous Protector
Edrea A Short Form Of Edrice, Edrianna
Edrice Prosperous Ruler
Eduarda A Form Of Edwardina
Eduardo A Form Of Edwardina
Edwardina Prosperous Quardian
Edwina Prosperous Friend
Effie A Short Form Of Alfreda
Egberta Bright Sword
Egbertina A Form Of Egberta
Egbertine A Form Of Egberta
Egbertyne A Form Of Egberta
Eila The Earth
Ela Cardamon tree
Elberta A Form Of Alberta
Eldrida Wise Counselor
Elethea Healer
Elethia Healer
Eletta Elf; Mischievous
Elina Woman with intelligence
Elisa A Short Form Of Elizabeth
Elise A Short Form Of Elizabeth, Elysia
Elissa A Form Of Elizabeth
Elizaveta A Form Of Elizabeth
Ella Elfin; Beautiful Fairy-woman
Ellen A Form Of Eleanor Or Helen
Elli A Short Form Of Eleanor
Ellice A Form Of Elise
Ellie Short Form Of Eleanor
Ellisa A Short Form Of Elizabeth
Ellison Child Of Ellis
Ellora Clouds
Elly A Short Form Of Eleanor
Ellyn A Form Of Ellen
Elmina Noble
Elodie A Form Of Alodie
Elva Elfin
Elvia A Form Of Elva
Elvie A Form Of Elva
Elvina A Form Of Alvina
Elysa A Form Of Elisa
Elyse A Form Of Elise
Elyssa A Form Of Elissa
Emilee A Form Of Emily
Emileigh A Form Of Emily
Emiley A Form Of Emily
Emili A Form Of Emily
Emilie A Form Of Emily
Emilly A Form Of Emily
Emily Hardworking
Emma Signifies Universal
Emmily A Form Of Emily
Enchantra Enchanting
Eppie A Familiar Form Of Euphemia
Erica Brave Ruler
Erna A Short Form Of Ernestine
Ernestina A Form Of Ernestine
Ernestine Earnest, Sincere
Erwina Sea Friend
Erwyna Sea Friend
Essie A Short Form Of Estelle, Esther
Estee A Short Form Of Estelle, Esther
Eta Luminous
Etelburga A Form Of Edelburga
Ethel Noble
Etta A Short Form Of Henrietta
Eve Marie A Combination Of Eve & Marie
Evelin A Form Of Evelyn
Evelina A Form Of Evelyn
Eveline A Form Of Evelyn
Evelyn Hazelnut
Evelyne A Form Of Evelyn
Evline A Form Of Evelyn
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Faina Happy
Fairlee From A Yellow Meadow
Faith Loyalty
Fancy Whimsical; Decorative
Farah Beautiful; Pleaant
Faren Wanderer
Farrah Beautiful; Pleaant
Farren Wanderer
Fay A Form Of Faye
Faye A Form Of Faith
Fayre Fair; Light Haired
Faythe A Form Of Faith
Felberta Brilliant
Felicity A Form Of Felicia
Fern Fern
Fernley From The Fern Meadow
Fira Fiery
Firoza Turquoise
Flair Style; Verve
Fleta Swift, Fast
Florence Flowering
Florie A Familiar Form Of Florence
Floris A Form Of Florence
Flossie A Familiar Form Of Florence
Flyta Rapid
Frances Free
Frannie A Familiar Form Of Frances
Franny A Familiar Form Of Frances
Freddi A Familiar Form Of Frederica
Fredella A Form Of Frederica
Frederica Peaceful Ruler
Freedom Freedom
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Gail Merry, Lively
Gailine A Form Of Gail
Gardenia Botany: A Sweet-melling Flower
Garyn Spear Carrier
Gayla A Form Of Gail
Gayle A Form Of Gail
Gaylia A Form Of Gail
Gayna A Familiar Form Of Guinevere
Genna A Form Of Jenna
Georgeann A Combination Of Georgia & Ann
Georgeanna A Combination Of Georgia & Anna
Georgeanne A Combination Of Georgia & Ann
Georgene A Familiar Form Of Georgia
Georgia Feminine Form Of George
Georgiana A Form Of Georgeanna
Georgianna A Form Of Georgeanna
Georgie A Familiar Form Of Georgeanne
Georgina A Form Of Georgia
Gerarda Brave Spearwoman
Gidget Giddy
Gilda Covered With Gold
Ginette A Form Of Genevieve
Ginnifer White; Smooth; Soft
Ginny A Familiar Form Of Ginger, Virginia
Giorgianna A Form Of Georgeanna
Githa Gift
Gleda Happy
Godgifu A Form Of Godiva
Godiva God’s Present
Golda Gold
Goldie A Familiar Form Of Golda
Goldine A Form Of Golda
Graceann A Combination Of Grace & Ann
Graceanne A Combination Of Grace & Ann
Gracelyn A Combination Of Grace & Lynn
Gracelynn A Combination Of Grace & Lynn
Gracelynne A Combination Of Grace & Lynn
Gracen A Short Form Of Graceanne
Gracie A Familiar Form Of Grace
Gracyn A Short Form Of Graceanne
Granthana Book
Guendolina A Form Of Gwendolyn
Gustey Windy
Gypsy Wanderer
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Hadley Field Of Heather
Haeley A Form Of Hayley
Haile A Form Of Hayley
Hailee A Form Of Hayley
Haileigh A Form Of Hayley
Hailey A Form Of Haile
Haili A Form Of Hayley
Hailie A Form Of Hayley
Haily A Form Of Hayley
Haley Heavy rainfall
Halsey Hall’s Island
Hana Happiness
Happy Happy
Harlee A Form Of Harley
Harleen A Form Of Harley
Harleigh A Form Of Harley
Harlene A Form Of Harley
Harleyann A Combination Of Harley & Ann
Harli A Form Of Harley
Harlie A Form Of Harley
Harriet A Form Of Henrietta
Hattie A Familiar Form Of Harriet
Haven A Form Of Heaven
Hayle A Form Of Hayley
Haylea A Form Of Hayley
Haylee A Form Of Hayley
Hayleigh A Form Of Hayley
Hayley Hay Meadow
Hayli A Form Of Hayley
Haylie A Form Of Hayley
Hazel Hazelnut Tree
Heather Signifies A Flower Associated With Scotland
Heaven Place Of Beauty And Happiness
Heavenly A Form Of Heaven
Henna A Familiar Form Of Henrietta
Henrietta Ruler Of The Household
Hertha Child Of The Earth
Hetta A Familiar Form Of Henrietta
Hitee Love and care
Hollee A Form Of Holly
Holley A Form Of Holly
Holli A Form Of Holly
Hollie A Form Of Holly
Hollyann A Combination Of Holly & Ann
Hollyn A Short Form Of Hollyann
Honbria Sweet
Honey Sweet nectar
Hope Signifying The Quality Of Hope
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Ida Prosperous
Idabelle A Combination Of Ida & Belle
Idalina A Combination Of Ida & Lina
Idalis A Form Of Ida
Idla Battle
Ilde Battle
Ilisa A Form Of Alisa, Elisa
Ilyssa A Form Of Ilisa
Inika Small Earth
Inu Attractive
Iolanthe A Form Of Yolanda
Iona Purple gem
Ireland From Ireland
Iria Lady
Irvette Sea Friend
Ivey A Form Of Ivy
Ivy Signifting The Climbing Plant
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Jaimilynn A Combination Of Jaime & Lynn
Jamey A Form Of Jami
Jami A Form Of James
Jamia A Form Of Jami
Jamie A Form Of James
Jamilee A Combination Of Jami & Lee
Jamilynn A Combination Of Jami & Lynn
Jamiya A Form Of Jami
Jamya A Form Of Jami
Jan A Short Form Of Jane
Jane A Femininie Form Of John
Janecia A Form Of Janice
Janese A Form Of Jane
Janet A Form Of Jane
Janeth A Form Of Janet
Janey A Familiar Form Of Jane
Jani A Familiar Form Of Jane
Janice A Familiar Form Of Jane
Janie A Familiar Form Of Jane
Janiece A Form Of Janice
Janis A Form Of Janice
Janise A Form Of Janice
Jannah A Form Of Janna
Jannie A Familiar Form Of Jan, Jane
Jany A Familiar Form Of Jane
Jasmin A Flower
Jaymee A Form Of Jami
Jaymi A Form Of Jami
Jaymie A Form Of Jami
Jayne A Form Of Jane
Jaynee A Familiar Form Of Jayne
Jaynie A Familiar Form Of Jayne
Jemma A Form Of Gema
Jennifer White Wave
Jeraldine A Form Of Geraldine
Jetta Suggesting A Jet-black Gemstone
Jill A Short Form Of Jillian
Joana A Form Of Joan
Joann A Form Of Joan
Joanna A Form Of Joan
Joanne A Form Of Joan
Jobeth A Combination Of Jo & Beth
Joleen A Form Of Jolene
Jolene A Form Of Josephine
Joline A Form Of Jolene
Jolyane A Form Of Jolene
Jonquil Botany
Joy Jewel Or Delight
Jui Flower
Julee A Form Of Julie
Julia Youthful
Juliana Youthful
Juliane A Form Of Julia
Juliann A Form Of Julia
Julianne A Form Of Julia
Julie A Form Of Julia, Meaning Youthful
Julienne A Form Of Julia
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Kadee A Form Of Kady
Kadence Rhythm
Kadi A Form Of Kady
Kadie A Form Of Kady
Kady A Form Of Katy
Kaltha Marigold, Yellow Flower
Kandahl A Form Of Kendall
Karalana A Combination Of Kara & Lana
Karalee A Combination Of Kara & Lee
Karalyn A Form Of Karalynn
Karalynn A Combination Of Kara & Lynn
Karsyn Child Of Kar A Form Of Carson
Kate A Short Form Of Katherine
Katee A Familiar Form Of Kate, Katherine
Katey A Familiar Form Of Kate, Katherine
Kathi A Familiar Form Of Katherine, Kathlee
Kathia A Form Of Kathi
Kathryn A Form Of Katherine
Kathryne A Form Of Katherine
Kathrynn A Form Of Katherine
Kathy A Familiar Form Of Katherine, Kathlee
Kathya A Form Of Kathi
Katie A Familiar Form Of Katherine
Katina A Form Of Katherine
Katreen A Form Of Katherine
Katrin A Form Of Katherine
Katrina Pure
Katrine A Form Of Katherine
Kattie A Familiar Form Of Kate
Katty A Familiar Form Of Kate
Katy A Familiar Form Of Kate
Kaydence Rhythm
Kayte A Form Of Katy
Kaytie A Form Of Katy
Kellsey A Form Of Kelsey
Kellsie A Form Of Kelsey
Kelly Signifies Pasture By The Spring
Kelsa A Short Form Of Kelsey
Kelsea A Form Of Kelsey
Kelsee A Form Of Kelsey
Kelsei A Form Of Kelsey
Kelsey A Form Of Chelsea
Kelsi A Form Of Kelsey
Kelsie A Form Of Kelsey
Kelsy A Form Of Kelsey
Kemberly A Form Of Kimberly
Kenda Water Baby
Kendal A Form Of Kendall
Kendall Valley Of Kent
Kendra A Form Of Kenda
Kendria A Form Of Kenda
Kendyl A Form Of Kendall
Kendyll A Form Of Kendall
Kenenza A Form Of Kennice
Kenise A Form Of Kennice
Khimberly A Form Of Kimberly
Kim A Short Form Of Kimball
Kimbalee A Form Of Kimberly
Kimber A Form Of Kimberly
Kimberlee A Form Of Kimberly
Kimberley A Form Of Kimberly
Kimberli A Form Of Kimberly
Kimberlie A Form Of Kimberly
Kimberlin A Form Of Kimberly
Kimberly Chief, Ruler
Kimberlyn A Form Of Kimberly
Kimberlynn A Form Of Kimberly
Kimmie A Familiar Form Of Kimberly
Kimmy A Familiar Form Of Kimberly
Kindra A Form Of Kendra
Kinsey Offspring; Relative
Kinzie A Form Of Kinsey
Kortnee A Form Of Courtney
Kortney A Form Of Courtney
Kortni A Form Of Courtney
Kortnie A Form Of Courtney
Kym A Form Of Kim
Kymber A Form Of Kimber
Kymberlee A Form Of Kimberly
Kymberli A Form Of Kimberly
Kymberly A Form Of Kimberly
Kymberlyn A Form Of Kimberlin
Kyndal A Form Of Kendall
Kyndall A Form Of Kendall
Kyndra A Form Of Kendra
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Laboni Graceful
Laina A Form Of Lane
Lallie Babbler
Landyn A Form Of Landon
Laney A Familiar Form Of Lane
Langley Long Meadow
Lanie A Form Of Laney
Laura Crowned With Laurel.
Lauran A Form Of Lauren
Laureanne A Short Form Of Laurianna
Lauren A Form Of Laura
Lauretta A Form Of Loretta
Lauriane A Short Form Of Laurianna
Laurianna A Combination Of Laurie & Anna
Laurianne A Short Form Of Laurianna
Laurie A Familiar Form Of Laura
Laurin A Form Of Lauren
Laury A Familiar Form Of Laura
Lauryn A Familiar Form Of Laura
Lean A Form Of Leeann, Lian
Leana A Form Of Liana
Leann A Form Of Leeann, Lian
Leanna A Form Of Liana
Leanne A Form Of Leeann, Lian
Leanore A Form Of Helen
Leeann A Form Of Lian
Leeanna A Form Of Liana
Leeanne A Form Of Lian
Leesa A Form Of Leeza, Lisa
Leeza A Form Of Lisa, Liza
Leigh A Form Of Lee
Leigha A Form Of Leah
Leighann A Form Of Leeann
Leighanna A Form Of Liana
Leighanne A Form Of Leeann
Leisa A Form Of Lisa
Leoma Brilliant
Letty A Familiar Form Of Leticia
Levita Twinkle, Sparkle
Levyna Twinkle, Sparkle
Liama Determined Guardian
Liana Meadow
Liane A Form Of Lian
Lianna Meadow
Lianne A Form Of Lian
Lilibeth A Combination Of Lilly & Beth
Lillian Lily
Lillyann A Combination Of Lilly & Ann
Lillybelle A Combination Of Lilly & Belle
Lillybet A Combination Of Lilly & Elizabeth
Lilybelle A Combination Of Lily & Belle
Lilybet A Combination Of Lily & Elizabeth
Lin A Form Of Lynn
Lindsay A Form Of Lindsey
Lindsee A Form Of Lindsey
Lindsey Linden Tree Island
Lindsi A Form Of Lindsey
Lindsie A Form Of Lindsey
Lindsy A Form Of Lindsey
Linh A Form Of Lin
Linley Flax Meadow
Linsey A Form Of Lindsey
Linzee A Form Of Lindsey
Linzy A Form Of Lindsey
Lisa A Short Form Of Elizabeth
Lisbet A Short Form Of Elizabeth
Lisbeth A Short Form Of Elizabeth
Liset A Familiar Form Of Elise, Elizabeth
Liseth A Form Of Liset
Lisette A Familiar Form Of Elise, Elizabeth
Lisset A Familiar Form Of Elise, Elizabeth
Lissette A Familiar Form Of Elise, Elizabeth
Liz A Short Form Of Elizabeth
Lizabeth A Short Form Of Elizabeth
Lizbet A Short Form Of Elizabeth
Lizbeth A Short Form Of Elizabeth
Lochan Bright eyes
Lodema Quide
Lodima Quide
Lodyma Quide
Lolly A Familiar Form Of Laura. Sweet; Candy
Lona Solitary
Lonlee A Form Of Lona
Lonna A Form Of Lona
Lorena Crowned with laurels
Loretta A Familiar Form Of Laura
Louisa A Familiar Form Of Louise
Louvaine Louise’s Vanity
Love Love, Kindness, Charity
Lovely Lovely
Lucetta A Familiar Form Of Lucille
Lucila A Form Of Lucille
Lucille A Familiar Form Of Lucy
Luella Elf
Lulie Sleepy
Lulu Soothing, Comforting
Luvena Little; Beloved
Lyla A Form Of Lyle
Lynae A Form Of Lynn
Lyndell A Form Of Lynelle
Lynelle Pretty
Lynette A Form Of Linette
Lynlee A Form Of Lynn
Lynn Waterfall
Lynnae A Form Of Lynn
Lynne Waterfall; Pool Below A Waterfall
Lynnell A Form Of Lynelle
Lynnette A Form Of Lynette
Lysa A Form Of Lisa
Lysette A Form Of Liset
Lyzabeth A Short Form Of Elizabeth
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Mabella A Form Of Mabel
Mada A Form Of Madaline, Magdalen
Madalaine A Form Of Madeline
Madaline A Form Of Madeline
Maddie A Familiar Form Of Madeline
Madelena A Form Of Madeline
Madelene A Form Of Madeline
Madelin A Form Of Madeline
Madelyn A Form Of Madeline
Madlyn A Form Of Madeline
Madysen A Form Of Madison
Madyson A Form Of Madison
Mae A Form Of May
Maggi A Form Of Maggie
Maggie A Familiar Form Of Magdalen
Maggy A Form Of Maggie
Maia Kinswoman; Maiden
Maiah A Form Of Maia
Maida Maiden
Maitane A Form Of Maite
Maleena A Form Of Malina
Malva A Form Of Melba
Marabel A Form Of Maribel
Marcelen A Form Of Marcella
Marcelina A Form Of Marcella
Marci A Familiar Form Of Marcella, Marcia
Marcie A Familiar Form Of Marcella, Marcia
Marcy A Familiar Form Of Marcella, Marcia
Mardella Meadow Near A Lake
Maretta A Familiar Form Of Margaret
Marge A Short Form Of Margaret, Marjorie
Margery A Form Of Margaret
Margie A Familiar Form Of Marge, Margaret
Maria A Short Form Of Marlena And Marlene
Marian A Form Of Maryann
Mariane A Form Of Mary Ann
Mariann A Form Of Mary Ann
Marianne A Form Of Mary Ann
Maribel A Combination Of Maria & Bel
Maridel A Form Of Maribel
Marigold Mary’s Gold
Markeisha A Combination Of Mary & Keisha
Markesha A Form Of Markeisha
Markeshia A Form Of Markeisha
Markisha A Form Of Markeisha
Marla A Short Form Of Marlena, Marlene
Marlaina A Form Of Marlena
Marlana A Form Of Marlena
Marlayna A Form Of Marlena
Marlee A Form Of Marlene
Marleigh A Form Of Marlene
Marlie A Form Of Marlene
Marlis A Short Form Of Marlisa
Marlisa A Combination Of Maria & Lisa
Marly A Form Of Marlene
Marsha A Form Of Marcia
Marshae A Form Of Marsha
Marshay A Form Of Marsha
Marta A Short Form Of Martha, Martina
Marti A Familiar Form Of Martha, Martina
Marvina Lover Of The Sea
Mary Ann A Combination Of Mary & Ann
Maryan A Combination Of Mary & Ann
Maryann A Combination Of Mary & Ann
Masiel A Form Of Massiel
Mattie A Familiar Form Of Martha, Matilda
Maud Short Forms Of Madeline And Matilda
Maude A Short Form Of Madeline, Matilda
Maxie A Familiar Form Of Maxine
May Flower; Month Of May
Meadow Meadow
Meggie A Familiar Form Of Margaret, Megan
Meggy A Familiar Form Of Margaret, Megan
Melecent A Form Of Millicent
Melicent A Form Of Millicent
Mercia A Form Of Marcia
Mercilla A Form Of Mercy
Mercy Compassion; Mercy.
Merilyn A Combination Of Merry & Lynn
Merry Cheerful Or Happy.
Mertysa Famous
Mildred Gentle Counselor.
Millicent Industrious
Millie A Familiar Form Of Amelia
Milly A Familiar Form Of Amelia
Missy A Familiar Form Of Melissa
Misti A Form Of Misty
Mistie A Form Of Misty
Misty Enveloped By Mist.
Monalisa Noble
Monti A Short Form Of Montgomery
Moona Moon
Myla Merciful
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Nan A Form Of Ann
Nanci A Form Of Nancy
Nancy God’s flavour
Nara North
Natie A Familiar Form Of Natalie
Nedda Prosperous Guardian
Nell A Short Form Of Nellie
Nellie A Familiar Form Of Cornelia
Nellwyn Nellie’s Friend
Nelly A Familiar Form Of Cornelia
Neva New
Nouf Highest point on a mountain
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Odella Wood Hill
Olivia A Form Of Olga
Ona River
Ora Seacoast
Orva Brave Friend
Osma Divine Protector
Oswalda God’s Power; God’s Crest
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Paige Young Child
Paiton Warrior’s Town
Patience Signifying The Virtuous Quality
Patricia Congresswoman
Patty A Familiar Form Of Patricia
Payge A Form Of Paige
Peace Peaceful
Philberta Brilliant
Piper Pipe Player
Pippa A Short Form Of Philippa
Pixie Mischievous Fairy
Pollyanna A Combination Of Polly & Anna
Posy Flower, Small Bunch Of Flowers
Presley Priest’s Meadow
Primrose Primrose Flower
Princess Daughter Of Royalty
Purity Purity
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Queen Queen
Queenie Queen.
Quella Quiet, Pacify
Quenna A Form Of Queen
Quieta Quiet
Quinn Signifies Queen.
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Raeven A Form Of Raven
Ragine A Form Of Regina
Rainbow Rainbow
Rainelle A Combination Of Raina & Elle
Randee A Familiar Form Of Miranda
Randi Familiar Forms Of Miranda And Randall
Randie A Familiar Form Of Miranda
Raveen A Form Of Raven
Raveena A Form Of Raven
Ravin A Form Of Raven
Ravyn A Form Of Raven
Rayven A Form Of Raven
Reanna An Alternate Form Of Raine
Regina King’s Advisor
Rennie A Familiar Form Of Renata
Rina A Short Form Of Names Ending In Rina
Robbi A Familiar Form Of Roberta
Roberta Bright Fame
Robinette A Familiar Form Of Robin
Robynn A Form Of Robin
Ronalda King’s Advisor
Ros A Short Form Of Rosalind
Rosalee A Form Of Rosalind
Rosalia A Form Of Rosalind
Rosalie A Form Of Rosalind
Rosamaria A Form Of Rose Marie
Rosana A Combination Of Rose & Anna
Rosanna A Combination Of Rose & Anna
Rosanne A Combination Of Rose & Ann
Rose Marie A Combination Of Rose & Marie
Roseann A Combination Of Rose & Ann
Roseanna A Combination Of Rose & Anna
Roseanne A Combination Of Rose And Ann
Rosemarie A Combination Of Rose & Marie
Rosemary A Combination Of Rose And Mary
Rosie A Familiar Form Of Rosalind
Rosina A Familiar Form Of Rose
Rosy Deep pink
Rouble Money
Rowena Famous Friend
Roya A Short Form Of Royanna
Royale Royal
Royanna Queenly; Royal
Roz A Short Form Of Rosalind
Ruel Path
Rumer Gypsy
Rusti Redhead
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Sable Sable; Sleek
Sabreen A Short Form Of Sabreena
Sabreena A Form Of Sabrina
Sabrena A Form Of Sabrina
Sabrina Princess
Sabryna A Form Of Sabrina
Saige A Form Of Sage
Salette A Form Of Sally
Salliann A Combination Of Sally & Ann
Sallie A Form Of Sally
Sally A Familiar Form Of Sarah
Saundra A Form Of Sandra, Sondra
Scarlet A Form Of Scarlett
Scarlett Bright Red
Sebrina A Form Of Sabrina
Seelia A Form Of Sheila
Sela A Short Form Of Selena
Selah A Short Form Of Selena
Selina Star in the sky
Selvi Happy prosperous daughter
Senorita Sweet
Shandi A Familiar Form Of Shana
Sharee A Form Of Shari
Sharen A Form Of Sharon
Shariann A Combination Of Shari & Ann
Sharianne A Combination Of Shari & Ann
Sharina A Form Of Sharon
Sharron A Form Of Sharon
Shelbe Forms Of Shelby
Shelbee Forms Of Shelby
Shelbey Forms Of Shelby
Shelbi Forms Of Shelby
Shelbie Forms Of Shelby
Shelee A Form Of Shelley
Shellbie Forms Of Shelby
Shellby Forms Of Shelby
Shelley Meadow On The Ledge
Shellie Meadow On The Ledge
Shelly Meadow On The Ledge
Sherleen A Form Of Sheryl, Shirley
Sherley A Form Of Shirley
Sherry White Meadow
Shirlene A Form Of Shirley
Shirley Bright Meadow
Shyla A Form Of Sheila
Sibley Sibling; Friendly
Sigourney Victorious Conquerer
Silver A Precious Metal
Siona Stars
Siyona Graceful
Somer A Form Of Sommer
Sommer Summer; Summoner
Spring Springtime
Stacia A Short Form Of Anastasia
Star Star
Starla A Form Of Star
Starleen A Form Of Star
Starley A Form Of Star
Starlyn A Form Of Star
Stasia A Short Form Of Anastasia
Stockard Stockyard
Stormi A Form Of Stormy
Stormie A Form Of Stormy
Stormy Impetuous By Nature
Suma Born In The Summertime
Sumer A Form Of Summer
Summer Summertime
Sunshine Sunshine
Suzan A Form Of Susan
Suzanne A Form Of Susan
Sybella A Form Of Sybil
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Tabby A Familiar Form Of Tabitha
Tacey A Familiar Form Of Tacia
Taci A Form Of Tacey
Taelar A Form Of Taylor
Taeler A Form Of Taylor
Taelor A Form Of Taylor
Tailer A Form Of Taylor
Tailor A Form Of Taylor
Taite Cheerful
Talisa A Form Of Tallis
Talisha A Form Of Talisa
Talissa A Form Of Tallis
Tami A Form Of Tammy
Tamia A Form Of Tammy
Tamiya A Form Of Tammy
Tammi A Form Of Tammy
Tammie A Form Of Tammy
Tammy Twin
Tamsin A Short Form Of Thomasina
Tandra A Form Of Tandy
Tandy Team
Tanner Leather Worker; Tanner
Tasmin A Short Form Of Thomasina
Tassie A Familiar Form Of Tasmin
Tatum Cheerful
Tauri A Form Of Tory
Tawnee A Form Of Tawny
Tawney A Form Of Tawny
Tawni A Form Of Tawny
Tawnie A Form Of Tawny
Tawny Brownish Yellow, Tan
Taya A Short Form Of Taylor
Tayana A Form Of Taya
Taye A Short Form Of Taylor
Tayla A Short Form Of Taylor
Taylar A Form Of Taylor
Tayler A Form Of Taylor
Taylor Literally Means Tailor
Taylore A Form Of Taylor
Taylour A Form Of Taylor
Taylre A Form Of Taylor
Teal Signifying A Blue Green Color
Teala A Form Of Teal
Teela A Form Of Teala
Teila A Form Of Teala
Tetty A Familiar Form Of Elizabeth
Teya A Form Of Taya
Teylor A Form Of Taylor
Timber Wood
Timi A Familiar Form Of Timothea
Timia A Form Of Timi
Timothea Honoring God
Tinble Sound Bells Make
Tiyana A Form Of Tayana
Tiyanna A Form Of Tayana
Topsy On Top
Toree A Form Of Tori
Tori A Form Of Tory
Toria A Form Of Tori, Tory
Toriana A Form Of Tori
Torie A Form Of Tori
Torilyn A Combination Of Tori & Lynn
Torri A Form Of Tori
Torrie A Form Of Tori, Tory
Tottie A Familiar Form Of Charlotte
Toya Water
Trilby Soft Hat
Tristabelle A Combination Of Tristan & Belle
Tuesday Born On The Third Day Of The Week
Twyla Woven Of Double Thread
Tyne River
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Udele Prosperous
Unique Unique
Unity Unity.
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Vanetta A Form Of Vanessa
Vanity Vain
Varina Thorn
Velvet Velvety
Victoria Victorious.
Vulpine Like A Fox
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Wallis From Wales
Wanetta Pale Face
Wasila Healtly
Waverly Quaking Aspen-tree Meadow
Waynette Wagon Maker
Wenda Signifies Fair.
Wendelle Wanderer
Weslee A Form Of Wesley
Whaley Whale Meadow
Whisper Whisper
Whitnee A Form Of Whitney
Whitney White Island
Whitni A Form Of Whitney
Whitnie A Form Of Whitney
Whittney A Form Of Whitney
Whoopi Happy; Excited
Wilda Willow
Wileen A Short Form Of Wilhelmina
Willette A Familiar Form Of Wilhelmina
Willow As In Willow Tree
Wilona Desired
Windy Windy
Winnie A Familiar Form Of Edwina
Wynter A Form Of Winter
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Yetta A Short Form Of Henrietta
Yudelle A Form Of Udele
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Zaina A Form Of Zanna
Zana A Form Of Zanna
Zanna A Short Form Of Susanna
Zavrina A Form Of Sabrina
Zelene Sunshine.
Zephrine Breeze
Zeta Rose. Linguistics
Zina Hospitable
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This collection of Christian baby names brings together names or words found in the Bible, or names derived from biblical names and words, including the meaning of the name.